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I do not see it in the stat block.
a powered armor battle harness is 20 bulk and a cargo lifter is 34 bulk. I would think the battle harness and cargo lifter are some sort of heavy steel and a Basic Enercycle would be space-age light aluminum so it would be what 15-20 bulk?

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Ok well, I have 25 rep with the wayfinders.... and a Boon I'm going to do it.. I cannot believe I'm going to roleplay a large bright orange and pink walrus...named Henry. Henry stole away on a submarine than a spaceship. Now he has joined the starfinders. Did I mention he worships Zon-Huthon?

Andy Brown wrote:
Check the sidebar on page 181. Some critical effects (like Deafen) have a saving throw.


"When you score a critical hit with a weapon, increase the DC to resist that weapon's critical effect by 2."

Sounds great! one problem if you look at tactical rules under critical hit part or under equipment critical hit effects THERE IS NO DC to resist critical effects.. if you roll a natural 20 and your total is over the targets AC you get you get a critical hit and do the critical effect of your weapon.....So what am I missing? Can I resist critical effects somehow? can my enemy? Is there a list of critical effect DC? what is this all about??

how do you know if you are tier 3 with a faction? i am a wayfinder and am level 5 almost 6 so dont know how to figerout my tier. and where are the race stats for the Morlamaw?

my PCs have to assemble tiny fighters on the ocean floor befor launching an attack. i would like them to roll for a random encounter underwater anyonee have anything like that???

i had there first up grade come from a mistereas debt owed to our android player who has lost her memory. at level 2 i will have the quest giver offer to upgreat the ship as part of payment for a task.

so i judt dont know what to put in my underground alien ancient bunker.
going about 4 houre of game time so i have my end fight all figered out so about an hour there so i have an encounter on there way to the bunker so anuther hours say. so i need 2 hours of filler traps and stufe. what do you guys thing?

what are some creative uses for the technomancers fabricate tech?

Hi everybody!
I'm having a problem with something in Starfinder starship combat and I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had a different understanding of it.
RULES: Long Range weapons (including the cheap-ass Coil Gun that can go on any ship) have a range increment of 20 hexes. So you can shoot up to 20 hexes without penalty, 40 hexes at -2 to hit, 60 hexes at -4 to hit, etc.
So if we're on a ship with a Long Range weapon and we're approaching our target, I'd probably want to start shooting as early as possible, especially if I think the target might have shorter-range weapons. Well, a -8 isn't so bad that it's not worth trying, so I should probably start shooting when we're 100 hexes away.
I see Paizo sells a 27"x39" starship combat hex map with 1" hexes. If I'm right, then a ship at the center of the hex map with a turret-mounted coil gun could hit anything on the map without even taking a range penalty, begging the question of why no one did anything before the ships were on that scale of combat map.
Am I missing something here? Getting the rules wrong? Or is this (kinda basic) situation something that doesn't quite work properly?

well that was a strang read .... but think im going to have my players find one now!

the way i read it is that the gill sheath for 95 level 1 lets my Kalo breathe in air. is that what you guys think?

"An external lining striated with oxygen-filtering nodules coats the outside of your lungs. If you breathe in water, it filters into the lining, where the nodules extract the oxygen and deposit it into your lungs. This lets you breathe underwater or in the air. You still exhale normally."

Kalo breath underwater normaly this sould let her breath in air as it sayes "or air"
what do you guys think?

cant the drone make a derision for its self? you do not see Luke hand holding R2. heck the Roger Roger battle droids can function with out supervision.

look at Bender Fry does not program him at all.

Maximilian was fine by himself did not talk much tho.

eva and wall-e saved a hole ship

it an AI is should make decisions by its self
just saying

need some ideas for why Zardon "Dash" Coppersteeler the third is a celebrity.

i thought famous pirate. meh

i thought famous for winning "Goblin races" 3 years in a row (its like horse racing but with Goblins and more explosions)

i do not know what do you guys think?

So gunnery check is dex and skill ranks
So is that just 1 rank at level 1
2 ranks level 2 and so on
Or does the "ranks" includ
Skill focus , +3 for class skill, race bonus, operative eage and so on?

we just house ruled an 11 point build instead of 10. my players are used to a 28 point pathfinder build (a bit of high i know)
so 1 point in starfinder will not hurt much. i just make the encounters a bit harder.

pg 208 "the price of such implantation is included in the listed for each augmentation."
But what if they have the cybernetics and just need them installed?
20%? of the price?

i put in a cost for my players for air, water and fuel. just to make them work for it. it worked out to be 1600 for air and water for a year. fuel i am working on.

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i am going to say yes working a s#@+ job in starfinder is a poor living. which is why the PCs get a ship and go on adventures. way more money potential. however a lot more risk to life.

i working on a scenario where the players all get to build small or tiny fighter ships to fly down and destroy a facility.

ok so the pc is the pilot... and gunner so does the pc just get to go on all the turn phases or what?

hay do two handed melee weapons still do 1.5 your strength damage i cant find it

so at level one the max a Lashuntas pilot can have is 14 piloting
and any other race can have a max 12
so it does not mater what class you as long as its a class skill
dex +4 rank 1 class 3 skill focus +3 ace pilot 1 =12 (or lashuntas race+2 =14)
so a Mystic or solarian will will just loos +1 from ace pilot but it becomes a class skill so they can have a max 11 piloting.
unless anyone can see anything i missed

Mark Carlson 255 wrote:

I thought opp edge did not stack with skill syn or skill focus?


o ok good to know

baggageboy wrote:

@ korinthmalar

I think you made a mistake on the cost of your computer. If you want it to be worn you would need to pay for the miniaturization upgrade twice which would add a cost of 10cr. At 1 bulk you would have to set the computer down on a surface to use it.



if some shoots a missile at my ship can my gunner shoot the missile? how does this work

if the missile did not get to me this round?
or can i shoot it the round it was fired?
or not at all?

