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This feels too much like PCs trying to cheese their way into not being 3 actions away from the fight. You are fleeing in terror. No steps.

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I was also flagging. Easy way to find them was to click on the user and go to their posts. About 6-7 accounts all posting the same thing 4-5 times each. Made it easy to flag them all.

Just remember kids, never feed a troll. Kill it with fire.

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If you want to get rid of the Magical Walmart issue, then just go with automatic bonus progression. This lets your PCs keep up with the expected math for the game, but still allows you to hand out a flaming sword as a cool item.

An alternative to feeling like your PCs are running around bandaged like mummies or carrying a case of healing potions is using stamina alternative rules. The shifts about 1/2 the PC's hp into stamina which they can recover after a short rest.

Links below.
Automatic Bonus Progression


It also sounds like you might be looking for a harder, grittier feel for your group. You might want to try Proficiency without level as well.

Proficiency without Level.

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Druid is one of the most versatile classes.

They have the best focus spells/spell list for blasting. You can go with wild shape for melee. Or have a great Animal Companion and wade into combat in your medium armor and shield, as the only spell caster that gets shield block.

With the Free archetype, you could pick up bastion for better shield defense.

Or go with Blessed One for lay on hands for in combat heals and focus your spell slots on blasting/battle field control.

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Bludgeoning is also one of the less common damage types in my experience. Thinking of several different groups of PCs, only the Monk did bludgeoning damage, and that was only when he wasn't in tiger stance. Most other PCs use swords, daggers, polearms, etc. which all tend to be P/S; or Archers.

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Another alternative is to take Wizard or Witch multiclass (or both by higher levels). This will help to alleviate the lack of lower level spells, many of which are still very good for buffs.

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The US nuclear ICBM system only just stopped using 8 inch floppy disks in 2019. tires-8-inch-floppies-from-missile-launch-control-system/

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stream was cancelled

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Freehold DM wrote:
Is there a possibility of everyone and their cousin putting out material and just not paying, i.e forcing Hasbro/WotC to put their money where their mouth is? Just curious.

This isn't really a good idea. If you violate someone's trademark/copyright, damages could be either a) actual damages plus any profits the infringer made, or b) between $750 and $30,000 per infringement (i.e. per book sold). If the Court finds the infringement was "willful" the penalty could be as high as $150,000 per infringement.

It is designed to make it really hurt to steal someone else's work.

That is why it would be better for Paizo/3PP to initiate the suit, claiming anticipatory breach (they have not yet violated the contract but they plan to) and requesting an injunction until the issue of revocability can be resolved (putting 1.1 on hold until court decides if 1.0a can be revoked).

(Actual attorney, not IP expert).

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Leon Aquilla wrote:

Anyways, I have all the books on my shelf. Let Hasbro come in and try and burn 'em.

Sure, but I want them to keep making more books. Also, I like the fine people at Paizo to be able to pay rent and buy food while writing said books.

Not to mention Paizo Infinity.

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If any of you follow gaming news over the last month or so, you are already aware that WotC announced that they would be overhauling the OGL, with the implication being that it would be tighter and more easily controlled by WotC.

A few of the details came out today on the currently unreleased updated OGL. You can read the story here on Gizmodo
Dungeons & Dragons’ New License Tightens Its Grip on Competition

I suggest you give it a read.

I wanted to start a discussion on how this might affect out most beloved of past times, playing Pathfinder and Starfinder, both of which are dependent on the existence of the OGL.

While I am a lawyer, I am not an expert in licensing law. It is all but certain that this will be litigated in court and it will be expensive. BUT I also believe that WotC is on shaky ground at best since the original license states that it is a "perpetual, worldwide, [and] non-exclusive license."

There would also be a clear defense of Latches and Equitable Estopple, which are fancy legal jargon which generally mean that if a party relies you your statements to their detriment, you can't then change your mind midstream.

Obviously, this is but the first salvo in a fight that may last until Pathfinder 3E.

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hyphz wrote:

Hi folks,

Two questions came up today:

1) Confusion says “use all your actions to strike or cast offensive cantrips…”. Since “stride” isn’t an option, does this imply that someone who’s confused is unable to move and can just be kept away from?

