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I'm with the others who say leave him alone. This is how he wants to play the game.

I would say try to cooperate so you can all play the characters you want, him included. Not everyone gets the same things out of playing a game.

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When I search the forums on this, all I see is a great deal of murkiness. It would be nice if some official Paizo person chimed in to let me know. I have definitely been pleasantly surprised many times in the past when Paizo has chimed in (even if it was to say something that disagreed with me!)

Question: Can a magical child have a familiar with the mauler archetype?

Points against this: The magical child gets improved familiar for free later on, and these give up "speak with animals". Since Mauler also gives this up, this means you can't have the mauler archetype.

Points for this: A careful reading of magical child reveals that they do not get the improved familiar feat per se. Instead, it says:

* "At 3rd level, the magical child's familiar reveals another aspect of its form, and its vigilante identity changes into a creature on the Improved Familiar list that would be available to a 3rd-level spellcaster."

Note: This means that the option to take that creature is open, but nowhere does it say one has to give up all of the things that improved familiar gives up.

* As far as accepting the drawbacks of the improved familiar feat, the only thing I can find in the magical child writeup is: "The Improved Familiar feat's alignment restrictions apply to this ability, but only the magical child's vigilante identity needs to have an alignment that fulfills the alignment requirements of the improved familiar."

Note: In other words, one has to accept the alignment restrictions of the improved familiar feat, but it does not seem to be the case that one has to give up "speak with animals of its own kind."

From this, it seems that by a strict RAW analysis, a magical child in PFS can have an improved familiar with a Mauler archetype.

Agree, disagree, want more dev input? Then please chime in on this thread. The more input (even if you disagree with me) the better, as far as I am concerned...

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If you can switch from a shocking grasp build to a frostbite build, then you should be good to go. Frostbite doesn't really need spell combat.

First round: Swift action use arcane pool to buff weapon. Cast (using right hand) frostbite. Move to enemy and along with this move action draw your rapier with your right hand. Using spellstrike, as a free action attack enemy (fencing grace bonus applies as you have only used your right hand all round and left has done nothing) and deliver one charge of frostbite along with your melee attack. THE ABOVE IS EXPLICITLY ALLOWED VIA FAQ--NOTE THAT AT NO TIME DID WE USE SPELL COMBAT.

Subsequent round: Full attack while delivering frostbite charges with each attack; also get fencing grace bonus with each attack.

(I already mentioned this in the same thread you posted on Oct 25.)

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Oliver Veyrac wrote:

Benefit: You gain gain +1 hit points per Hit Die. (Minimum +3 hps) At 5th level, this increases to +2 hit points per Hit Die. At 10th level, this increases to +3 hit points per Hit Die. At 15th level, this increases to +4 hit points per Hit Die. At 20th level, this increases to +5 hit points per Hit Die.

Ugh? And people can take it more than once? This dramatically changes the game. At level 20, toughness is giving you the HP benefit of 10 extra CON. Yikes.

With your character taking it three times, you have the benefit to hit points of 30 extra CON. That completely changes game balance.

In a world where everyone has 3x the hit points they are supposed to, smart enemies/players will go after saves instead.

I really wish people would think things over more before getting ridiculous house rules that make things 5x as strong as they used to be...

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If I had been the paladin player in this campaign (which I wouldn't have--because I never play paladins because DMs like screwing them over so much) I would have walked. Take that for what it is...the honest truth...

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EvilMinion wrote:

If your PC 'becomes useless' simply because you lose access to a single weapon. That is the Players fault, not the GM's.

And besides, dealing with adversity is half the fun of playing this game.

Really? If you are a swashbuckler and have your sword taken away in a fey realm, a realm where you are told you can not get any replacement sword since fey don't use weapons, that is your fault?

Please remind me never to play in any game that you GM.

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Enigma mesmerist has the level 20 ability:

"At 20th level, all creatures adjacent to the enigma subconsciously ignore him. Adjacent creatures are always treated as flat-footed to the enigma and are not considered to be directly observing the enigma for the purpose of the Stealth skill. This effect ends immediately if the enigma makes a successful attack against any creature, but automatically resumes at the beginning of his next turn."

