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Ring Side Report- RPG Review Pathfinder Society Adventure #5-8 The Confirmation


Originally posted on, a new idea everyday!

Product- Pathfinder Society Adventure #5-8 The Confirmation
System- Pathfinder
Price- $4
TL;DR- An excellent introductory adventure for any PFS player 97%

Basics- Time to earn your stripes Pathfinders! This adventure is the capstone of any Pathfinders training. Players get to go on an expedition with an experienced bard as they try to understand why Gillmen are journeying to an old cave each month. Along the way the PCs and their guide are separated and the PCs must continue the mission alone. After discovering the mystery, the PCs face off against a climactic battle at the end of the mission.

Story- This is a fun one. As a GM, I get to learn lots about the Pathfinder Society history and organization. The players get to learn about the ancient history of the world as well as bits of Chronicle lore. The basics of the adventure is a dungeon crawl, but the extra bits make it that much more fun. 5/5

Mechanics- This is a fast paced one. It's aimed at newer players so the game doesn't have lots of show stopper enemies. The last enemy is pretty tough, but over the course of the adventure the party gets some help from their guide. What the adventure does have is random encounter tables. That's new to me, and it makes the adventure more fun. For the PCs the best part of the adventure will be the rewards. I promise if you are a Pathfinder and low level, DO THIS ONE JUST FOR WHAT YOU GET AT THE END! 5/5

Execution- I liked this one, but it's got a few minor problems. The adventure is aimed at newer players. But, most newer players will need some help with their characters and turns will take a bit longer. That's not bad, but the adventure has a lot packed into it. That's good for experienced people, but for new players it's a bit much. Otherwise the layout is great. Every major person and the last bad guy get a nice picture. A good adventure. 4.5/5

Summary- This is a fun one. It's worth your time as a GM and as a player. Go out and play this one! 97%

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Ring Side Report- Review of Pirates of the Inner Sea


Originally posted on, a new idea everyday!

Product- Pathfinder Player Companion Pirates of the Inner Sea
TL;DR- Not much magic, but a darn fine book 93%

Basics- Ah hoy landlubber! It's time to be bad guys! Pirates of the Inner Sea discusses being a pirate in Golarion, Pathfinder's default setting. The book opens with a chapter discussing different pirate histories of the inner sea ranging from sanctioned privateers all the way to all and out pirates. Next the book moves to different pirate gear. After gear, several different archetypes are introduced as well as the Inner Sea Pirate prestige class. The book then discusses Besmara, the god of Pirates and sea monsters. After Besmara, the book introduces a few pirate focused spells and then pirate codes and rules aboard ship.

Mechanics- I liked this book, but it's not perfect. The prestige class is a nice pirate focused martial character. The archetypes are great pirate focused changes to the core classes. The magic spells build upon what you would expect a pirate would need. The gear is cool. All that is great, but I felt like magic was a bit left out. The spells are good, but there are not many of them. Spell casters didn't really get any pirate focused prestige classes. The bard got one, but his stuff didn't focus on magic. It's good for what you get, but it leaves half the available classes out. 4/5

Theme- This book is amazingly theme-tastic. I liked all the different kinds of pirates discussed in the book. I can play a scallywag, but at the same time I can be a good guy as an Andorian privateer. I can play evil and play a slaver. Awesome. The book ends with a small section on terminology and pirate codes. The codes give the feel of being on a lawless ship where someone has to hold court. The terms make my home game that much more interesting when I bust out random phrases to get my players into the game. Besmara has a nice pirate feel for a god who really doesn't care what you do! 5/5

Execution- The book is arranged well. I loved what I saw. The art is beautiful. The test isn't hard to read. I'd like bigger, but then Paizo would have to cut stuff. I enjoyed reading this. Standard Paizo quality. 5/5

Summary- If you want to play pirates in Pathfinder, then go pick this up. If you want to fight pirates then go get this. In both cases, you need this book to make your game that much better. If you plan to run a game inland with absolutely no water, then don't get this book. All and all I liked what I saw and can't wait to put more of it to use in my home game. 93%

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Ring Side Report- A review of Isles of the Shackles


Originally Posted on, a new idea everyday!