2) We disturbed a Drider armed with a glaive with 10ft reach. The Drider opened the door that was between us. However, the GM then had trouble as the Drider entry does not list the reach of the Drider’s hands and it was a bit difficult to believe that the Drider hooked the door handle with their glaive and then pulled it open. Is there any standard assumption about the interaction reach of creatures with weapons that would clearly increase reach beyond their hands, but that don’t have listed unarmed attack reach?

1) if you finish reading the sentence it answers your question for you.

"You use all your actions to Strike or cast offensive cantrips, though the GM can have you use other actions to facilitate attack, such as draw a weapon, move so that a target is in reach, and so forth."

2) while not explicitly stated, it is implied in the Drider's statblock that it does not have natural reach. The glaive is a reach weapon even in the hands of a PC, so that is why it is listed as having reach. Compare that to Fangs which don't have reach.

There is not hard and fast rule for this question. it's really just a case by case decision by the GM.

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Ched Greyfell wrote:
AnimatedPaper wrote:

Savage Tides and Age of Wyrms were so great to read.

Even if they had to update them to both PF2 and 5e (or 6e? whatever the next iteration is) in order to make everyone's lawyers happy, I know a lot of gamers would instantly scoop up a collected edition of both of those APs.

Oh, for sure. Like they did Abomination Vaults and Kingmaker for 5E. It could be like that for the 3.5 APs from Dungeon magazine.

Savage Tide was simply amazing. Could I run it from the magazine and convert it? I'm sure I could. But to have it printed up in a big volume, also with PDFs and VTT support. In Fantasy Grounds or Foundry with lighting and line of sight... wow. That'd be something.

Savage Tide is owned by WotC, so Paizo can't republish them.

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Obviously 4 is the standard. I find that running for 5 requires only a little fiddling around the edges (add extra mook or two per fight) and it allows for a more well rounded party. For 6 you will need to adjust fights, especially if they are single enemy encounters. This means more prep time on the front end.

In my opinion any more than 6 and you are very unbalanced. It would require you to redesign most encounters and you may even have issues with too many people to fit in some of the smaller battle locations.

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Unarmed Attacks pg 278 CRB wrote:

Almost all characters start out trained in unarmed attacks. You can Strike with your fist or another body part, calculating your attack and damage rolls in the same way you would with a weapon...

Table 6–6: Unarmed Attacks lists the statistics for an unarmed attack with a fist, though you’ll usually use the same statistics for attacks made with any other parts of your body. Certain ancestry feats, class features, and spells give access to special, more powerful unarmed attacks. Details for those unarmed attacks are provided in the abilities that grant them.


Per CRB, "Fist" attacks can come from any part of your body. For a human shaped PC, hitting with your fist is the same as hitting with your elbow, knees, feet, or other appendage. Anadi have the same option. While they don't have fists, they do have 8 legs and pedipalps which is the non-leg mouth part that doesn't have fangs. "Kicking" with one of their legs or punching with a pedipalp should use the Fist stats.

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This is absolutely great. I really like the stars.

The guide writing community got really good with including the star ratings for the P1 guides, but with P2 it seems like we need to really push to have this included as well.

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Our game recently ran into this with cantrips. Light at level 4 is a 60 ft radius, which is huge. It can make it more difficult to avoid notice of enemies up ahead.

Our GM said he is 100% ok with undercasting if you choose. I would make the same ruling as a GM. Some limited circumstantial benefit for PCs, no concerns about overpowering. Rewards PCs for thinking of the game as a real setting instead of as a video game.

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Donald wrote:

Sorry if I'm being a little dim or blind, but what does the saving throw column mean on the Draconic Exemplars chart?


it is the save that a creature rolls if they are caught in the Draconic Exemplar's breath weapon. So for every color but green they roll a reflex save, if they are green you roll a fort save.

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breithauptclan wrote:

I'm not sure you understand what I am trying to say. Let me add my own emphasis.

Harmed By Any magic of this type that targets the golem causes it to take the listed amount of damage (this damage has no type) instead of the usual effect. If the golem starts its turn in an area of magic of this type or is affected by a persistent effect of the appropriate type, it takes the damage listed in the parenthetical.

In both cases - direct targeting and starting its turn in an area - it refers to the damage listed in the parentheses.

