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Please cancel all my paizo subscriptions EXCEPT for Adventure Card Game.

Please remove the book from my current pending order, and keep only the cards. I only wish to purchase the cards.

Due to circumstances at home, I cannot keep up with a subscription like I thought I would be able to. So I need to cut them all off, however I do still want to get the Adventure Card Game things in my order. Once this is fixed I'll fix my payment method.

Thank you.

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I am extremely disappointed in Paizo right now.

I sent three emails over the course of four weeks requesting that my APG that was sent to me be compensated or get a new one. There are three emails with picture proof that this Advanced Player's Guide I was sent is just downright awful.

I have received no word back.

So I am trying here now.

I have sent Paizo customer service several emails under this order number about the disastrous state of the book that I received. There is no possible question that this was a factory misprint that fell between the cracks. And I understand these things happen.

And I understand there is a backlog. But I am exhausted and don't have the time to actually go forward and fight this.

After trying to call twice, and four emails (I used to even get an email back after my call was transcribed by bot.) I am done.

Please replace this horrid APG.

And please cancel ALL my subscriptions going forward.

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So after buying the Bestiary, class, and armor cards...

I'm looking at the product list, and I don't see any products being made doe like feat cards or racial battle cards.

I kinda wanna homebrew these things (I find these products amazing and idk why I never bought into them before) but to do so I wanted to ask if there were templates of the cards available? I'm a horrible graphic designer but can work with templates if given.

If not that's okay. I just think these cards are amazing (and would like to make the spell and equipment cards for the adventure path books for my home games.)

Thanks in advance.

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I respect it was to cut costs but do not particularly like the boxes that these cards came in, I cannot open them and just put them back in the boxes without fear of the cards getting messed up.

So I just want to know any suggests people had for these cards? What deck boxes did ya'll use to keep them? If you recommend sleeving them or not (I don't desire to personally, but have been waffling on the idea overall) thank you in advance.

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So, one thing I want to do is like have a model/pawn or something for every creature that my party members may encounter. (Also I'm a crazy person that NEEDS a complete kollection of things.)

So I have to ask, is there any like 3d print models or like anything for the gargantuan sized creatures in the bestiaries and the Adventure Paths? Or even like anyone make a print n use thing for pawns? OR something? Like a little gargantuan token picture thing? I know Gargantuan sized creatures are 4x4 and up so it would be vastly different. I just want SOMETHING.

Because there is some creatures in Age of Ashes I really want to have on the board with full pictures featured.. And I can't if I don't have any good tokens or models D:

Thanks for any help.

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Is there any possible way to add a fifth Goblin/player to We Be Goblins adventure? I have a group of five that I'm going to start running the ACG with, and I REALLY wanna play the gobbo scenario with them first.

Just curious if there is a thread or anyone who's added or knows of any way to add a fifth properly without destroying the balance ♥

Thank you

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I have two subscription issues:

First is my "Lost Omens World Guide" seems to have been cut off of my lost omens subscription. and the only thing I can see now is the Lost Omens Players guide following the next set. I would like to somehow re-add the world guide to my subscription.

My second issue is I was charged for my Pathfinder Society subscription, and I have four active other subscriptions giving me the paizo advantage as well as the free society subscription. And I was wondering if there was any way to get a refund for this.

I hope you are able to help me with my issues.

Thank you ♥