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So, RAW, Cogsnap's conversion is a bit... odd. It's not obvious, but the conversion of his banish power to recovery means that for older cards - like those in his CD - he can't actually use that power until he checks the "you may discard it instead" box. Until then, he can't do anything with those cards except banish them, so they never hit the recovery pile. RAI is obvious, but still.

(Also, that discard power has been significantly buffed, but I expect that's intentional.)

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Surprised you didn't make Mogmurch (from Goblins Burn) proficient with fire. (Or fire spells, I suppose.)

I guess it is a bit of a change, but it also seems to be what he really wanted to be in the first place. (And it feels very strange that he is proficient with arcane only sometimes.)

As the title says: is there some way to get decent benefits (beyond Day Job checks) from the perform skill in Society, without taking levels in Bard (or archetypes of other classes with bard class features)?

Context: I'm playing an (unchained) Summoner, and for backstory/flavor reasons I'm putting ranks in perform on both summoner and eidolon. I'd like to find a way to make those ranks more useful, obviously because wasting ranks is bad, but also because backstory doesn't really come up much in Society.

Ideally, I'd like this to be something feat based to allow the eidolon to take it as well, but I appreciate that may not be possible. Still I'd rather avoid multiclassing since I get the impression it's not great in Pathfinder and I expect it's even worse for summoners.

I have a chronicle sheet that lists a boon with two effects. The first effect gives a passive +1 bonus to certain rolls; the second allows me to cross off the boon to reroll a roll of the same type.

If I use the reroll and cross off the boon, does this mean I lose the passive bonus?