Adamantine Golem wrote:
harmed by acid (9d10, 2d10 from areas or persistent damage); healed by fire (area 2d10 HP); slowed by electricity

And it is in the parentheses where the damage is defined that the override takes place. Area effects deal 2d10. Persistent damage deals 2d10. Everything left deals 9d10.

So it doesn't matter if the wording of area effects indicate direct targeting of the creatures in its area or not. The damage calculation is looking at if the spell is an area effect. If it is an area, then it uses the second damage value.

If all area effects do direct targeting, then why would they even make the distinction in the Golem Immunities rule? What would be an example of an area effect that doesn't target the creatures inside it?

You have this wrong. The 2d10 applies to persistent area of affect spells. Acid Storm deals acid damage to any creature that starts it's turn in the storm so 2d10. Acid Burst deals acid damage in an EoA for 5 ft emination. This causes the 9d10.

Look back at the original quoted text. "If the Golum starts in an area of magic of this type... " Not about area of effect spells. You can't "start your turn" in the area of a fireball. But you can start your turn in the area of a Wall of Fire.

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Gisher wrote:
It would be nice if they created a skill feat specifically for crafting ammunition faster. Maybe it could be an archetype skill feat added to the Archer archetype.

Yeah, it's surprising that magical ammunition is a consumable, meaning you can craft them in batches of 4, but regular ammunition is not.

I think allowing crafting of batches of 4 (as suggested up thread) would also be fine. You spend 4 days, but you get 40 arrows, which is about half way between the rate for my Earned Income suggestion above (lvl 0 20 arrows in 4 days, lvl 1 80 arrows in 4 days).

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Since this is a home game, and a conversion of a P1 AP, my recommendation is to not let RAW get in the way of fun. Let the PC roll on the Earn Income table and receive as many arrows as they would "earn."

10 Arrows are 1sp. Even at a level 0 settlement, a PC can earn 5cp per day using Earn Income rules with a DC of 14 meaning the PC will only spend 2 days making 10 arrows instead of 4. If we bump up the settlement to level 1, at DC 15 the PC can craft 20 arrows in one day.

No need to punish your PCs

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Herbalist is a good one. Also Medic or blessed one.

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No the current consensus is that an eidolon can use mundane items, but not magical ones unless they have the eidolon trait. This is with the caveat that the eidolon have hands or similar to actually use the item. The example give above was a wolf can't row a boat.

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I want to say I love this. It's great, and as someone who wrote a few of these back in 1E, it is a true labor of love.

One suggestion, for each entry instead of just color coding each entry for its value, you should also put a star system next to it.

Instead of RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, it should be RED (*), YELLOW (**), GREEN (***), BLUE (****). This helps with accessibility for our friends that have difficulty seeing in color.

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We'll miss you!

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The first two three parters did so well they are both getting a combined hardcover rerelease. They are obviously doing well.

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keftiu wrote:
Making a thread about convention info and then filling it with stuff that wasn’t announced at the con is certainly a choice.

I did say they were guesses. I guess I was just a bit excited.

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Forgot to add Starfinder stuff, don't know much about where it is currently but one guess I do have:

- No Starfinder 2E, but we will get Starfinder Unchained, with reworked base classes and 3 part action economy.

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Paizo Con starts today at 10:00 am Pacific, Huzzah!

I wanted to start a thread where everyone can post their Paizo con info, or post links to other sources like Reddit or Discord.

While we are waiting we can start with some good natured guesses maybe? I'll go first:

- A playtest announced for two new classes to come out in August 2023. This time they will give us two rounds instead of one.
- the two classes will be a bounded divine spellcaster to be the spiritual successor to the Inquisitor, (but with a different name), and the Shamon, a wis based spontaneous primal caster.
- We will continue with the current trend of one 6 part AP and two 3 parts.
- low level 3 part will be an Arcadian adventure dealing with defeating colonizers
- high level 3 part will be the Ascension of the Living God, dealing with Razmir's last desparate attempt at immortality and Godhood.
- the 6 part AP will start in Jalmeray and explore the western Vudran Empire.
- The long awaited Dead God's Hand will finally be published, to be released in spring 2023.

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roquepo wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:

Confounding Mantra
Skill feat level 2 / Expert Arcana

As a 1 minute activity you can set up a mantra to run in your mind that provides mental defenses. While the mantra is active you treat your Wisdom modifier as +2 for your Will save vs mental effects. If you're a master in Arcana, treat it as +3 and if you're legendary, +4. Running the mantra takes some of your attention and you take a -2 status penalty to Initiative checks. If you become unconscious, the mantra ends, but you can restart it again by taking another minute.