Ice eruption
Have the players roll a D10 that’s the number of rounds the plays must defend against the ice storm. On the ice storm turn roll a D6 that will determent how many ice asteroids that are going to collide with the ship, each asteroid must sussed on a “gunnery check” to hit the ships AC the asteroids have no crew so the piloting check represents the random directory of the asteroid. Roll d4 for each ice asteroid that will determent what side of the ship the asteroid will hit 1=forward ARC 2=Port ARC 3=Starboard ARC 4=Aft ARK.
ICE asteroids
Speed 8
AC 10, TL 8, HP 3
shields NA, attack (collision) 1d4 damage
Gunnery +2
Piloting +2 for purposes of combat order

i have dark matter elementals for ship combat
and the encounter of an ice volcano erupting at the ship

My pilot or engineer or gunner or science officer

Name Quasar Umbra

Class level 1 Operative /
Race Lashntas ,sub race Damaya
Theme ACE PILOT /Size medium/ speed 30 /Gender male/ Home world Castrovel /
Alignment NN/ Deity NA

Ability scores
Str 10
Dex 18
Con 8
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 13
Initiative 5
Stamin 4
Hit points 10
Resolve 5
EAC 15
KAC 16
Ac vs combat maneuvers
Saves Fort -1 Reflex +6 Will +2
c-Acrobatics +1,4 =5
c-Athletics +1, =1
c-Bluff 1+1,3,1 =6
c-Computers 1+1,3,2 ,3 =12
(1 rank,3 class skill, 1 Operative’s edge, 2 skill synergy, hacker +3, 2 int)
c-Culture 1+1,3,2 =7
Diplomacy +1,1 =2
c-Disguise +1,1,3 =5
c-Engineering 1+1,3,2,3+2 =12
(1 rank,3 class skill, 1 Operative’s edge, 2 Race skill bonus, hacker +3, 2 int)
c-Intimidate +1,1 =2
no Life science
c-Medicine 1+1,3,2 =7
no Mysticism
c-Perception 1+1,3, =5
no Physical science
c-Piloting 1 +1 +2 +2 +1,3,4 =14
(1 rank,3 class skill, 1 Operative’s edge, 2 Race skill bonus, 2 skill synergy, 1 ace pilot, , 4 dex)
no c-Profession
c-Sense motive +1, =1
c-Sleight of hand 1 +1,3,4=9
c-Stealth 1 +1,3,4 =9
c-Survival 1 +1,3, =5
languages Common,Castrovelian,Triaxian,Ignan

Operative’s edge +1
Specialization Hacker
Trick attack +1d4
Magic :
At will daze,
At will psychokinetic hand move object with his mind up to 10lb
1/day detect thoughts
Limited telepathy 30’
Feat: skill synergy Piloting, Computers
Armor light second skin $250 eac +1 kac+2 dex 5 acp 0 ups 1 bulk L
Armor upgrade $200 infrared sensors 60’ dark vison bulk L
Semi auto pistol tactical $260 1d6p range 30’ 9 rounds usage 1 bulk L special Analog
Rounds small arm $40 30 rounds bulk L
Comm unit personal $7 bulk L
Computer tier 1 on wrist $50 bulk 1
Tool kits: Engineering $20 bulk L, hacking kit $20 bulk L
Flashlight $1 bulk L
Fire extinguisher $15 bulk L
Consumer backpack $3 bulk 1
Rolling suitcase $3
Hygiene kit $3 bulk 1
Field ration s $1 1/weeks bulk 1
Medkit basic $100 bulk 1
Every day clothing $1 bulk L

Bulk 4 (+L9)
Back story
Quasar Umbra has just turned 16 and transformed in to a Damaya subspecies or the Lashntas. This was a sore spot for his family because he is an only child and both his parents are Korasha. His father owned a small shipping company his mother was a botanist. His parents separated when Quasar was 7 years old his. His father lived on Triaxus and his mother lived on Castrovel. So Quasar spent most of his time on traveling back and forth on his fathers ships. The crews took it upon them self’s to teach the kid to fly and work on engines and computer systems. Although he is young he has years of experience piloting. Now that he is an adult in the eyes of Lashntas society he has set out to use the skills he has learned to make his own way in the universe as far away from his family as possible. Quasar is overconfident and arrogant fortunately he has the skills to back it up. Quasar often wears his antenna pulled back under his hair and make up to cover his facial markings this allows him to pass as human most of the time.

thanks Redelia
that makes much more scene now

why are the DC for Stunts and crew actions all
15 + 2 x tier
10 + 2 x tier
20 + 2 x tier
would that not just be 17,12,and 22 x tier??
or am i missing some information that alters the DC some how??