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Scarab Sages

How long have you been playing Pathfinder? Dabbled in mid-2012; In earnest since 2014.

What are your rules knowledge and optimization skills like? As a local 2-star GM I have a decent understanding of the combat rules, monster properties, conditions, etc. As a player I have a fairly good understanding of most class features. What I don't have is an exhaustive working knowledge of the more granular lists (such as all spells, feats, etc). As for optimization, I typically start with a flavor concept or cool feat/maneuver in mind and sort of optimize what I can without sacrificing the cool-ness factor. I like to think I usually pull that off.

Are you experienced with the PbP format? I have played a few small campaigns, but those were during the halcyon days of Google Wave. I have not played by post since I started playing Pathfinder.

If you are, but your game/s ended early, what happened? To my memory, most games finished nicely. However, the campaigns were never so long as to expect a breakdown. I know I had one or two fail to really start. Recruitment/backstories would begin, then the GM would just stop coordinating at all.

What kind of combat/social balance do you like? I definitely love a good social solution, if possible. Most of my characters tend to reflect that; though I obviously build in some sort of combat flow to each character. I also usually prefer spell-casters to martial. I know that's not the question, but I wanted to point it out anyways.

Do you have previous experience with the WotW AP? I do not. However, I enjoy the concept of a truly malicious face character that gets to let out his inner demon when it comes to intimidation and bluff.