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Hi There,

Being an IT person, I can appreciate the difficulties that this month's release of October SFS & PFS scenarios has caused. I'd like to thank the Customer Service Staff for their openness on the issue and the IT Staff for getting this rectified as quickly as humanly (and digitally) possible.

As noted in this post, I was having issues with my PFS scenarios not arriving as I am GM'ing this in a few days.

I spoke with Customer Service on the phone yesterday (shortly after 12pm Central), and the fine lady I spoke too (sorry, can't remember her name) indicated that if really needed the scenario ASAP, that I'd be okay to purchase the scenario outright, and that when the transaction finally went through for the subscription, you'd be able to credit back one of the transactions.

When I got home yesterday (~5PM Central), PFS 9-06 hadn't yet landed in my downloads so I bought it under Order #4553050. (with my Paizo Advantage Discount, this came to $4.24).

I noticed this morning that Order #4551018 went through a few hours later (~8pm Central), which included the final authorization to my credit card for 9-06 ($3.99).

Because it's not actually possible to these digital products twice, can I ask to have one of them refunded (credit on account is fine, as I have a number of subscriptions).


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Hello friendly folks at Paizo!

I'm a subscriber to PFS Scenario Subscriber.
I got the expected email yesterady (Oct 24) that my automatic order was being processed.

BUt now, 8:48pm (central) on Oct 25th, I still don't have the scenarios in my downloads, even though the scenario is avialble for the public to purchase.

Please help!
I'm GM'ing this in 4 days, and really don't want to have to buy it outright at full price when, by all accounts, I've already paid for it with my subscription.

Please help!

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Hi There,

Books 2 through 6 of Hell's Rebels (adventure path) make reference to the Rules/Chronicles for Sanctioning a game for Pathfinder Society by linking to this URL: http://paizo.com/include/PZO9000-17-Rules.zip.

However book #1 In Hells's Bright Shadow has the exact same text/language, but is missing the link.

Thank you!

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Aside from (the seemingly inevitable) flipping to each module and reviewing each chronicle to determine whether or not a "Campaign Mode" option is available, is there a definitive list of such?

For example, "The House on Hook Street" has a specific paragraph in the rules on page 1 of the chronicle, that a "Campaign mode" option exists, but "Academy of Secrets" makes no such reference (in fact the "rules page" seems to be absent from the PDF).

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Hi There,

With the looming strike / lockout by Canada Post and its Postal Workers Union, (the date has been pushed back a few times, but currently expected to start on July 9th, 2016), I'm wondering what Paizo's plans are for redirecting lettermail (which would likely be USPS from your perspective) to other providers, or freezing the mailouts from the warehouse so mail doesn't get frozen at the border as we wait for CanadaPost to get back to work?

I recognize that other shipping/postal providers have different costs, so I'm curious what the next cheapest provider is that you work with, so that I can determine if I want to eat that cost during the postal event so I can get my subscriptions and other orders, or just freeze the outbound shipping of my orders (including my subs) until the event has ended.

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It's probably just me, but I don't get any notifications that a thread I've replied to (or created for that matter), has been replied to.

is there an option somewhere I can set to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Established group looking for an additional player who is also willing to alternate GM duties.

Message me for details.