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It really is the end of an era then.

To any Paizo goons that might be reading, this is a travesty. I've been political online for a good 20 years and this is the least toxic, most intelligent community I've ever belonged to.

These jerks are like family; yeah you argue about politics and things get heated, but in the end someone still carves the turkey.

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Crows freaking OWN Yoyogi park. It's not even a competition; humans are just interlopers.

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Quiche Lisp wrote:
I don't think that science is fundamentally better for arriving at truth in all domains of knowledge. I think the scientific methodology is a very good way of dealing with material phenomena.

In other words, reality.

The existence of anything other than the material world cannot be taken as read, thus use of anything from said world as part of an argument invalidates the argument.

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OK so there is no evidence for an afterlife, thus it is irrational to behave in this life as if there were another beyond it.

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Not too much. Biggest jump in organizing since Occupy and I'm stuck loading boxes into trucks. But not for much longer!

After that, I've got a vacation week sometime in January in which I expect to visit La Principessa, grade quizzes, watch Season Three of Game of Thrones and do it all week, not necessarily in that order.

How's Japan?

Weird. It's sort of feast or famine, either I'm so busy I barely have time to catch my breath, or I'm bored and lonely in my tiny apartment. I just got back from Taiwan 2 days ago, going to Kyoto in a week, but have no plans for NYE so I will probably drink heavily and catch up on my Steam library backlog. Maybe read some Vance.

I haven't been able to find a steady RP group here, hence why I am so seldom on these boards (that and the kibosh on polititrolling) but I run the Tokyo Magic: The Gathering Meetup, so that's cool.

I'm in the middle of deliberating on recontracting for a third year, my plans for after JET having been hopelessly complicated by decisions outside my control.

I envy your kind of vacation though :)

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
GM Bold Strider wrote:

Also, if you can have a Japanese whiskey, do it! Those guys are doing amazing things and wrecking the whiskey world.

(Suntory or Hibiki!)
I was quite impressed with Suntory's Yamazaki. However, the OP was very adamant about this thread being for Scotch ONLY. THIS THREAD is more inclusive.

Whiskey is dirt cheap here in Japan. Like...750ml of very decent Suntory whiskey for about $5.

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I miss this place. This is the only place I thought to come at this late hour to commiserate.

I don't want to live on this planet any more.

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I lie in Tokyo.
So like, I guess we could hang.

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Scott Betts wrote:
Remember, conspiracy theories almost never come in single doses. Conspiracy theory-oriented thought is systemic. If someone subscribes to one conspiracy theory, they almost certainly subscribe to many. (or will eventually subscribe to many, given time)

Scott Betts is confirmed as Illuminati stooge!

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CBDunkerson wrote:
GreyWolfLord wrote:
CBDunkerson wrote:
KenderKin wrote:
Remember the graph by Robert Simmon CO2 concentration at the top and temperature Anomoly at the bottom?

This one?

That's actually a very cool graph.
Well, it's derived from an ice core, so... :]

An ice core BONG though?

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I am a millionaire.

In Yen

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Sissyl wrote:

Try "ExxonMobil bad, Greenpeace bad."

Fair enough, but there's quite a bit of false equivalence built into that.

It's like saying Galactic Empire bad, people who tear the little tags off of pillows also bad!

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Coriat wrote:

I think Clinton may be more adroit at heading off at least parts of the partisan gridlock that I suspect would ultimately paralyze Sanders.

There's some other reasons I prefer her despite some shadiness - work ethic is one - but I'm not going to decry ideologically driven gridlock on the right and then turn around and vote for it on the left.

See, I think that the gridlock is SO bad, and so ingrained in the system that the only way to change anything is to do what the Republicans have been doing for the past 2 decades: fight at the state level. Once you control state houses you can gerrymander and voter suppress and all that other stuff that is CREATING this gridlock.

I think Sanders has a better chance of actually getting voters excited for once, getting youth to go vote in droves, and once they're in the ballot boxes, vote for him for president AND vote the right way on the state level.

Democrats have a massive advantage in presidential election years, and I think EVEN Bernie could roundly defeat any of the current stock of Republicans, with the possible exception of Bush or Rubio.

TL;DR- I'm living in Japan right now. If it's Bush v. Clinton in 2016, I'm not f+$~ing coming back!

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
And a shout out to Comrade Meatrace. Had no idea you had transplanted across the globe.


I graduated back in May and I got the job I interviewed for in February (and applied for last November) with the JET program, working as an assistant language teacher in Japan. Hachioji, to be precise.

A video I made of my tiny Japanese apartment.

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thejeff wrote:

"Literally can't win" is strong. His chances are very low, because Clinton is a good candidate and because he will be attacked as you suggest.

OTOH, should Clinton stumble badly and the Republicans choose a horribly flawed candidate as they seem determined to do, anything is possible.