Today I've been thinking about a similar potential general feat.

Mental Ward
level 7 general feat
Requisites: 16 INT or CHA
Either through intense study or sheer strength of character, you are able to set up a mental barrier against hostile effects. You can treat your Wisdom modifier as +1 against Will saves with the mental trait. At level 12, you can treat it as +2 and at level 17, as +3.

Reasoning is, a general feat seems like a good investment to me (more commitment than a single level 2 class feat) and...

I like this one better. It's a bit harder to get to, it has higher opportunity costs as a general instead of a skill feat, and I agree a lot that it shouldn't be better than a PC that raises Wis.

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SuperBidi wrote:

For example, one character that I like is the full mental character. Int, Wis and Cha + Con because hit points are important. But you're stuck with either Dex or Str if you don't want crippling Reflex. Full mental characters are definitely a trope, Professor Xavier is one of them that should definitely have low Str and Dex. It's sad you just can't play one without ending with a crippling Reflex save (AC is another problem, but I find Reflex to be much more of a problem on a backline character).

Another classic example is the unwise character. The Leroy Jenkins Fighter who starts at 8 Wisdom and sticks to it up to level 20. Nope, you can't play it without having a massive weakness. It's nowhere close to a strong build or whatever, it's just a type of character the system punishes...

So the full Int/Wis/Cha caster at level 15. SO you start 18 Int. 16 Wis and 14 Cha at level 1. Best you can do. Means you have Str 8, Dex 10, Con 12. Level 5 you have 8 10 14 19 18 16. 10 is 8 10 16 20 19 18 and then 15 8 10 18 21 20 19. You have a pretty bad Reflex save and AC. But you have lots of HP for a wizard. But you could easily switch a few stats around to hit 10 14 18 21 18 18. Now your AC and Ref is up +2. You could even be with 16 16 for dex and con if you want. It is your choice to have a glairing weakness.

The unwise fighter is again, a choice. If you want to play a PC with a weakness that is fine, but you chose that.

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But how often do you have a PC at level 15 with a 10 in Wis or Con? Wis helps with Perception and a ton of other skills, Con gives you hp. I have seen PCs with a Dex as low as 12 at level 15, but 10?

A PC at level 15 has 21 stat increases. Split between 6 stats, that would be an average of 3.5 increases per stat. So you could conceivably have a level 15 PC at 18 18 18 16 16 16. At level 1 a PC can have your class key ability score 18, representing 4 of the 9 available increases. That leaves you with 5 to hit the other 5 stats. You can walk out the gate with a 18 12 12 12 12 12. That would be unusual. Because of the way the stat increases are allocated, you can have one 18(background, free, ancestry and class), a 16 (background, free and ancestry), and either a 14 12 10 8 or 12 12 10 10 depending on your ancestry.

With an array of 18 16 14 12 10 8, at level 5 you increase each of the ones you had before, 19 18 16 14 10 8. At level 10 you have a choice. Do you want to chase the 20 for your second stat? 99% of builds the answer should be a no. Since you're not putting an increase in the 18, you can put it in a less important stat. So your array looks like this 20 18 18 16 and either 12 8 or 10 10.

At level 15 you are in the same predicament, but doubly so. You can have an array that looks like 21 19 19 18 10 10 OR 21 18 18 18 12 12. If you made slightly different choices at level 10, you could have a 21 18 18 16 14 12 or even a 20 18 18 18 14 12.

But theses are white room numbers. What build do you need to have an 18+ in 4 stats, but they aren't two of Dex Wis or Con? your level 15 PC has a +21 in their 10 attribute save. Ancient Black dragon has a DC 35 Frightful presence or 39 breath weapon. So you fail on a 13 or 17 respectively. But even that 39 is high. Most level 16 creature's save DCs are 37. Meaning a save that you have intentionally chosen to invest exactly zero resources is still a success 25% of the time.

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Also, bye.

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I think you could compare this to Revival, which heals all creatures of your choice w/in 30 feet 10d8+40 hp. It has a duration of sustained, so I read it that the healing occurs every round.

