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Good Module - Fun Horror - Bad Balance


The Horror is great fun, but there are big issues with how it's formated

1) Any item that can be used by a player in loot please make bold
2) revisit mobs some are rediculas

the incorporal ghost plus the storm meant my solarian never landed a punch

3) The scenario was railroading us - it was literally do things in this order, do this then this then this - no fun there.
4) TPK highly probable due to how you have built the mobbs and fights
The final boss has a +12 to hit - come on that harsh, I have an AC of 16 my friend AC 17 - thats high and yet he was hitting us no problems, with a fort save every time.

The Storm plus incorporial on Captains quarters - meant our damage dealers could not deal damage

all in all fun but needs major editing - hence 2 stars

oh and the secondary successes - rediculas to try and get especially the android stuff.

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Nice feel - horrid classes


I am very disappointed in the classes and archetypes for this book.

The three new races - love two of em, they seem fun
The Shifter class - horrid. From an RP perspective - love it, but from a mechanical aspect - there are many other class archetypes that do what this class does , not only better but with more options.

The damage of the class is lacking, the feats and skills needed to make it work is a heavy tax. if you like RP shifter has it, come first fight, your gonna die a horrid death with only being able to do 1D3 dmg + 1 - Teh brawler starts with 1D6 + strength and gets flurry eventually.

The major bonus of the class the "Major form" kicks in at level 6 - much later than what I would like given how much I am sacrificing for this class.

Oh and the love I wanted for a lychanthrope a Werewolf character -sure I have the archetype now, but with such low mechanics it really limits me significantly.

Oh and why is this book not yet on the PFS additional resources list? the book comes out and does not get added instantly? I only play PFS given my social circles, but I can't use anything in this book yet. (this complaint is not included in the 1 star rating, the 1 star is based on the new rules, classes etc offered by this book)

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Good Play - Terrible Story line.


I love the characters, sure the names are kinda stero typical and bland, the Ysoke is called "livewire".

The blatant ideas stolen from other scifi movies is okay, but feel cheap, there is Chronicals of Riddick, Star Wars, and more.

and the ending, it's so jarring and painful I felt ripped off (and I was playing this without cost lol).

The combat is fun, I just find that the actual storyline is very bland, very unoriginal and in somecases very poorly written. For Example - the Audio logs of the crew are stored in a locker - but the Logs are from 6 different crew. The way the scenario puts it, the way they are found makes no sense at all. infact it's stupid.

Personally I will be rewritting alot of this when I run it, changing features like this to make greater sense. Finding a note or a diary with the comms systems passeword would make sense so you can then "download" the audio backups from the computer.

This scenario has alot of potential but I am sad to say the actual storyline really lets it down.