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I wish this would become part of the core rules


I am currently using this staff in my home game and it is a lot of fun. For me, it is what staves should be in rpgs. It frees up the spell slots of casters, as well as giving casters longevity in the adventuring day. For a wizard, ray of frost or acid orb is cool, but the dmg is lower than a cross bolt. Flavor is a major part, which make the product fun, but the function and price availability of the weapon at first level is what makes this product great because the caster can now carry a weapon that reflects their class. Also the weapon can be enhanced, and this permits the caster to invest in weapon properties that make it fun. That is why I am giving this product 5 stars. It is well edited, the flavor of the weapon and the use of it is fun and not overpowering, there are great archetypes, including a fighter type that receives spells from his devotion to a patron and can cast a very limited amount of spells via his spell staff. I highly recommend this product. It is a good price for the amount of content that you receive, which is a lot.

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Awesome, but I would like to see more.


I love, love this product and I am already incorporating these items into my campaign. The only item that I would like to see improved upon is the selection of more staves,for example: a stave for each school of magic, a stave for the lighting and earth elements, crazy idea here: a stave that has dual elements and abilities that utilize both(I plan on creating my own and testing out if I have time for my home game), a template on how to create my own themed staves. I love this product, I just wish I could see more. Hopefully there will be more of these staves to see. Thank you Super Genius, you guys make this game even more fun.