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Absolutely Stellar Atmosphere. Less than Perfect Acting


I downloaded this pack just to get a sample of the quality I could expect for something custom tailored to one Adventure Path and I have to say I'm very impressed. While I didn't get to deploy it as intended since my group has moved on to Chapter 3 already, I was able to use some ambient sound effects still and sample some of the voice lines during breaks. The creatures and the general atmosphere are simply brilliant for setting the mood. The byakhee and the star vampire are absolutely perfect with heavy flapping wing, ominous chittering, and wicked gnashing maws.
Unfortunately I can't give the voice acting the same rave reviews. The actors and actresses are totally competent in their roles but very few manage to capture what I pictured while reading this chapter. I think a big problem is simply that the actors are so young while most of the NPCs are seemingly middle aged or older so they just don't quite have the commanding villainous presence I was expecting. I can't say any line are outright bad, they just don't meet my taste and I'm a terrible person that hurts people's feelings *shrug*.
Still, Nemira was oddly intriguing in her lines. While clearly not an elderly woman, her voice did seem to crack eerily at times that helped capture her image as an ambiguously threatening or helpful but overall ominous entity. I was also dissapointed I couldn't find any instance of "Have you found the Yellow Sign".

Overall, at the very least I feel for the town and dungeon atmosphere, this pack is great. These sound effects really play to this adventure as they can grab your players attention and paint a picture of the creatures without you, the GM, literally holding up a picture. If you grab this, make sure you sample any voice lines privately before you play them during the game because players may be disinterested by some of the acting which may hurt the tension. You may also want to make sure to tone down the grunting noises in the combat ambiences if they might be distracting. I might call this 5 stars if it had zero voice acting because the creature noises are that amazing, but its part of the package so I can't ignore it. Also, there are some nuggets of gold in the acting still that has me very excited for the future (Specifically, I cant wait to hear Skywin, Mr. Wanderlust, and the moonbeasts brought to life).

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Unbelievably Creepy


Personally, I'm not a fan of buying published adventures and I'm also a very new player to any d20, but this product alone was magnificent to me. I bought it initially to get a diversion and buy time while I wrote my own adventure. I had no idea my friends would find this work so chilling. Of the 10 adventures, I only used three and the minute I set them back on course, everyone was visibly and audibly relieved to get out of "...the creepiest (expletive deleted)place ever." This supplement is great to get a dark and chilling setting as well as add a few new monsters to keep things fresh. The best part was, I didn't have to find ways to hook the PCs into staying because the forest is meant bend and twist paths to confuse travelers so as a GM you can keep the PCs distracted or shorten trips to fit your needs for time and convenience.

I don't want to get into detail on the items, spells, and creatures, and the game mechanics, I see other reviewers have those covered. I just wanted to add my testimonial to how awesomely disturbing and original the Margreve adventures are. If you pony up the cash for this, do not overlook the "Gall of the Spider Queen" adventure.

So summing up, the setting is perfectly disturbing and greatly useful for helping someone like me that has less a year of experience under their belt playing and writing adventures to develop ideas thanks to the originality of the work.