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Kaelan Ashenveil wrote:
I just had one of my players ask me if he could cast the level 0 spell light on someone's eyeball to interfere with their vision. My reasoning is that "light" causes torch level brightness, and if your eye is literally that bright, wouldn't it cause permanent damage to someone's sight? My qualm is that Blindess is a level 2 spell, and cantrips aren't supposed to replicate level 2 curses. I am actually at a loss on how to approach this. Help please.

the target is object touched. people are not objects.
if you disagree, then it's still a touch range spell and you can't touch someone's eyes.
unless, i suppose, you're using the alternate called shots rules, in which case, you could grant the listed penalties for being hit in the eye. note that if you choose to go this route, the player would still be better off doing a called shot to the eyes with a ray of frost.

there's no reason to allow this.

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looks like diabolist imp companions don't retain the devil subtype, nor the other subtypes. estions-Here#42979

it only keeps the outsider type, and the appropriate outsider traits.