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Awesome NPCs, Needs Dedicated Book


I really like this pawn set. It's almost more useful to the GM than the NPC Codex box, as it focuses more on "generic" types of characters: soldiers, guards, priests/priestesses, hellknights, pirates, and pathfinders, with an emphasis on factions and characters that add flavor to the Golarion setting. The NPC Codex is great, but more for unique types of characters that require some effort to write into an adventure, rather than just throwing in a handful of cool soldiers.

Where the NPC Codex has an advantage is its dedicated hardcover/pdf, where all the pawns have stats in the book. The Inner Sea Pawn Box could really use a consolidated resource to stat out all the figures. If you want Paizo's stats, you'll have to collect: The Inner Sea World Guide, Inner Sea Gods, Inner Sea NPC Codex, Paths of Prestige, Inner Sea Combat, and Inner Sea Magic, which total to $94, just for the PDFs! I'd love to see an Inner Sea NPC Codex that collects all of these resources together, for those who don't collect EVERY publication from Paizo.