The seems very amusing, as there isn't even a save, and it is not listed as mind-affecting. "All creatures adjacent to the enigma subconsciously ignore him." As written, as long as you were adjacent even to some deity or other, they would ignore you. lolz

Note that Enigmas do get sneak attack damage and could take Sap Master. They probably also want to take Accomplished Sneak Attacker a few times.

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Windy escape

It is like a lvl 4 spell disguised as a lvl 1 spell

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DrDeth wrote:
So talk with him. Dont tell him what he is doing is wrong, dont put blame on him, just tell him you're not having fun anymore.

This is good advice. Tell him you are not having fun and see how he reacts. If he is a good GM, he will try to modify things so that everyone is having fun. If he doesn't just leave...What is the point of playing a game recreationally if you are not having fun? Sure, you still have to go to work if you are not having fun, but don't put up with that sh*t in your free time.

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I would say: It sounds like everyone's intentions were honorable here and that you have a good group.

Next time: Just say you do not want the GM reroll and that you are saving yours for something more important.

This time: I would let rules slide as it sounds like there was miscommunication between players and/or GM.

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MageHunter wrote:
If they're pitted against each other someone has to concede. Just leave it as is, don't make new conflict. Good alignments aren't always pure saints. Every hero has a regret.


Don't play "Alignment gotcha." Players have a much better idea about alignment than you ever will.

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OP: You could really roleplay a "descent into madness" here if you wanted to.

Have your character be so upset about all of the murderhobo deaths that he becomes a necromancer. You always say, "No, I refuse to accept that you killed that guy. He will rise again!"

I recommend getting a level in occultist ASAP (vanilla is fine but necroccultist is preferable.) You can get "necromantic servant" at level one. If you want to get more levels, you can get more minions, because you have lvl/2 of them.

Then have the minion stare accusingly at the murderhobos. Don't have it get to a pvp fight or anything (that's bad news...) but just roleplay it to the hilt. Maybe you can have them say things like, "If only I were alive, I could return to my wife and kids. But alas, I am currently an undead servant to <insert your name here.>"

When some random monster kills a minion, you can raise it up again. Or you can say, "Alas, even my skills were not enough to keep Kenny moving on this Earth," and then sob quietly to yourself for a while.

FUN FACT: "Necromantic Servant" does not have the evil descriptor. So your virtue is safe.

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Ravingdork wrote:
I like the ruling as it is how we've always run it in our games.

Hooray! I am just happy that there is a ruling. When we get one, we shouldn't complain. We want to make sure we have only positive reinforcement for the FAQ PF design team.

For example, it would be nice if said design team ruled on Ravingdork's old thread about regen and death effects. :D I promise I won't complain, no matter which way things are ruled.

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ChaosTicket wrote:

Just what makes a Paladin good at soloing? The Paladin has more flavor about it than actual power. Tortured Crusader ha a couple useful aspects to it(more skill points, wisdom as casting stat, charisma becomes dump stats as normal) but doesnt even fix the alignment overspecialization. It also loses alot of use out of its key abiltities. Divine Grace is one that boosts all saves the more Charisma you have. Tortured Crusader chucks that out the window. Thats actually a contradiction of what you said about always needing to pass saves

But just being critical is not productive, so can you show me a build?

Umm... >_>

I did show you a full build...in this very thread...

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ChaosTicket wrote:
nennafir wrote:

An alternate build would be a kineticist.

You will definitely kill things a lot quicker. You will definitely (in my opinion) solo a lot better from 1-20 than a wizard or the like would. I think the problem, however, is that you are going to fail some critical will save. (This would be even with your clear spindle ioun stone and cap of free thinker and whatever else you buy.) And maybe because you failed it no one even knows that you are now in thrall or whatever. And so you can't get help. And well, that's that. Goodbye you! :D

I wouldnt make a build so specialized to fight.