Product- Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Isles of the Shackles
TL;DR- An amazing textbook of the Shackles 97%

Basics- It's time to set sail in the most lawless island of all Golarion! This book discusses the different major populated islands of the Shackles, the pirate islands of the Inner Sea of Golarion. The first part of the book give a major island by island run down of each isles people, towns, races, languages, religions, and what you can plunder from the towns there. Each island gets its own story seeds for your game. After the islands, the book shows different random encounter tables as well as new Shackles specific monsters for you to throw in your home game ranging from a CR 1/2 pirate to the CR23 Blood Queen.

Mechanics- This book is only about 1/4 mechanics with new monsters and random encounter tables. I the monsters and well done and most of them are flavored for high seas battles. Don't read this book expecting new crazy rules, but what's presented is done well. 5/5

Theme- Most of this book is stories of fantasy places. It does read like a geology and history text book, which can get a little boring even at the best of times. What's there is great and the seeds that are set in the book do give you a lot of places to run with if you want to run a Shackles campaign. I'd have liked a section on the Isle of Empty Eyes since that's where the players end up in the Skull and Shackles adventure path. 4.5/5

Execution- The book is well put together as you would expect from Paizo. I'll admit I did take a few breaks to read this as it is primarily a history textbook of a fantasy place. Don't get me wrong, this is an amazing textbook of a fake place and its well written with a nice layout so I can read it easily. But, it does get a bit long as you march from one island to the next. 5/5

Summary- If you want to play in the Shackles, this is the book for you. I liked this one a lot. It will take a bit to march through, but if you can pull through you will enjoy what you fine. Most likely though, this is a GM only book. 97%

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Ring Side Report-A Review of Ultimate Campaign


Originally posted at, a new idea everyday!

Book- Ultimate Campaign


Price – ~$40

TL;DR- Tables and Rules Everywhere!-83%

Basics- Ultimate Campaign focuses on the rules around the rest of the Pathfinder RPG. This book is more "meta" then most books. The book starts with a chapter on how to make characters; not how to make stats, but how to build a story into your characters. Next the book gives a chapter on what you can do in your down time with ideas ranging from building businesses to creating organizations. After that is a chapter on different rules systems covering ideas such as bargaining to taxation in your game. The final chapter is how to build a kingdom and mass combat.

Mechanics or “Crunch”-This book is crunch-tastic! If you want rules regarding all the extra stuff in your game, this is it. Want rules for an honor system? It's here. Want to start a kingdom? There is a whole chapter on how to do the rules for it. It covers a lot of ground. Some of these rules are kind of reprints as these rules were covered in different adventure paths, but that's not necessarily bad as the rules have gotten a polish since their last printing. 5/5

Story or “Fluff”-This section might not fit the best here. This book sets out to be a rules book. It's pretty system neutral as you're just running the Pathfinder/3.5 system somewhere and these rules cover the "in between" stuff. You don't need a lot of story. However chapter one is how to build a character. It does an excellent job of describing what stuff you could include in your character. If you're George R.R. Martin, you don't need this. However, I have a friend who loves Pathfinder, but when presented with character generation, he freezes. This chapter gives some good fluff for your characters and suggests traits for you to take for all the fluff. Heck, if you want to completely randomize your PCs, this chapter gives tables and tables of random stuff to make your new PC. Where the fluff is needed, it's done well, but don't expect it throughout the book. 4/5

Execution-This book is the standard Paizo quality. The book is a nice hard cover with well put together pages. The layout lacks a bit. There are pages after pages of tables or rules or columns of text. Nothing brakes up much of what you're reading, so it gets a little boring. It's important rules, if you want them, but they get very dry, very quick. 3.5/5