His chances are low, as I said. OTOH, just having him campaign and debate shifts the Overton Window and makes his ideas seem far more acceptable.

I think Clinton is a strong candidate.

I don't think she is a GOOD candidate.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
meatrace wrote:

Your rhetorical definition that philosophy=bad and discarded philosophy is precisely as disingenuous as if I were to define science as only bad and discarded science
The definition of philosophy I'm using is that its investigation of the universe done chiefly by speculative means.

So, yes, a pejorative rhetorical definition.

Heck, let's just wiki it:

"Philosophy is the study of the general and fundamental nature of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language."

"As a method, philosophy is often distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its questioning, critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument"

I think the link between philosophy and all the useful fruits of such in our life (Democracy, skepticism, science, social sciences, reason, intellectual curiosity, formalized argumenation, logic and computer sciences, etc.) but it's no use arguing with someone who just poo-poos these things and sticks his head in the sand.

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Check your privilege.

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Sissyl wrote:

How many people do not belong to any minority?


What percentage of the population are white men, not disabled, cis, heterosexual, young or middle-aged adults, with no particularly different sexual tastes,

Damn. I was totally there up until that last one.


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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Plus, the campaign billboards would look stupid as hell.

Wait, on a related note, is the shipname for the two of them "HillBill"? Oh dear. These two really should not be together in any media at all.

They are from Arkansas.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

What have you done for me lately?

Science is a rejection of philosophy. If the best part of a bad relationship is that when you dumped them you found a good relationship... that was still a bad relationship.

And this is where you lose me. You continue to insist on a rhetorical definition of philosophy which does not fit the standard definition.

Your rhetorical definition that philosophy=bad and discarded philosophy is precisely as disingenuous as if I were to define science as only bad and discarded science (phrenology, alchemy, spontaneous generation, Brontosauri, etc.)

When you say "what has it done for me lately" you expose your ignorance. Science has done nothing for you or I. It is technology that has improved our lives, which is the principles of science applied by humans to improve our quality of life. At least ostensibly, much of technological progress has instead been a burden on us.

Similarly, philosophy has done nothing for you or I because philosophy isn't a physical thing capable of manifesting in the world without human actors to implement the ideas therein.

You could argue for the value of scientific knowledge merely existing, and I would concur, but then you would have to acknowledge the value of philosophical wisdom existing, even if they are not perfectly implemented (i.e. the legal system and its system of argumentation, our political system which was the result of a centuries-long argument about how best to govern, and so on).

P.S. Yes, I'm alive and well, and living in Tokyo!

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Atarlost wrote:
Ipslore the Red wrote:
Loads of options for builds and it's got all that full-caster goodness. It's pretty nearly impossible to make an oracle that's actually bad, and only moderately difficult to make one good at a specific concept.
Really? They're a spontaneous caster. All you have to do is not take the right spells and you're useless. There are a number of curses that will completely wreck your character if they're enforced.

Pro Tip 1: Don't take the wrong spells.

Pro Tip 2: Don't take the bad curses.

I mean, this is like arguing that the fighter is awful at dealing damage because he could spend every feat on Skill Focus. Don't do that.

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Kalindlara wrote:
meatrace wrote:

Those flying medusa heads from Castlevania.

F$%@ those guys!
*dramatic sting*

Yeah I know, but those things aren't nearly as bad as the CV ones.

If they had an AC of 24 and automatically paralyzed on a touch attack then maybe they'd be close. Also paralysis is 1d4 rounds and they hunt in packs of 2d6.

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Those flying medusa heads from Castlevania.
F+!+ those guys!

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Hey TL, it sure would be neat if you favorited all my posts.

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The 8th Dwarf wrote:

I have been binge watching Community and Abed is always eating buttered noodles...I was also reading a food blog about bad customers and people kept complaining about people that ate buttered noodles. I checked out Google and buttered noodles appears to be just butter and noodles. ... Is just throwing a bucket load of butter in noodles a main meal in the U.S.?

I had imagined it to be something like butter chicken....

The Italian deli I used to work at has buttered noodles on the menu, but it's REALLY garlicky garlic butter, and you typically put a ton of parmesan on it and eat it with a hot sausage. Good eats!

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Freehold DM wrote:
out on bail, cops fire back regarding Gray's knife

That's like epically missing the point.

DA: "We contend that the police arrested Gray illegitimately then proceeded to beat him so severely it broke his spine which eventually lead to his death."

COP: "That is a HORRIFIC, slanderous LIE. I did nothing of the sort!
It was a legitimate arrest ."

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Rynjin wrote:

Obviously we're going to have to agree to disagree on this.

I think the protection of other people's property (and welfare, though as of YET nobody has been hurt) is more important than you being able to continue protesting all through the night.

