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Fun, and not just for Furries


As a furry gamer, I've always looked for some method of creating anthropomorphic characters for my games. And this supplement now offers such an option for Pathfinder Fantasy. But it does much more as well.

The basic system is designed for custom-creating races using a wide variety of Creature Orders, from Felines and Canines to Draconids and even Lovecraftian creatures. This system can be stretched enough for different uses, such as creating a Pathfinder equivalent to the Illithid as a playable race, or creating unique monstrous NPCs.

Some of the Templates, while offering strange and interesting options for Furry characters, also offer ideas for non-furry characters. The Earthborn template could easily be adapted to a Human from our Earth, brought over to a Fantasy world by a magical portal like in the Chronicles of Narnia.

All in all, if you're interested in Furries, this book is a must. But if not, it can still give you some interesting options to try out.