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Emberkin Sorcerer Elemental-Fire- HP-19/19|AC-13|Touch-13|FF-11|CMD+12|Fort+2|Reflex+2|Will+3|Resistances - Elec/Cold/Acid-5|Knowledge Arcana - +5 Knowledge Planes - +5 Perception - +2 Spellcraft - +7| UMD - +8
Wand of Mage Armor|Elemental Ray (Bloodline Power)|Pyro Technics|Acid Splash|DM|Daze|Light|Burning Hands|Whisper|Shocking Grasp|BONUSES Havoc of the Society - +1 dam. to spells Pyromancer - +1 dam. to fire spells

I am never leaving this room. You guys go ahead, but I have rolled; 19, 18, 19 & 20 in here. I am INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!!

My Barding will be legendary!!!!!
Take that 8th graders!!!!

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Droid X2
IPad 3

I'd like more gameplay apps and less fun apps like the iCrit and iFumble. I'd love to be able to input basic data and track buffs or debuffs on my character.

A mobile character sheet would be incredible.

I use a mobile Spellbook that is the most useful for me. I can "star" my spells I know and have access to all the class spells instantly. It is not a paizo product, but is the best one out there for me. I'd support a paizo app similar to this if it was available.

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Speaking as someone who holds an MFA and is a college professor, I'd suggest you research programs that provide variety in education. If you have several interests why not spend 2 years gaining an A.A. degree where you can take a sampling of courses to determine what you like best? 2 year schools will offer you a broader range of courses at a discounted tuition.

Upon completion of an AA, you need to transfer to a University, but you will have a greater understanding of what your interests are.

In all honesty, what you guys think you know in high school is useless compared to your college education. What you like about history now may be the fun, enlightening revelations of learning about cultures, but what happens when you are spending 25 hours a week reading and writing about that topic?

Do your research! If you cannot successfully find a school that fits you, you'll never make money in any field. Think about your goal after college, what do you want to spend the next 30 years doing? Not what do I want to do for 4 years?

And as a side note, years ago, getting a Bachelor's degree guaranteed you a job, now having a Master's is becoming more of a requirement.

Good luck in your research, this is the part of the process you should enjoy. Make choices that will provide a solid foundation for the rest of your life.