I know the Kineticist can be a decently well rounded class. Just having a Touch AC ranged attack by default gives it enormous use. AC can be fairly high as its a dexterity attack class, and only needs 1 hand to attack so a Mithril Heavy Shield it a good use for the other hand. All attacks having a magic modifier for damage reduction means easy attacks against incorporeal enemies.

The downside it no real abilities outside combat. Not a skill monkey, no pets, technically no spells but watered down copies.


I think you're correct (minus the heavy shield bit.) I mainly posted this to show how you can have a very strong build around that really isn't capable of soloing. The kineticist I posted can (and if you look at the other thread, I did) solo many encounters. There is a big difference, however, between "soloing many encounters" and "soloing".

When soloing, you basically never want to miss any save ever, and also have strong defense. Plus, you need to have a contingency plan in place for when you do miss a save, even though you were not supposed to miss any save ever.

I think the tortured crusader does do the job. There are probably a few others. I think there are probably, however, less than you think there would be. Maybe less than half a dozen builds total that could manage it.

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An alternate build would be a kineticist. I posted one in:

This thread

You will definitely kill things a lot quicker. You will definitely (in my opinion) solo a lot better from 1-20 than a wizard or the like would. I think the problem, however, is that you are going to fail some critical will save. (This would be even with your clear spindle ioun stone and cap of free thinker and whatever else you buy.) And maybe because you failed it no one even knows that you are now in thrall or whatever. And so you can't get help. And well, that's that. Goodbye you! :D

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Bob Jonquet wrote:
Liam wrote:
If you are going to represent us as gamers...you're going to have to accept our criticism of your performance in your position and just deal with it

Um, NO. Neither Del nor any of the Venture-Officers are employees of Paizo. This is not our job. We are VOLUNTEERS. Meaning we give of our valuable and often limited personal time to help provide YOU with an enjoyable gaming experience. Constructive criticism is certainly welcome, but what happened in this thread and what seems to be an ever-growing trend is viscous personal attacks towards individual campaign organizers/GMs/leaders. No, you are not entitled to blast another player just because they happened to be a Venture-Officer and they just have to "deal with it."

Perhaps you meant your comments to be "softer" than they appeared, but its hard not to assume the worst in a thread as escalated as this one.

As I said earlier, Paizo runs a business. From the point of view of Paizo, Pathfinder Society is--when all is said and done--an advertising effort to sell more items for their business. Regional Venture Coordinators are volunteers, but they are also the face of the business. Like it or not, you are representing the face of Paizo. Because of this position of responsibility, you should be held to certain standards.

Also, the people playing PFS--the customers of Paizo--might very well have complaints about you. You, and the actual employees of Paizo, will be judged based on how you respond to complaints.

I am not trying to be harsh here. I am just explaining the reality of the situation.

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You said you wanted a PFS legal specific build.

Something like:

Tortured Crusader Human Paladin of Irori

Indomitable Faith
Honeyed Tongue

Dual Talent Alternate Racial

Always put favored class bonus to hit points.

Longsword+Heavy Shield

STR: 16
DEX: 12
CON: 18
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 7

1. Toughness
3. Deific Obedience (Irori)
5. Iron Will
7. Lightning Reflexes
9. Improved Iron Will
11. Great Fortitude

Note that you get 4+INT=5 skills per level. Note also that since you have the deific obedience to Irori, you get +4 on all knowledge checks. Between the two of these, you should be able to sprinkle enough skills around until you are okay-ish at all of the big knowledge checks. Still pump diplomacy every level, even with the 7 CHA. Your goal is to have enough skills to get you through a reasonable percentage of the various skill checks.

The problem with an "offense build" in PFS is that many times the setup just screws you and you are surprised by the other guys, or put in an ambush situation, etc. Even if the setup doesn't screw you, it is inevitable that you are going to fail some critical save sometime and then your offense goes out the window.

So I think a defense build is the best policy for soloing. This build will have toughness plus d10 hit point plus 18 CON plus very good saves. You should be able to endure most of what gets thrown against you.