So, a 10th level slot that heals the entire party (assumed 4 PCs) an average of 85hp/round for up to 10 rounds, vs. healing a single target about 250 hp. (Ranges from Con 10 Wizard 126hp, CON 22 Barb w/toughness upwards of 400, d8 class w/ 18 con is going to be 240).

I am ok with Wish healing a single target to full HP, assuming they are not dead. I Mean its wish.

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The Raven Black wrote:
Soul cage. Not Phylactery. The change was done by Paizo for a reason. Let's respect it.

I almost changed it and then didn't, but you're 100% right I should have.

I like the idea of something that is hard to find, but also hard to pick out too. Like a rock in a giant pile of rocks, or something like that. Slap on a permanent nondetection effect for good measure.

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This was a really cool idea for a phylactery from a P1 AP (ID info scrubbed to avoid spoiler), even if you can find it you can't destroy it, nor can you take it with you for further study.


This side room is free of dust—the only part of this area so graced. The only feature in the room is a 2-foot-deep pool of silvery liquid. This liquid is mercury, and radiates strong necromancy. Any mercury taken from the pool immediately evaporates, and the pool itself replenishes lost mercury to remain full at all times. This curious magical pool, as a successful DC 35 Knowledge (arcana or religion) check confirms, is actually an unusual lich phylactery—__________’s phylactery. The nature of the phylactery makes it impossible to transport (a design flaw that ___________ hopes to solve before he engineers his escape from the _______________________), but also makes it very difficult to destroy. Mage’s disjunction can destroy the phylactery, but otherwise the pool must be physically ruined. This is easier said than done, though, for the pool is immune to physical weapon damage, cold, electricity, and sonic damage. Acid and fire deal half damage to it. Force effects deal full damage, as does disintegrate. The phylactery pool has 100 hit points and repairs damage to itself at the astounding rate of 1d100 hit points per round.

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From a mechanical standpoint, the tradition assigned determines what skill is used to Identify the ability. There are also (rarely) some abilities that provide a bonus to saves or ac v. only one type of tradition (see Rakshasa's save bonus v. Divine).

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I think it would be less of a "you cast Primal Spells from the Primal Spell List" and more of a "all of your kineticist abilities have the Primal trait".

The Animal Instinct Barbarian's rage action has the Primal trait, as does the Animal Skin barbarian feat, but neither are spells. So does the Giant Stature feat. Dragon Instinct has the Arcane trait.

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This started a comment on the Dark Archives thread, but I wanted to put it out here for a chance at a more robust discussion without derailing the product thread.

Someone brought up the idea of the Kineticist as a class archetype.

wegrata wrote:
Anyone else half expecting to see kineticist as a class archetype for psychic? Burn for brain drain, primal for occult, different amps?

I responded:

Kelseus wrote:

I don't think the kineticist would even be occult in P2.

It's almost all manipulation of matter, so primal or arcane (really just to cover the force damage stuff). What part of mind or spirit is involved in shooting fireballs from your eyes?

And then another response:

Keftiu wrote:
I don’t really think Kineticists have a tradition at all - their blasts are sort of a distinct thing from spellcasting, and I think it would be quite the surprise if they have a traditional spell list at all whenever they come over to 2e.

My personal position is that it will definitely have a tradition, as all magical abilities have one. I could be like the wizard, where all kineticists are primal only. Or similar to sorcerer/witch where depending on they subclass or ability you select, that determines your tradition. Or even like a Monk, where you get to decide occult or divine, and it doesn't really make a difference mechanically.

As for the tradition itself, I stick to my prior position that Kineticist is most likely to be a Primal tradition caster, even if they don't get access to the Primal spell list. All fo the original Kineticists except force were elemental damage, which is solidly in Primal territory. The only reason I'm not stronger on Primal only is the force kineticist, force spells being generally absent from Primal list. Maybe it could be Water/fire/earth/etc are primal OR you can be Arcane if you go force only.

So I open the question to the floor: Once the Kineticist is brought to P2, what magical tradition do you think it will have, if any?

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This is obviously baiting. Just Flag and move on.

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Really I don't think the kineticist would even be occult in P2.

It's almost all manipulation of matter, so primal or arcane (really just to cover the force damage stuff). What part of mind or spirit is involved in shooting fireballs from your eyes?