I certainly think it's a better alternative than coming in with teargas and billy clubs to arrest large groups of people at once.

You disagree.

You're being disingenuous.

In all cases that I've seen, riots form from protests AFTER police are called in in riot gear. They escalate. Sure, maybe there's some excess littering or traffic is inconvenienced or even a rare car bashed up, but it doesn't warrant ESCALATING the situation with police violence.

You'll note that the curfew doesn't just affect protesters. You're abridging individuals' rights because of what someone else has done. Unacceptable.

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Lord Snow wrote:

Not really. Both liberalism and conservatism are theories, a way to look at the world. Either could be implemented in different ways - as an extreme example, fascism is an implementation of conservatism and communism is an implementation of liberalism. They both ended up looking remarkably similar back there in the previous century.

I mean, the names are just labels plastered over incredibly broad arrays of approaches to a vast number of subjects that sometimes interlock and sometimes don't.

In either case, it is borderline absurd to claim that conservatism is more grounded in reality than liberalism is. Do conservatives unanimously have more experience than liberals? since both camps are so broad that it is virtually impossible that one is on average...

You've earned the following achievements: Epistemic Nihilism, Missing the Point Entirely and Interpreting Something to Mean the Opposite.

You'll notice that nowhere in my post did I mention liberalism. I'm not making this statement on some fictitious scale of left vs. right, nor am I talking about the British conservative party, or Israeli conservative party. I thought it was pretty clear from context I was talking about American politics.

Also, I'm saying that CONSERVATISM is unempirical. I'm not sure how you even misinterpreted that.

Conservatives in America, aside from being decidedly anti-science, like to make big bold claims about what will happen if we do X, Y or Z. Then, when that outcome fails to appear, they refuse to admit they were wrong and instead invent a new bugaboo. Sometimes they just keep beating a dead horse (Obamacare is bad, mmkay? What's that? You LIKE your insurance?).

Beyond that, though, progressive policies have a transparent end goal: improve the quality of life of our citizens. This is something that is testable. "Liberal" policies are based on science, social science, and math, given that the goal of government should be to work on behalf of and for the benefit of its citizens.

Conservative ideology is either purely reactionary (social conservatism, which I don't think there's a place for anymore) or based on debunked economic theories (for the most part) which are themselves unempirical (i.e. Mises, Hayek, et al). The only reasoning they can provide for these policies is nebulous ideas like natural rights.

Property rights say that if you own something legitimately no one can tell you what to do with it, and that you can transfer it to someone else.

Someone like myself might say "well, hang on, that just gives rationale to pollution. property isn't as delineated as we'd like and there are externalities. Furthermore, allowing someone to transfer their own property without regulation leads inexorably to the accumulation of wealth among a chosen few. Money is power, and power corrupts; the first priority of those in power is to stay in power. Without a check on this accumulation it leads to an oligarchy (or even aristocracy). Maybe we should enact policies that prevent that from happening."


Politics is a lot like systems design. Garbage in garbage out.

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Irontruth wrote:
I've never heard a conservative talk about police/fire unions, other than in a specific context (like a mayor of a city in the middle of negotiations). They seem to mostly pretend that those unions don't exist, instead focusing on similar language that they use to describe the military (brave men and women, honor, duty, etc).

Here in Wisconsin, when they were crafting Act 10 the union busting bill from a few years back, they specifically exempted police and fire/rescue unions. When the next round of attacks came, they were exempted once again, and in fact the police were given raises rather than cuts.

To conservatives, property "rights">human rights in all cases.

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Cthulhu automatically wins because Gojira is fictional.

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Rynjin wrote:
Glad I moved back to Florida.

You win the prize for creating a sentence never thought or uttered by another human being before you. Congrats!

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Oh man.
This guy sure did go through a lot of trouble writing a long post for nothing.

Let's keep commenting on it so that his shame will never die!

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I think the right answer is "Stop asking questions and keep digging"

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Aranna wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:

The purpose of the law is twofold: to override and eliminate the laws passed by individual counties and municipalities in Indiana that have added sexual orientation as a protected class on which basis it is illegal to discriminate; and to make a political statement that gays are bad mmmkay.

All these people arguing that businesses should have the right to discriminate: I'm guessing you've never been discriminated against for your race, sexual orientation, or religion. It's not just a matter of "oh well, whatever". It's really dehumanizing.

That is not the purpose of the law, someone already explained the history of the law, stop trying to be trollish.

And since you asked I face sexism all the time, and occasionally attacks on my religion as well. If you want to factionalize the country into protected groups fine but don't complain when religion gets protected as well.

Religion isn't being protected. Nothing is keeping these people from exercising their religion. Refusing service to someone has nothing to do with their religion; show me where in the Bible/Koran/Torah it says "thou shalt not make cakes for homos, for they art icky."

