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Guys, I've checked the thread and as I see a lot of people used to read Ray Bradbury. I must confess - it was the only writer I really loved.
He totally changed my life. The Veldt, Dandelion Vine, The Pedestrian - all these books are my favorite. I used his fiction books as a topic for my essay works here during my college/school years. He made my life brighter :) I still read it when I have some free time.

Great fantastic! You have a talent. Absolutely

Tim Emrick wrote:
I started reading Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up today. We built a small addition to our house back in the spring, and the house has not fully recovered from the chaos of shifting stuff around from that. Plus we've been needing so seriously declutter for quite a while before then. We'll see if this helps at all...

Awesome book. I read it once and even wrote an essay with this book

Some of Aghata Cristie's books

Theese are my favorite games. Is anyone here plays too?

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Me too. Thanks a lot for your suppport!

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Richard Pett wrote:
Huzzah! Please post a review or two if you have a mo mariopepper! And thank you very kindly.

No problem! Naughty giants want to squash all the goblins and bring back those terribly boring days. Looks like begin of expensive "R" rated movie :D Anyway you should go on. I'm still trying to write something more simple but it's hard without but I improve my skills everyday. Hope to post my onw novel here soon

I want no jpin this guild but first of all I need to boost my lvl up

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Awesome novel..

Arch o Triumph... good enough for me

Are all of theese books are yours?

Vanykrye wrote:

If it went to sleep in 10 minutes, then it should still be in the download phase. You should be fine, and it should pick up where it left off.

EDIT: I emphasize the word "should". I always say should. It should do this. Doesn't mean it will, but that's the behavior it's supposed to exhibit.

Additionally, turn off your computer's ability to go to sleep. And the VPN timeout after one hour is just stupid - that's your IT department's fault. Ours times out after 8 hours.

Fully agree with your last opinion. Veepn timeout is 8 hours as usual and I really don't understand how they set 1 hour timing and it's so uncomfortable I suppose