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I just wanted to say how much fun and joy I am able to get out of this fantastic game that you have been such a big part of.

Did you know that?

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I would say no.

The language of Divine Access says "Add up to three cleric spells of your choice granted by that deity to your spell list. You can select from these spells when you add or swap spells in your spell repertoire."

Blessed Blood has nearly identical language, "Add up to three of your deity’s spells (spells your deity grants to clerics) to your spell list. They are not automatically added to your repertoire, but you can select them just as you would spells normally on the divine spell list."

Both of these feats state that you can select one of these spells to add them to your repertoire as if they were on the divine list. What repertoire? Well, the Oracle or Sorcerer one, depending on what dedication you have. Even if you are Sorcerer/MC Oracle, you still have two separate repertoires.

So Cleric or Divine Witch with Sorcerer Dedication cannot prepare the spells from Blessed Blood in their spell slots, because those spells are only available to be added to the Sorcerer's repertoire.

A Divine Sorcerer with the Oracle Dedication cannot add spells from Divine Access to their repertoire, because those spells are only available to be added to the Oracle repertoire.

This works the other way too. A Cleric/MC Sorcerer cannot select their deity granted spells for their Sorcerer Repertoire because it specifically states that these spells are only on the Divine list when you prepare them in your Cleric slots.


That being said I agree with AlastarOG that it is not over powered and as a GM allowing it shouldn't be unbalancing.

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My current group tracks experience. We have rotating GMs, so at the moment we have going 1) Age of Ashes AP just finished book 3, 2) P2 update of Second Darkness also just finished book 3, 3) homebrew sandbox game.

I am gm of the SD game. I try to keep my party on a milestone leveling, but I also track exp. because it helps me to better understand if I need to push the PCs forward or if they can take their time. P2 also makes it really easy to do exp. since it is based on the party's level and monster level, instead of needing to look up how much exp a specific monster is worth, and then dividing it by the number of PCs in the party etc.

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I have to 100% disagree with the OP. I think that P2 has made high level PCs even more heroic.

In P1, a high level PC is almost completely dependent on their magic item tree to stay ahead of lower level PCs. A level 20 fighter in non-magic armor has an AC only a few points higher than a level 1 fighter. If a high level P1 PC loses their items, they are effectively helpless against level 1 Orcs, except for their hp.

In P2, those level 1 Orcs can't even hit a level 10 PC without a natural 19. Even a natural 20 is only just a hit on a naked level 15 PC.

the idea that a PC will become so powerful that even 100 guys attacking them is only a challenge because they can't all be killed fast enough seems much more heroic than the P1 you are only as good as your gear lets you be.

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Have you seen "Our Flag Means Death" (HBO Max)? If so, any thoughts?

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Rysky wrote:
Trained is... not a hurdle, so not really much to be concerned about honestly.

This. Trained is the barest of investments in a skill. A level 1 PC is guaranteed to be trained in 6 skills and no other investment. That's before the Ancestry Lore feats, any positive Int bonus, extra skill training from multiclassing/archetypes.

Really, gating a very few actions behind trained is not really burden on any PC that has any interest in those type of actions. If your PC has any interest in using Disarm, why aren't they at least trained in Athletics? (That's before we talk about how you should be trained in Athletic anyways b/c you need to be able to climb/swim).

You only have to maneuver in flight if you are doing something like a hair-pin turn or something like that.

From an RP standpoint it makes sense, without the basic training, I can't even try to do an Olympic style back flip, or deftly wrench a sword from someone's hand.

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I think the general rule should be Shield Block can be used against a Strike with a physical item that deals physical damage.

A weapon or unarmed (capital S) Strike all usually fall in this category. The exceptions being incorporeal touch attacks (but they would usually do negative damage) or something like an Elemental that does Fire damage instead of Bludgeoning. This helps to clarify most of the corner cases too.

CS on Trip doesn't count because it is an athletics check not a Strike.

I would say no to SB for Trample because it allows for a Reflex save.
While Swallow Whole is an attack action, it is not a Strike, so again it doesn't count.

You can't use SB for spell attack rolls, because that is not a strike, so it doesn't work against Telekinetic Projectile or similar spells.

I think this definition is cleaner, it has less corner cases and it still preserves the RAI and flavor of Shield Block, i.e. I can use my shield to absorb some of the damage from the blow.

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