Your ace in the hole is:
"Second Chance (Su)

At 2nd level, once per day, a tortured crusader can spend two uses of lay on hands and choose an unambiguous trigger such as “when I am paralyzed” or “when I am about to fall unconscious from hit point damage,” as well as a mercy she knows starting at 3rd level.

When the named trigger occurs, the tortured crusader gains the benefits of a lay on hands with the chosen mercy without spending an action. This healing can prevent her from falling unconscious or dying. If the effect doesn’t trigger, it expires the next time the tortured crusader recovers uses of lay on hands."

This is for when even though you are so tough, you still got screwed over in some manner and got paralyzed or whatever.

Just keep in mind you are not going to be super quick soloing things. I think you will get the job done pretty well, however. As a final note, the defensive slant on things should go pretty well with the "tortured crusader" mindset of the archetype RP-wise. You can just RP life as a neverending stream of sorrow and tribulation, and all you can do is ENDURE it all.

"And the smile and the tear, the song and the dirge,
Still follow each other, like surge upon surge.

'Tis the wink of an eye -- 'tis the draught of a breath--
From the blossom of health to the paleness of death,
From the gilded saloon to the bier and the shroud:--
Oh! why should the spirit of mortal be proud?" --William Knox

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To answer OPs question,

I think you could make a Goliath Druid with an 8 WIS. Just start with 20 STR and basically build it like a fighter, ignoring spellcasting. Since Goliath Druid is so powerful, you'd be fine. Choose rage domain. When you are a giant and raging, that is a lot of +STR.

Maybe human dual talent with starting stats:
STR 20
DEX 13
CON 18

Take heavy armor proficiency as first or third level feat and get stoneplate. Then just decide whether your goal is a natural attack build with the troll claw/claw/bite/rend or whether you want to wield a scythe and/or greatsword (would need feat) and go from there.

Of course, it would be more optimal just to do a similar build with a low-ish WIS, like 13-14, so that you could still bump it up high enough with items as you levelled to keep spell progression.

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I know some will disagree with the following but :D they're wrong.

Statistics are the main thing with kineticist. I would go PFS-legal dual talent human with:

DEX 20
CON 20

and increase CON at every opportunity. Just realize that basically none of your stats matter except DEX and CON. You will have enough hitpoints to ride out problems with your weak will save, asumming you get just a couple of items. You will have a billion hit points, since you will also buy +con items. You will have godly fort and reflex saves. Your only weakness is will saves. You are literally unkillable by anything remotely close to your CR except for will saves. Buy a clear spindle ioun stone with wayfinder and probably one of those head items (cap of the free thinker? I think there are others) that lets you resist mental control.

Every night, put one point in the buffer. Every morning, spend all of your points by pumping them into your defensive power to max out the elemental overflow reward for your level. THEN DON'T SPEND ANY MORE BURN THAT DAY. Use the point in your buffer if you really need to. This has the result of:

(1) Maximizing elemental overflow benefit.
(2) Making it so you don't have to do computations on the fly. Just record on your sheet the relevant to hit and damage for this one situation.
(3) Making it so you are always getting full use of your defensive power.

I would get kinetic blade early on as an option. The idea is that you rarely use it, but it is there if you want to attack without generating an AoO.

For the first few levels, you will just do the basic blast.
When you get free empower damage, do empowered blast.
Around level 11, you can start the composite blasts.

A sample build is:



Worships Ymeri, Queen of the Inferno

(1) Reactionary Initiative
(2) Affinity of the elements: Add 1 to the DC of saving throws made to resist the effects of spells cast by you that have either the air, earth, FIRE, or water descriptor, depending on which elemental lord you worship. Which bonus you receive is chosen when you take the trait and may not be changed.

Human dual talent alternate trait to get +2 to two abilities.