Final Thoughts-Unlike a base book, this is a one copy at the table max book. This is something you might want to get, skim through, and then give to your GM while telling him which of these rules you want in the game. It's a repeat of many of the rules systems explored in the adventure paths, which isn't bad because the rules do get a little touch up here and there. However, if you want a dungeon crawling game where you find some monsters, kill them, and take gear, this isn't for you. If you want to do some crazy game where you explore a mist filled continent via random hex crawl where you establish a kingdom while maintaining your family's honor, waging a war for the throne, marrying into different family lines, and dealing with the crushing shame of your fathers half fiend lineage, then YES you will need this book. 83%

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Ring Side Report- Review of Pathfinder Player Companion-Blood of the Moon


Product- Pathfinder Player Companion- Blood of the Moon

Producer- Paizo

Cost- ~$13

Page Count-32

TL;DR- An excellent addition to the Player Companion line-97%

Summary- This book focuses on the “in-between” creatures called skinwalkers. These creatures are not quite were-creatures, but are not wholly human either. This book presents eight separate skinwalker races giving an rundown on where each might come from in the world, the background on their psychology and physiology, as well as a suite of powers and abilities for each one. In addition the book give ways to become a lycanthrope as well as some gear/items that each were-creature might need or you might need to combat them.

Art/Layout- This is the Pathfinder art we know and love. It’s well laid out and every skinwalker has a picture to show what they look like when they change. I thought the art was well done in this one. 5 /5

Story or “Fluff”- This one is fluff-tastic! Every skinwalker gets a full, well done rundown and their own section. You can make an extremely well rounded skinwalker from this book, and that is the sign of an excellent source book. Also the addition of how true were-creatures interact with the various skinwalker does give some surprising depth to the book. 2.25/2.5

Mechanics or “Crunch”- Each skinwalker gets a great section on its own mechanics and its own traits. Also there is a large section of skinwalker feats that any skinwalker would want. In addition, each skinwalker gets an associated class that gets its own powers. Mind you not every class can have powers/abilities in a 32 page book, but what’s there is done well. Even better, most of the class powers/abilities/features are not limited to skinwalkers! 2.25/2.5

Execution- This book was well executed. As a reader, I learned about a whole new sector of society and its background. It felt natural. Also, the background filled me in quite well. Each section is self contained, and nothing in the book feels like it was tacked on. Even the sections of complete fluff feel like they were needed. 5 /5

Final Thoughts -This is an excellent book. I enjoyed reading this from cover to cover. I want to play one of these confused, misunderstood monsters! And honestly, even if you don’t want to play a were-thing, the extra class options really make this a well done book on its own. 97%

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Ring Side Report- Review of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Skinsaw Murders


Originally posted on, a new idea everyday!

Product-Pathfinder Adventure Card Game- The Skinsaw Murders

Producer- Paizo

Cost- ~$19

Set-up/play/clean-up- 1 hour per scenario

TL;DR-Good second offering, but I feel a little less engaged 68%

Summary- It’s the second installment of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and this time it’s a plague of undead! Players must defend Sandpoint from the horrors of the second part of the Rise of the Runelords adventure path-The Skinsaw Murders. First the undead attack in mass in Undead Uprising. Next, the heroes make their way to the outskirts of town to defend the farmers in Crow Bait. With the undead somewhat quieted, the heroes go to the source and attack the Skinsaw Man himself in Foul Misgivings in a haunted house. With the main source put down, you then move to putting down the cult supporting him in The Cult Exposed. The climax of the quest is Angel in the Tower!

Theme- This adventure has a strong undead theme, and it’s fairly well done. I did feel that the undead were nipping at my heels. However due to the nature of the random monster draw, not all the monsters were undead. It takes away a bit form the theme of an undead horde when I have to put down a goblin raid. Also, I only get minimal story from the cards; there is not much written on the cards, so I don’t get the feeling of a coherent story between the adventures. What would make this much better would be a deeper delve into the story. Having not played the adventure path, I kind of feel lost in the fiction behind the card game. 3.5/5

