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I got three of these recently and love them so much that I got another today. I'm going to give some to friends who DM.

I am thinking of cutting one into a 24"x20" piece, an 8"x10" piece and a 16"x10" piece. Since you can pre-draw a layout with Sharpie and it won't rub off while the mat is folded up, this would add utility.

My concern is the lamination. Will doing this cause it to peel? Is there something I can do to prevent such a thing from happening- a hot implement to seal up the edge, maybe? Or should I abandon this plan as insanity?

Did you ever try this? Anyone else? I only have one right now so I fear experimenting on my only copy?

Has anyone tried cutting one up and seeing if it stands up? I would be worried about the "lamination" being unconnected at those points. I was close to ordering one for surgical purposes, but they have cut off OT at work.
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I took one of the original mats and cut it without problems. The sides are not sealed when the mat is whole. I have only every seen one mat that the laminate failed - the customer left it in a hot car and it stuck to a binder.

As a side note, the mat I tested on had Sharpie on it from Gen Con 2006 or 2005, and it came off with a dry erase marker as was advertised.