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I'm trying to figure whether shields count as armor for the purpose of using the monk unarmored benefits. and also, if it is neglecting them, can one use a shield only as a weapon for shield bash? it's important for me for a build i'm trying, captain america-typed, using both his shield and limbs for fighting.

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I'm currently trying to build Marvel's Avengers into the playtest (the movie version, not the comics one) and had some trouble building one particular character: The Incredible Hulk.
(i should note here that i'm changing some minor rules, and adding a few class and ancetry options, because characters like Thor aren't flat out humans).
To the issue:
I'm not sure which build would fit the hulk right. at first i figured a alchemist/barbarian multicalss, but i can't seem to find any type of Enlarging elixir, and the mutagens aren't even close to making the hulk.
I even considered a wizard/barbarian, because the buffs from magic are much stronger. But i keep thinking that just buffing isn't enough.

So i'm asking you guys to help me figure out how to do so, be as detailed or as general as you want, just please help me out here