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In our games we just allow monks to wear a haramaki. Its only a +1 to AC and can be enchanted. This way the monk players don't lose the armor slot for magic items.

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Swarms are (mostly) immune to weapon damage but a falling PC is not a weapon but a falling object so I would apply the falling objects rules to the swarm.

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CR 18 and worth 153,600 xp


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Ninjas with healing ... Naruto. There is a subtype of "medical ninjas".

If multiclassing is appropriate, you could also try witch who get healing spells (and possible healing hex).

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From the title I thought this was going to be about creating cheese and getting milk.

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Duelist gets it, kensai gets a limited version of it ... it grants a dodge bonus to AC.

So does a kensai duelist using their "chosen weapon" get the dodge bonus twice if it is a light weapon as well?

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Worst thing I encountered was a GM who didn't let the players roll dice. You told him what you were doing, and HE rolled you action behind the screen.

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Super Nobody wrote:

I was in a game where the GM was using material that converted terminator stuff (among the hodgepodge of other systems he loved to mash into one system) to D20 Modern. The biggest thing that pissed me off is when he changed the NPCs mid fight from T-400s to T-1000s just so he could kill my android. I haven't been back since.

Another happened to me last night. The GM tried to tell me that the grab universal monster ability can be used PULL my character as a FREE ACTION to said creature with no save from my character. I called bull on that. She retorted that the monster can and will do that. No. That ended my future gaming in that campaign. Not to mention the ridiculous house rule they use that if you want to speak while in combat, you are limited to 3 words. That's right, speaking in combat is limited to 3 words unless you want to use a standard action to speak. More bull crap.

Grapple rules state that if you initiate a grapple from range, you move the person to an adjacent square to the grappler. Grab initiates a grapple so I think the GM might have played that correctly.

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I hate halflings

I love gnomes

I like multi-classing for flavor

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

There are a number of places mentioning gaining the bloodline powers from another source.

If it isn't this feat, then what source?

there are two feats in Faiths and Philosophies ...

Pathfinder Player Companion: Faiths & Philosophies

Nature Soul
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (nature)
checks and Survival checks.

Animal Ally
Prerequisites: Nature Soul, character level 4th,
Benefit: You gain an animal companion as if you were
a druid of your character level –3 from the following
list: badger, bird, camel, cat (small), dire rat, dog, horse,
pony, snake (viper), or wolf.

found in this thread


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Maybe its plural because there is more than one (plain) musket in the world.

I'm in the works with plain musket only.

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Pg 193 CRB

Very Small Creature: A Fine, Diminutive, or Tiny creature can move into or through an occupied square. The creature provokes attacks of oppertunity when doing so.

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Shadowrun is all about killing the other and taking their stuff ... bad guys usually have better stuff than the Pcs.

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You should be aware that touching yourself in certain municipalities is a crime so take keep in mind where you are touching yourself.

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The moment you have to justify and rationalize an act as being not-evil, you are co firming that the act IS evil.

That's just my opinion but as far as RAW is concerned, the answer would fall to the GM.

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A gunslinger image could also be a pirate who used both firearms and swords... just saying

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A monk uses full Bab when using his flurry of blows

If a monk is Multics classed, does the Bab from the additional class affect when he gets his extra flurry attacks?

Example a 5th level monk has a flurry Bab +5 ; +3/+3 after twf penalty
If he takes a level of fighter, his Bab for flurry would be +4/+4
Does he get the additional attack with flurry due to high Bab?

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I find that the sandbox requires more work than creating a path. If players are presented with options and don't like them or refuse to partake. It might be time to either let them run the game or find new players that want to play rather than refuse their options.

Just an opinion and not really what you asked for but its a game for everyone and I think some players don't believe that the GM counts.

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I believe hide in plain sight lets you use stealth even while observed which could allow a rogue to set up another ranged sneak attack (SA).

Otherwise once you are observed, you can't use the stealth skill. There is always spells like vanish, invisibility, ect which would also work for a SA attempt

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couldn't you just by one and use Handle Animal? Not every companion has to be magically connected to its master.

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Since their form is actually based upon the host body, you might want to think of it as an added template to an existing creature. That way you could have the Xenomorph Umber Hulk or Xenomorph Land Shark.

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blahpers wrote:
gourry187 wrote:
As a note, an animal companion is not equal to it's beastiary counterpart.

This. Animal companion snow leopards are no different than leopards by RAW, even if there was a snow leopard bestiary entry--which there isn't.

But who cares? House it.

Animal Companions are not the same as their Beastiary counterpart. They do not get the skill bonuses, special abilities, HP, attacks, ect.

Animal Companions get only what items are listed under the Animal Companion entry and additions from effective druid levels.

A snow leopard (cat, small) animal companion is different from the leopard entry in the beastiary.

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Spes Magna Mark wrote:

Travel to the future isn't possible because the future doesn't exist. What you think is the future is merely an alternate universe, and you're in that universe's present, not your universe's future.

Travel to the past is possible, but nothing in the past can be changed because it's already all happened. That sandwich on the table? You can't eat it. You can't even move it. Its status in the past is fixed and unalterable until whatever actually happened to the sandwich happens. If you go back into the past and can interact with/change things, it's not really the past, but instead is an alternate universe and you're in that universe's present, not your universe's past.


How do you know events in your present aren't predetermined based on you're previous trip to the past? The tree fell diverting the river to bring water to your village was there because you planted it while traveling in the past.

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two words ...

Battle Cat