STR: 7
DEX: 20
CON: 20 +1 at lvl 4,8,12,16
INT: 7
WIS: 8
CHA: 7

1: Point Blank Shot, Burning Infusion
2: Fire's Fury
3: Precise Shot, Kinetic Blade
4: Searing Flame
5: Weapon Finesse, Extended Range
6: Heat Adaptation
7: Expanded Element(Aether), Elemental Focus (Fire)
8: Flame Jet
9: Toughness, Eruption
10: Greater Flame Jet
11: Extra Wild Talent(Touchsight), Flash Infusion, Telekinetic Invisibility (Favored Class)
12: Expanded Defense (Aether)
13: Greater Elemental Focus(Fire), Foe Throw
14: Reactive Touchsight
15: Expanded Element (Fire), Improved Precise Shot, Heat Wave
16: Reverse Shift

EDIT: And yes, you will easily be the big gun of the party. Memorable moments for me are:
(1) Soloing a +3 CR adult black dragon in two rounds with basically no damage to me.
(2) Being lured away (solo) to be surprised by 3 flying creatures (forget what they were? rocs? something else?) and having one of them try to grapple my flame-ridden body after I had attacked it. I was sad that it died instantly, because I was ready to kinetic blade it.

Do fire blasts by default, aether blasts if enemy has spell resistance, kinetic blade if you would provoke. Since fire blasts target touch AC, you will rapidly get to the situation where you always hit unless you roll a 1.

The only weakness I found for the character is the standard weakness of combat bulldogs with few skills. You will have two skill points a level to distribute among fly, stealth and perception. You get bored when the skill rolls start getting called for...

In threads, people talk about sorcerers and wizards being gods at level 20, but they gloss over the ride there. Kineticists can both blast and take a hit, and they can do it pretty consistently at any level. I would easily put my money over a level 8 kineticist soloing tough enemies than a level 8 wizard or sorcerer. You just have to realize that if one of them got a surprise round attack against them by 3 rocs, they would be dead little wizard/sorcerer meatbags.

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Ryzoken wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
The minmaxer is trying to dial back the carnage but Gorum keeps sending them natural 20's anyway...

I have (just recently) seen a player use a reroll to cancel a possible crit to spare an NPC we wanted to bring in alive.

It was amusing.

What if I choose a reroll so that my successful will save against the black blade is possibly a failure?

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MassivePauldrons wrote:
nennafir wrote:
To BigNorseWolf and Drahliana Moonrunner: Don't worry, I never pvp at a table. It is a big drag and only causes trouble. Also, it takes freedom away from the players, and I am never for that. This is only about killing lawful NPCs.
Killing a Lawful NPC(or any non hostile NPC) that hasn't provoked combat is an evil act, enough evil acts and you'll have to retire your PFS character. Good luck with being an eye-roll inducing edgelord though.

Luckily I didn't do it...my sword did...I am very peaceful and would never do that...Praise Iomedae!

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shadowkras wrote:
I can only see it being a good choice if characters tend to die a lot in the first couple of levels in your campaigns.

Unless your campaigns have a house rule were characters get double/triple starting health or you only put them against monsters under APL, they are likely to drop unconcious from two average longsword hits.

Otherwise, it is a complete waste. You can compare it to something like reactionary initiative (50% of a good feat improved initiative) or affinity of the elements (100% of an okay feat elemental focus) or magical knack. Traits are awesome.

The traits you listed are also good candidates for bans. Specially reactionary on the hand of combat min-maxers (they always take it).

I would prefer tenfod that people take traits that grant class-skills to better fill mixing abilities in the group than something that grants +x static combat bonus.

But the topic is already being missed here.

Again, I think that you need to read between the lines here. If they are so hung up on their wands of CLW, they are basically telling you, "Stop it! Make the enemies in the first few levels less deadly." Whether or not you want to listen to them (or if you want to listen to them and then ignore their input) is your call.

There are obviously much better traits to be had if you are not worrying about dying before level 3.

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shadowkras wrote:
Well, that sounds like a DM allowing the party to buy wands without rolling for access to magical items. Which he obviously can as a part of the rules, but its rarely enforced...

Even if you roll, its 75% chance on most given city. And that availability is not necessarily enforced on character creation. Because technically the character had his entire life to search for that wand, it could be a family heirloon, it could be bought on another town.

And even if the player says his character never spent that gold, he could roll it as soon as he stops on a city, and eventually that 75% will roll on his favor.