Mechanics- The mechanics are fairly well done, but somewhat repetitive. The basic mechanics of the intro game are how most of the scenarios play out. Explore, find henchmen, kill guy, close place, continue till all closed and fight villain. It’s not bad, but it does get somewhat monotonous. The real shining star of the game is the scenario Foul Misgivings. This one has a crazy haunt mechanic that makes fights happen and made me really enjoy this game. However, since the game doesn’t have any included instructions, the cool new mechanic that is introduced becomes somewhat hard to implement. This led to my wife and I scrambling to several internet forums to find how to resolve an important issue midgame. Again, I really want a single sheet explaining the scenario a little bit. All and all, nothing is bad. It’s just not great. 3.5/5

Instructions- This pack came with no instructions whatsoever except for what’s on the cards. I don’t really like how the base instructions explain the game, so now that we are adding several decks to the game, I’m not sure I’m playing the game right. I don’t like mid-game having to scramble to boardgamegeek or to figure out if I’m doing things right. 2/5

Art/Construction- The Art is good and well done. Some of it comes directly from Paizo’s other properties. Since this is undead crazy, the art is the right amount of unsettling. It even unnerved my wife sitting at our kitchen table. The cards are of decent stock, but after a few plays you will expect some corners to tear. 4.5/5

Summary-Not a bad second effort. I like the core mechanic of exploration, but I feel it gets old fast. I really enjoyed Foul Misgivings; this scenario gives hints of just how far this card game can be stretched in both rules and theme. I’d prefer a few tweaks to really help me feel like I’m playing the Rise of the Runelords adventure path, but I’m basically getting the experience of the table top RPG. I think a few changed would really make this game top notch. If you have the base game, this is a pretty good follow up. 68%

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Ring Side Report- A review of Pathfinder Player Companion: Demon Hunter's Handbo


Originally posted at, a new idea everyday!

Book- Pathfinder Player Companion: Demon Hunter's Handbook


Price – ~$13

TL;DR- A must have if you fight demons 90%

Basics-The title says it all. If you're going to focus on hunting demons, this is the book for you. This book focuses on the different aspects of hunting demons. Special attention and class features are given to barbarians, inquisitors, paladins, rangers, and wizards, but every class gets something a little something out this book. Besides the crunch in the book, the book has a lot of roleplaying/fluff to it focusing extensively on who you might meet when fighting demons and how to deal with demons and demon worshipers. Last part of the book focuses on the new adevneture path Wrath of the Righteous and focuses on some of the major places you will visit while in that path.

Art- This is the standard Pathfinder style, but be warned! Demons tend to be the crazier of the evil thing out there and they tend to push some peoples buttons on what passes for ok. Some of the art might not make everybody comfortable. It's a thing that you have to get used to or don play with demons. I didn't find anything offensive, but this might not be for everybody. 5/5

Mechanics or “Crunch”- I wasn't as impressed with some of the character options as I've been with other books. The barbarian gets called out as a focus of the book, but only really gets two class features that focus on critical hits. The ranger gets three and they are only traps. If you don't use traps or focus on critical hits, then the options are kind of useless. Also some of the other character options tend to be high level stuff. The spells shine as they are a good mix of levels and casting classes. I didn't hate what I saw, but I was left wanting more. 1.5/2.5

Story or “Fluff”-Here is where the book really shines. The fluff in this book is top notch. Lots of focus on the different types of demons and how to fight them. Sidebars to expand what you should know when fighting demons and how to fight them. Heck as a DM, I learned a few things to use in my next demon encounter. Only sad thing is the focus on the Wrath of the Righteous tends to lead to Pathfinder specific focus and less general demon focus. But since this is a Pathfinder book, I expect that going in. Again, this book is focused on the crazies of the Pathfinder world so keep that in mind when you read this. 2.5/2.5

Execution- I liked the set up and layout of this book, but a few things really set me off. The book references lots of other books, and as a Pathfinder fan boy I have them all. BUT, the book does not have page number for all of them. WHY? Why are some there and not others? Please put this in. It makes my life as a player and DM that much easier! Also, I'm not sure I like everything about the roles. I would like a few things in the future. 1) Give me levels for each feat they have. It helps me as a DM make characters on the fly. If you list feats with a number ahead of them, that's all I need 2) Give me some base, not racially modified, stats. Again, nothing to fancy, but just base stats I can bolt on some race stuff to. Heck, extra points if you give me a quick level guide for stats. These things would really make these that much better. 4/5

