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Would love to learn more about the Riftwardens, especially about those higher up in the organization.

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hellatze wrote:

i can find tarrasque, firebreeder, ullanat (dead), volnagur.

but this guy didn't have reference image at all. i don't even know where to find this monster. this monster didn't have data in bestiary. making this monster mysterious.

anyone ever encounter this monster ?

Are you referring to Chemnosit, the Spawn of Rovagug? That's the only 'Monarch Worm' that I know of in Pathfinder (p. 51 of The Final Wish from Legacy of Fire, or p. 47 of the Inner Sea Bestiary for actual stats).

And typing in the word 'Chemnosit' only brought up one image for me.

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Stewart's Orange and Cream.

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This is a redo of a submission I did back in 2012 for Canonfire’s XVII Postfest about The Wild Goose (ala The World Serpent Inn). I’ve also posted it along with some artwork and history about the project here. This was basically an exercise to get me more familiar with the Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and since I’ve based this on the Pathfinder ruleset, I tried to emulate their style for designing modules. Let me know what you think and enjoy.

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Dragon78 wrote:
It matches...

Meh...not how pictured them.

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They finally illustrated a male lashunta in People of the Stars. It looks nice, but it doesn't seem to match up to past descriptions (barely half the height of their female counterparts and twice as broad).

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I grew up in southern Maine and started playing in 1980. My middle school and my high school both had D&D clubs--no problems here, least of all from parents or teachers.

It's like what a couple of the posts at Giant in the Playground stated: it was just about a loud, vocal minority getting all the media attention. The only ones who seem to take it more seriously than anyone was TSR themselves (bateezu and tanar'ri, indeed).

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scadgrad wrote:
...the font is not something that people would commonly have on hand, so you'd probably have to deal with font substitution issues.

What's the name of the font?

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Journ-O-LST-3 wrote:

There are hordes of them, they arose just after I found a helm of opposite alignment and went on a rampage.

They are very happy being good creatures and helping the living improve the world.

What's funny is that there was actually a vampire in the Forgotten Realms setting that did put on a helm of opposite alignment, became lawful good, then opened a tavern in Ravens Bluff.

I'm sorry, that just popped into my head after reading your post.

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I...I...<hangs head in shame>

...I forgot to buy one.

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Talynonyx wrote:
There's a shadow Paizo beneath the outer one... fun people only. Sorry.