Also, he can simply pick another wand and ask for another 75%.

Its much simpler to ban the trait.


Personally i think its a poor choice, a small cash boost early on for consumables.

A single wand of cure light wounds can increase the party longevity by insane amounts, and last multiple levels, so its not a poor choice, from the players point of view.

It is a poor choice on MY point of view and that's why i removed the option.

I can only see it being a good choice if characters tend to die a lot in the first couple of levels in your campaigns.

Otherwise, it is a complete waste. You can compare it to something like reactionary initiative (50% of a good feat improved initiative) or affinity of the elements (100% of an okay feat elemental focus) or magical knack. Traits are awesome.

Wasting one on getting just a little more gold is really shortsighted unless as a DM you run absolute death-traps where they need the wand to survive the first level.

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Rawr! Play a Cthulhu mythos monster. Are you "The Blackness from the Stars" or maybe "Cxaxukluth"? You decide!

You have evangelist spliced in to help with your BAB. Even if all of the STR-based fighting ends out sucking, at least you will have a 9th level caster to fall back on.

I particularly like the irony of a mutant monster worshipping Irori. You should talk about "physical perfection" and "the end result of evolution" when you transform into your winged, clawed, rubbery monstrosity. Don't forget to come out with the occasional "Praise Irori" as your unspeakable winged aquatic body claws and bites some do-gooder.

Also note that with Irori you get imp unarmed strike. So make sure you do all of your natural attacks and then hit them with other limbs as your unarmed strikes. If a DM says you don't have other limbs, mention your wings, your feet, and your multiple eyes (each of which is on an eye-stalk so that it can eye-bump someone.)

Note that you don't actually need a phrenic pool because you are choosing everything on the mutant monstrosity side.

Oh yeah, and at least you have summon monster to fall back on... AND I dare someone to call you a "tired build" (no fair mentioning the crash after you change back...that joke was already done with barbarians.)

Also note that with Irori evangelist and rebirth you are a real skill monkey even though you only have 14 int, like a serious skill monkey...

Mutation Mind Psychic X, Evangelist 10


Worship Irori

* Reactionary Initiative (Combat): +2 initiative

* Sound of Mind(Regional): You gain a +2 trait bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects


Rebirth discipline


STR: 20 (always increase at 4,8, etc)
DEX: 7
CON: 16
INT: 14
WIS: 9
CHA: 5

STR already has bonus that does not stack. So get con belts and int headbands.

1. Toughness
3. Bite Attack, Extra Phr (Claws)
5. Deific Obedience--Irori
7. Medium Armor Proficiency
8. Rubbery
9. Heavy Armor Proficiency
11. Extra Phr Amp (Enlarged Body)
12. Recuperation
13. Extra Phr Amp (Wings)
15. Extra Phr Amp (Aquatic Form)
16. Multiple Eyes

Perception, Lots of knowledge since proficient in all

Mutation mind 5
Evangelist 10
Mutation mind 5

Summon monster

PS: PFS legal, I think. Knock people out at the local game store.

PPS: Slight bit of fiddling: (i) Extra Amplication feat mentions "You gain one additional phrenic amplification. This can't be a major amplification." (ii) Mutation mind states "Starting at 3rd level, whenever a mutation mind gains a phrenic amplification, she can select either a phrenic amplification or a bodily mutation." and (iii) "At 11th level, a mutation mind can select one of the following improved bodily mutations instead of a phrenic amplification." SO THEREFORE by RAW you can take the improved bodily mutations with extra amplification after 11th level even though you can't take a major amplification. Argue for all you are worth with your GM.

PPPS: Don't worry about the "Phrenic Empowerment" "feature" that is actually a poison pill. You have no phrenic amplifications, so it never comes up. You only have bodily mutations.

PPPPS: You have "multiple eyes". Don't forget to rolepay the spookiness of this.

PPPPPS: I really wanted to do Pschedelia for the confusion aura for this. That would really help with the effect of people looking at you and going, "This...this...can't be happening! Arghhh!" and then attacking their neighbor. Ultimately, however, I powergamed and chose rebirth. If you want to demonstrate to everyone that you are decidedly NOT a powergamer, choose psychedelia instead.