Book Quality- This is a standard, well done Pathfinder player companion book. I love this style as the ink doesn't smear and the pages don't tare easily. Good print quality does count! 5/5

Final Thoughts- I liked this book. The crunch might not be where I want it to be, but the rest was spot on. A few tweaks in the execution will really make this thing shine and going forward will really help pull it all together. If you're going to fight lots of demons, then you should buy this book. If your game doesn't have any demons at all, then this book maybe not useful to your table. 90%

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Ring Side Report-Pathfinder NPC Codex


Originally Posted at, a new idea everyday!

Book-Pathfinder NPC Codex




TL;DR-It’s an “OK” source book with some charms, but not enough use. 57%

Basic-The Pathfinder NPC codex is just what its name says: a book of NPCs. Its only four short chapters: base classes, prestige classes, NPC classes, and iconic characters. For the base classes, each class has write ups for levels 1 to 20 with every other level being a strange offshoot of the norm. Prestige classes are several versions of the prestige classes from the base pathfinder book. NPCs are the standard base book classes (expert, commoner, warrior, etc) from level 1 to 10. The last chapter is the iconic Pathfinder characters (Kyra, Seelah, Ezren, etc) with several builds of these characters at different levels.

Use- This book will only help the DMs out there do game prep. And at that, the characters are only ok. The presented characters don’t really feel challenging when I’ve sent them at my players as a GM. However, they builds are not bad. And, the fact that there is a book full of ok NPCs does give me at least some rough stats for what I want to throw at my players, so it will unquestionably save you prep time. 2.5/5

Execution-I have some gripes here. I don’t really need 20 fighter builds. What I really need is one build, ten times from levels 2 to 20 with some quick rules on how to change it from two swords to sword and shield. This goes for the monks, rogues and almost all the classes EXCEPT the wizard and the sorcerer. For these classes, I need builds for each school of magic and ten times levels 2-20. For the NPCs, I don’t really need 10 commoners. Four commoners is good enough. Same goes for all the other NPC classes. What I don’t need at all is the iconics. These stats are presented elsewhere AND are given out for free as part of the Pathfinder Society stuff. As a GM, I have never seen a wizard or a sorcerer not focus on a school of magic. The book presents 20 different wizards who each have different focuses. That makes the presented classes much less useful and really messes up my planning as a GM. Again, nothing presented is “bad,” but it’s really not useful. Even more distressing, there is absolutely no mention of any of the Advanced Character Guild characters like gunslinger, witch and the gang. 2/5

Art, Layout, and Book Quality-This part is the standard Paizo quality. The art is standard pathfinder art. Also, there are a bunch of new art here, so I do feel like I got my money’s worth with the art. If you like the art from any other Pathfinder books, you will like this. Layout is good. The sections make sense and are put together with the standard Paizo quality. The physical book feels like a decent value since it’s over 300 pages for ~$40. I may not be enamored with the contents, but the book itself is at least close to worth the money. 4/5

Final Thoughts- This is an OK book. Not good, not great, but OK. It does give me some good NPCs to work with, just not the ones I really need. Also, the random nature of some of the NPCs really doesn’t help me make the characters I need. I’m glad I have this, but you need to really consider how many NPCs you will have in the future. If you will mostly run monsters out of the bestiary, then this book is not for you. It will save you time, just not all the time you hoped it would. 57%

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Ring Side Report- A review of Pathfinder Player Companion: Mythic Origins


Originally Posted at, a new idea every day!

