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I would actually give this 0 stars if I could. Having played many of the scenarios that lead up to this one and give background for it, I was really looking forward to finally dealing with some thorns in our sides, especially Tancred Desmire.

This scenario is inexplicably long. Our group last night was fairly well balanced, lacking only a true rogue to deal with traps (which was not an issue), and a high level arcane blaster. We didn't even finish half the scenario in the about 4 1/2 hours we had. Our first combat went smoothly and quickly, but the second encounter included almost a dozen NPCs for the GM to have to deal with, all of which were made of HP, so without massive amounts of damage, it took us 3 1/2 hours to finally get through. It was just frustrating and lead to a sense of hopelessness in actually finishing the scenario. From what we heard, the last combat had the potential to be just as bad and run just as long, as the final boss was a conjurer.

I'm not sure if this scenario was ever play-tested for time, but it seems that without a high damage skewed party that there is no chance of finishing this scenario in convention time limits, which is what our store has had to default with all of the 7-11 scenarios in this season. I'm not even sure what we could have done to speed things up, short of have a GM who knew every action for a dozen NPCs on their turn, anticipated 5 actions prior, and taking into consideration everything the PCs could have done to them.

In all, I may have had a better rating of this scenario would I have had to time to really enjoy it and get through it. As it stood, we rushed through all of the fluff (i.e. RP, puzzles, plot) just to get to the necessary combats.

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I'm kind of disappointed in the writing for this one, as I've seen some glaring plot holes that make no sense.

1.) They clearly remind players that when you enter the Tapestry, that you leave a planar eddie where you came in. It states to the players that all they need to do is enter that eddie and they leave the Tapestry and return to the material plane at the spot where they entered. So, if Zay and Li entered the tapestry, how can they not exit via their own planar eddies? There is no explanation for this, and it is clearly in odds with what they remind the players so that they, and the other pathfinders, can leave the Tapestry.

2.) Even more disturbing is the horrible way that Nikolai is presented. It is claimed in several places that he had fallen under the influence of the Alraune. For most of the scenario I assumed that this meant that it had some power over him that was manipulating his mind and making him more pliable. Having seen both stat blocks, the only thing I can see is the Charm Monster power, and having seen Nikolai's stat block, there is virtually no way that he would have failed the Will save to fall under its effect. So either the Alraune is great at mental manipulation, and therefore didn't need the spell like ability to control the venture captain, or Nikolai is just that pliable and arrogant that he easily fell under the manipulations of the creature because of his own arrogance. Either way, the whole thing makes no sense, and given that it is the entire driving premise of the scenario, it makes the whole thing tenuous at best.