PPPPPPS: I have not played this with my local gaming group yet, since I don't want to get lynched. Please do let me know if you actually play it.

PPPPPPPS: For those poor deluded people who think a 5 CHA is a dump stat--You are a rubbery winged aquatic creature with multiple eyes and a bite and claws. Are they seriously going to claim you have a high charisma?

PPPPPPPPS: Dex dump stat! Don't see that often, do you? Since you are (depending upon the reading of things) going to be two size categories larger than normal, you can basically take it as given that people will hit you. You need to hope that your spells give you other means of defense (aside from toughness and heavy armor.)

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I'm surprised people haven't brought up the martial/caster disparity here.

It is now much easier for casters to become their desired alignment than non-casters.

We need some rules that allow martial characters to change alignments more easily. We need a method for barbarians to change their alignment more toward chaos if they fear they might be getting more lawful because they basically obey all of the laws in the cities they are in. Or a method for monks to become more lawful if they are worried about their chaotic drinking binges where they tip over wagons and keep everyone up all night by partying.

I therefore propose the following: (They should follow the same rules as spells about needing to do them 2 or 3 times.)

Bull rush & charge: Make you more chaotic. JUSTIFICATION: Well, you are charging madly and thus are not as in control as you would be if you were just fighting normally in place. Losing control makes you more chaotic.

Fighting defensively or total defense: Make you more lawful. JUSTIFICATION: You are maintaining absolute control of your body and playing it safe. This attention to detail makes you more lawful

Dirty Trick: Makes you more evil. JUSTIFICATION: It does say "dirty trick", right? You can just put that swirly mustache on your face right now as you do something nasty like throw dirt in their eyes or any of a number of things that a comic book villain would do. You know what? If you act like a comic book villain, you are acting evil.

Disarm: Makes you more good. JUSTIFICATION: You are just trying to be the good guy here and not kill them. You want to get their weapon out of their hands, and deal with them with the least force possible. Then you can take them to jail, where they can ponder their wrongdoings.

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Psychedelia psychic would do the job.

The flavor text writeup is "You ingest hallucinogens to expand your mind. Experimentation and study show you which ones will have the greatest effect. Your psychedelic forays put you into a different mental space from others, and normal people don't really understand you."

Powers: You have drug resistance, a mind-altering cognatogen you can brew up, a warped brain that means when people try to mind control you they get nauseated because you are so f***ed up, and a hallucinogenic aura (all except last power are before level 6.)

Edit: Since you are an occult class, you also get occult skill unlocks, so you can do stuff like dowsing, read auras, phrenology, prognostication. You should have plenty of in-game material just to say weird things and BS about all sorts of stuff. "Your aura is purple, dude, and I see big trouble in the form of a hyena ahead for you."

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In particular, take any energy blast except fire (because fire is frequently resisted and you don't get the kineticist goodies to enhance fire) and just call it good. Don't devote any more feats and/or efforts to improving the blast, with the possible exception of point blank and precise shot. No more.

Then maybe either build a summoning focused build with all of the feats and just blast after you do the summons.

Or do a kitsune enchantment focused build and blast after you do you initial enchantment spells.

Seems fine to me, to be honest. It is not a trap archetype, although probably the infusions are all pretty much traps and should not be used.

With either of these, you will be expending most of your resources to be either a pretty good summoner or a pretty good enchanter. And you have 9th level spells. And then you just blast after your initial summons/enchanting rally, healing as well where needed. I can't think of a party that would be able to complain that you were not a contributing member.

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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
If a GM is fair, and doing their best to make sure every player gets exposure and has a good time, that pretty much covers it for me.


Perfect post!

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It is worth noting that the "faith healing" occult skill unlock for heal sllows you to suppress ability damage, treat curse, disease and poison, and remove an affliction.

So if you have a psychic caster on your team who took heal, they can do a fair amount even if they aren't healers.