And also, this is plainly and obviously the purpose of this law: to override local/county laws that provide protections for such people and to pander to the Republican base aka homophobic bigots.

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So here's my proposed solution.
If you're part of a discriminated class, and a "private" business refuses you service, you should be able to get a refund on all taxes that go to fund that business, and its owner's services (post, road, police, fire/rescue, etc).

Of course, this will mean that the taxes will go up for everyone else, to make up the revenue. And since you can't tell if someone is gay by looking at them then, realistically, anyone could be discriminated against.

So, therefore, everyone EXCEPT these businesses should get a tax break, and the businesses should see a commensurate tax increase.

We can call it a Bigot Tax.

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I prefer frozen custard. Vanilla.

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Pfft. I've been posting about The Wire my entire time here. Came up in the first politroll conversation I ever entered, back with Comrade Derek back in '0whatever.

As for Wire, the band, c'mon, Comrade Meatrace. I've got ten years working in used record stores under my belt.

I'm cooler than all of you!

Listening to Grateful Dead undoes all other cool you may have earned.

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Artemis Moonstar wrote:
Now, I'm of the firm belief that there are a lot of people who are medicating when they really shouldn't need to. Around 70% of the population on some form of anti-depressant? Are you kidding me? Sounds like a bunch of people who can't deal with reality and want to spend time in happy la-la land.

I'm not going to scold you or anything, because I used to feel the same way, but now I'm on zoloft.

My parter of 10 1/2 years abruptly left me in the middle of the night with no warning and left me holding the bag on a myriad of things. I needed help. I'm dealing with reality, and I'm hardly in la-la land, I'm just not having the near daily panic attacks and breakdowns that typified the first 6-8 weeks after she left.

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Tangible Delusions wrote:
thejeff wrote:

Are there unnecessary or even bad regulations? Certainly.

Are there needed regulation that are not in place? Certainly.

Does either of those imply that we have either too much or too little regulation? No. It implies we have some wrong regulation.

Anyone talking about too much regulation in the abstract is likely trying to get some good regulation removed under cover of there being too much. Bad regulations can be pointed out and removed on their own. Good ones have to be snuck out. No one actually argues that we need more regulation in general, though plenty of people argue for specific regulations they think are needed. Again these are often opposed on the grounds of "too much regulation" when they can't be opposed on their own merits.

I would argue that unnecessary and bad regulations would be the definition of too much regulation.


Also, if one person breaks the law egregiously (murder foe example) that's proof we have too many people. People can't be rehabilitated just like laws can't be amended. Riiiiiiiight?

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Krensky wrote:

The reason most people use Windows is because it's what most computers have loaded and because Office is the standard in business.

BSD is the province of semi-embedded systems and, in its OSX form, Apple fans. Linux is popular on the server side, but not so much on the consumer on the PC side due to all sorts of usability issues. OSX is also far more expensive than Windows due to Apples inflated hardware prices.

People have been dating that Windows will loose market share due to major revisions for a decade. They've also been wrong for a decade.

I built my computer and I run Win 7. It wasn't pre-loaded or packaged with my machine, but I want to be able to play games on it other than solitaire. Though I hear Mac is getting Diablo II soon.

I also don't use office suite, I use open office.

I really like linux. I like the open source ideology and the fiercely loyal and talented community. But the first time I try to put a game on my machine and it fails to work, I *flip table* and install Windows, because ain't nobody got time for that.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Really not doing anything for my view that math is just a bunch of pointless numbers shuffling with no attached meaning at levels most people reach.

If you define what is useful by what most people can understand, you'll quickly find that nothing is useful.

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RJGrady wrote:
Many of my interactions with people who have a problem with "social justice" end up complaining about "censorship" and "reverse racism" and feminism ruining discussions. So, they clearly believe privilege exists, they just think that women, minorities, people with disabilities etc. have too much of it, and white, heterosexual males have too little.

This. So much.

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Coriat wrote:
I want a vote too! This is New England, not Old England, but let's not be ageist.

Do I get to vote in French elections since I live in what was once New France?

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Falantrius wrote:
Seranov wrote:
Paizo probably didn't want to give too many specifics about covens, so that the DM can just make them as they please, instead of being like IT MUST BE LIKE THIS.
Not sure what I can say about most of the comments but I am totally with you what you are saying. We have tried to create decent witches and we just end up creating our own classes. We just hate to do that - I'd love to be part of a group that updated the witch - but based on comments - not sure that would ever happen.

Wicca as a religion is less than a century old. It was created out of whole cloth by Gerald Gardner. It's bunk.

There's no such thing as magic in the real world.

This is a fantasy game. The witch class is based on witches in fantasy literature and popular culture.

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Millions of years of evolution, only to be foiled by a dirty gym sock.

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