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So, I was recently skimming deities for a Stumbling Monk concept and landed on Sun Wukong. Then it got me thinking about an entire pantheon, the "Party Barge." Calistria and Cayden Cailean seem like natural includes.

Any suggestions for other deities in the setting that are down for carousing, dancing, debauchery, drinking, gambling/games, partying, and etceteras?

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I understand the erratta changes Perpetual Infusions to add to instead of replace levels of the items. Does Perpetual Breadth now grant additional Perpetual Infusions at each level or only the highest?

I have two weapons. The primary is +1 Striking and has a Ghost Touch rune. Doubling Rings (Item 3) makes my secondary weapon +1 Striking but does not confer Ghost Touch.

Fighting a ghost, how is damage resolved when I use Double Slice, Twin Takedown, or similar abilities that combine the damage of both strikes?

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I keep seeing advice for taking Assurance paired with Athletics for combat maneuvers with no MAP.

Assurance grants a skill check result of 10 + Proficiency w/o any other bonuses, penalties, or modifiers. So, no MAP. Check. But, no other bonuses or modifiers means no STR or Item bonuses either.

At level 10 and Master in Athletics, the Proficiency bonus is +16. With Assurance, that is an Athletics check for a combat maneuver result of 26. That means that the target's Fortitude or Reflex save is +16 or lower for a success.

Basically, the only time Assurance Athletics to perform a third action maneuver seems limited in utility to, basically, trivial encounters.

Or, am I missing something?

In light of the "Pathfinder Core Rulebook Errata (3rd Printing)" notes on persistent damage...

Page 451, 621: There are a lot of questions about persistent damage. Check the CRB FAQ for more information, but the one thing that we're adding in errata is explicitly stating " Like normal damage, it can be doubled or halved based on the results of an attack roll or saving throw."
... and...
Page 585: In the wounding rune, given that persistent damage doubles on a critical hit, changing the 1d6 to 1d12 instead of doubling would actually make it deal less damage on average. Thus, remove the part about changing to 1d12 damage on a critical hit. Instead, the wounding rune's bleed damage doubles as normal for persistent damage.

It is pretty clear that anything that normally deals persistent damage doubles that damage on a critical hit. What about persistent damage that is the result of a Critical like Fire Ray, Gouging Claw, Shocking Grasp, Tiger Stance, and etc.?

With Magical Trickster, would Sneak Attack apply only once to an Eldritch Shot or twice (once on the Ranged strike and once on the spell)?

So, I had an idea for an encounter into to give the "illusion" of shapeshifting: 9th level Wizard with a familiar and a Familiar Tattoo:

  • Wizard is hiding.
  • Familiar goes to a position observed by the party.
  • Wizard Dim. Doors to a spot adjacent to the familiar, obscurring it from view.
  • Familiar goes into the Familiar Tattoo.
  • Ta da!

    Deception and Stealth rolls as needed.

    So, what kind of magicky effects does appearing with Dimension Door have, if any, that might give the "illusion" away?

  • Does dual-wielding pistols with reinforced stocks count for the Sword and Pistol benefits? For example, if my Equilibrium character pistol-whips a dude, does his shot with the other gun not provoke?

    I imagine the answers are yes and, so, no, but want to confirm before I get too excited.

    Could a ranged magus eldritch archer combine striking spell and eldritch shot?

    The Halfling Sling Staff has no melee mechanics in the weapon entry, but the Staff Acrobat Dedication explicitly includes proficiency in the Sling Staff as a prerequisite.

    Staff Acrobat is very melee-centric. How does that work with the Sling Staff?

    Snare Setter


    Prerequisites trained in Crafting

    You are adept at the time-honored kobold art of trap making. You gain the trained proficiency in Crafting. If you were already trained in Crafting, you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. . .

    So... to take this feat I have to trained in crafting... to get trained in crafting??

    Bon Mot applies a status penalty to Perception and Will saves. Does that also affect Perception and Will DC's?

    I have a Flurry Ranger dual-wielding Kukris at my table and her preferred tactic against her Hunted Prey is:

    In our last session she tried to trip a Basilisk (described as an "eight-legged reptile") and, later, a Gibbering Mouther (amorphous blob). It seems like neither should be trip-able, but nothing indicates that they are immune to Trip. Ultimately, I compromised and allowed her successful trip action to make the creatures Flat-footed but not Prone.

    Is there a General Rule that I'm missing somewhere regarding the limitations of Trip with certain creatures or creature physiology?

    As a follow-up, what is the order of operations when her Prone target uses the Stand Action and she reacts with Disrupt Prey? Is the target still considered Prone, and thus still Flat-footed, when she makes her Strike?

    Page 73: Alchemists at low levels don't have enough reagents to make more than a very small number of items, whereas at higher levels they can make significantly more. To help make those reagents last longer at 1st through 4th levels, add a limited version of the Field Discovery class feature at 1st level. "Your research field adds a number of formulas to your formula book; these are your signature items. When using a batch of infused reagents to create your signature items using advanced alchemy, you create three items instead of two.

    So, is that a signature item at each level for a total of four signature items?

    Each time you gain a level, you can swap one of your signature items with another formula in your formula book. This new signature item must be on your research field’s list of possible signature items."

    Uh, how about identifying which items are possible signature items, please.

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    From Pathfinder Core Rulebook Errata (Part 2):

    Page 75: Alchemical Alacrity lets you make three alchemical items, but you can't hold all three, so it's unclear what happens to the third one. Add to the end "and you automatically stow one of these new items as you create them."


    From CRB Alchemist Features (emphasis added):

    Alchemical Alacrity . . .
    Your comfort in concocting items is such that you can create three at a time. When using the Quick Alchemy action, you can spend up to three batches of infused reagents to make up to three alchemical items as described in that action. These items do not have to be the same.
    ... and ...
    Quick Alchemy . . .
    You swiftly mix up a short-lived alchemical item to use at a moment’s notice. You create a single alchemical item of your advanced alchemy level or lower that’s in your formula book without having to spend the normal monetary cost in alchemical reagents or needing to attempt a Crafting check. This item has the infused trait, but it remains potent only until the start of your next turn.

    While the errata addresses what happens with the odd item out, it does not address the fact that the third item goes piff! at the start of the Alchemist's next turn. So, Alchemical Alacrity requires the fourth level Class Feat, Enduring Alchemy, to actually be useful.

    One of the players at my table wants to take the Dragon Disciple ability Breath of the Dragon, but we're unsure how that works.

    Breath of the Dragon, Feat 8, grants the Dragon Breath Sorcerer Bloodline spell and a focus pool of 1.

    The bloodline spell is Focus 3 and is "Heightened (+1) The damage increases by 2d6". The spell deals 5d6 (energy type by dragon).

    (a.) Does that mean that at 8th level, using Breath of the Dragon, would deal 7d6 damage (5d6 at focus 3, heightened to 4th [level / 2] for plus 2d6)?

    (b.) What is the DC for the basic reflex save?


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    Change the battle map from the 1" square to a hex map!

    Why can't I improve proficiency with my racial weapon without being a Fighter (class or MC)?

    If shields are damaged when actively used to block...
    ... why aren't weapons damaged when they strike?
    ... or armor damaged when hit??

    I love the idea of Raise Shield / Shield Block making shields more interactive than before, but the disparity of taking damage when weapons and armor do not doesn't make much sense.