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SmiloDan wrote:

We've been playing in this RotRL campaign for over a year, started at 1st level, and now we're "one more session" away from completing it.

It really is a dick move. I have had my fair share of old-timer grognard GMs in the past who liked to do stuff like this, but luckily I think people more and more are realizing that it is not acceptable. It seems that virtually all modern GMs don't do this.

Part of it comes from the fact that the old style dungeons were often impossible. If it was "recommended for a party of 4 level 1-3 characters" you had better come in with 6 level 4 characters or there will be massive deaths. They were arbitrary and capricious and often no-win. So people who "miss the old times" sometimes have problems with modern games.

I personally like the old games, but would have to modify portions of them (e.g., adding in point buys for characters rather than random roles that decide everything) before wanting to play/GM them now.

If you talked it over with him and he won't budge (show him this thread!) and there is really just one more session, probably grit your teeth and get through the last session. Just make sure you never allow him to GM again...

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Leave the group.

Seriously, no good can come of this...

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Avoron wrote:
Looks like it would work fine. Vocalization requires sound, so if they can't make sounds, they can't scream. Seems like it takes a lot of effort to set up, though.

I like your response better...lol...now we just need to get a consensus for my GM...

PS: If my GM is reading this, hi there!

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If one first casts silence

"Upon the casting of this spell, complete silence prevails in the affected area. All sound is stopped: Conversation is impossible, spells with verbal components cannot be cast, and no noise whatsoever issues from, enters, or passes through the area. The spell can be cast on a point in space, but the effect is stationary unless cast on a mobile object. The spell can be centered on a creature, and the effect then radiates from the creature and moves as it moves. An unwilling creature can attempt a Will save to negate the spell and can use Spell Resistance, if any. Items in a creature's possession or magic items that emit sound receive the benefits of saves and Spell Resistance, but unattended objects and points in space do not. Creatures in an area of a silence spell are immune to sonic or language-based attacks, spells, and effects."

and then casts howling agony

"You send wracking pains through the targets’ bodies. Because of the pain, affected creatures take a –2 penalty to AC, attacks, melee damage rolls, and Reflex saving throws, and must succeed at a concentration check (DC equal to the DC of this spell) to cast spells. However, if an affected creature spends a move action screaming as loudly as possible, it can act without any other penalties for the remainder of its turn. “Screaming,” for the purposes of this spell, includes any vocalization of pain or its telepathic equivalent; creatures that cannot scream (such as creatures without the natural ability to communicate or vocalize) suffer the full effect of the spell."

are creatures then incapable of spending a move action screaming, so they have to suffer the full effects of howling agony?

PS: Mesmerist here, so silence doesn't bother me as far as casting spells. And yes, this is a serious question, and not some theoretical game. About to get level 6 (mesmerist level 4) and wonder if I should take both of these.

PPS: Look at
if you don't get the reference.

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Look at MMOs where they used to have severe death penalties and now they have almost no death penalties. Face it: death penalties are no fun. I realize that some people are stuck in the past but the future is basically no death penalties at all. People play games to have fun, not to agonize over being dead, with the possible exception of some white wolf vampire players.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Snowblind wrote:

OK, he does it for justice and he gets paid for it - he is still getting personal benefit in my example. Nowhere in the feat does it say that he has to do it for only personal benefit.


Innocent Blood wrote:
You must slay at least 50 intelligent noncombatants for either your own personal gain or for no cause at all

That's an either/or statement. You must kill them for your personal benefit or for no reason. If you are killing them for reasons outside that set, they don't count. Period. There is not another way to interpret that sentence in conversational English.

Saying they count even if there are other reasons in play is complete b$!&$#~! on a profound level that sometimes results in RPG books being written incredibly awkwardly rather than conversationally just so people won't do this.

Please stop.

Hmmm... You seem to need a refresher on basic logical skills.


If you have a paid executioner, then they are doing it "for profit" because they are getting paid. So it is TRUE that they are doing it for their own personal gain. It then follows because of how the word "or" works that they are doing it for their own personal gain or for no cause at all.