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half baked adventure


well intruduction adventure can be better but if you gonna play it just meta game it and go second floor pack the package and wait for boss to call. then report its already done

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well any one asked true red mage


troubadour the master of stage that bard envies, prodigy the true red mage. and sage the class to create your inner saiyan. this book is must have for any serious pathfinder fan out there and thrust me your money is well spend.

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good class and okay content


Well this makes bunch of people angry but shifter looks quite good in my book just needs several castings of guidance to find its way to its place. It just needs little bit more aspects and clean ask me any thing treat where people can learn about it from creators. Its not the martial master of many forms lot of people wants but hey its literally out for a day. and people try to smear camp already. I have flash backs to launch of starfinder with all the every class must dip blitz soldier so they can do their job threats and it feels like bunch of people crying after their spilled milk instead of go to fridge and pull them self's another cup of milk. So relax people your money is well spend