Price – ~$13

TL;DR-Great, well-done book, but you have to ask yourself if you will EVER use it- 98.75%

Art-Basic Pathfinder art. If you like what they've put out before, you will like this too. Well-done, clean, and non-obtrusive. 5/5

Mechanics or "Crunch"-This book is basically a well done splat book. It adds to your character's options pretty comprehensively. Something to note, most of the book focus on divine characters. There are non-divine options in the back, but much of the front of the book is spent focusing on giving divine options for each major god. However, if you will not use the Mythic rules, this is not the book for you. 2.5/2.5

Story or "Fluff"-Well done again with an asterisk. If you want more divine stuff, this is the book. Learn about your gods and how you came from them. Great. If you want to be something non-divine, there is not as much for you. This is right in the description of the book, so no surprises, but still a little disappointed. 2.25/2.5

Execution- This book has a nice, clean Pathfinder setup that really helps with finding anything as well as deciding if you need this book right from the front of the book. If you like the previous books like I did, this is well done. 5/5

Book Quality- Again well-done. Nice glossy paper with good binding and no ink smearing. 5/5

Final Thoughts-This is a good companion book. My only problem is I will NEVER use this book since I usually play Pathfinder Society which doesn't use Mythic rules. I know this going in, so I'm not surprised. I would want a bit more non-divine fluff/cruch, but all my negative comments are basically small things. Well done, just make sure you are going to use this book before you buy it! 98.75%

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Ring Side Report- A review of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook (OGL)


Originally posted on
TL;DR-This is the basic rule book for the amazingly popular Pathfinder role-playing game. It's an phenomenal book that is well executed. I have a few problems, but nothing that isn't easy to overlook. 5/5

Art-The art style in this book sets the pace for all the other books in the Pathfinder RPG. Its a nice style that always looks heroic and fits well with the world they created. Damn fine stuff.

Mechanics-The mechanics of pathfinder are basically DnD 3.5. Nothing too risky here. If you liked 3.5, then you will like this game. Any problems in 3.5 show up here. That's part of the good and bad with building of an established OGL system. However, Pathfinder is worth the price of admission alone for simplifying the grapple rules. That right there makes the game worth it. HANDS DOWN!

Execution- The book is well organized with nice tables of contents and indexes to help you find what you need. It describes the mechanics well, but as before, some of the minor problems from 3.5 creep into the execution of the book. These are smaller issues, but they will end up making you go to the Paizo forums to get help. Another problem I have is the lack of a bestiary in this book. Most books at the $50 price typically include a small bestiary. I know that many more will follow, but why include the GM guide and the Players guide together if you don't include a smaller bestiary too? Again, it's a minor problem, but some food for thought.

Book Quality- This book is well done. Its heavy, and it should be for the price. You feel like you get your value for the price. The paper quality is high, so no smudging!

Final Thoughts-This is a good book. The problems I have are nit-picking. Good value for the money. If you like 3.5, you will love this! 5/5

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Ring Side Report-Pathfinder Adventure Path Skull and Shackles- Tempest Rising


Originaly posted at , a new idea every day!
TL;DR-And now the low point of the adventure path 2.5/5

Plot-Spoilers ahead!- The pirates are Full Free Captains of the Shackles, but now must prove that they are truly made for the Shackles and become members of the pirate council. Before this, they undertake an investigation to find who is feeding information to hated Cheliax. After the mystery, they are sponsored to undertake a race through the eye of Abendego. Finishing the race, the players are almost true members of the council.

GM Impressions-Well, my players were mostly bored at this point. The characters are mid level in this adventure, and this is where most campaigns die, and this one almost made mine go out too. The nature of this adventure is basically fun, but my players really didn’t enjoy the island hopping and social side of this adventure. Also, some of the plot does not make sense as extremely powerful groups know the answer and will only help the PCs if they perform a few fetch quests for them. This kind of killed the momentum of the previous, awesome adventure. I was bored, and the players were bored. Nothing in the story really fed my interest and the PCs had a hard time finding aspects to keep things going in their own right. Its not a bad adventure, its just not as much fun as the other parts of the adventure path. The adventure does finish with the amazing race through the storm. That really woke the PCs up, and gave me something to keep them going.

Good-This adventure finishes with a phenomenal race in a typhoon. Also, there is a chance to real build the work of the adventure path.

Bad-If your PCs don’t want world building, then they will get bored. My PCs decided to ask for a simpler way to get out of the fetch quests. Your PCs may to if they are the killy-killy stab-stab types. Keep that in mind

Final Thoughts- This is the low point of the path. It’s not “bad” as Paizo doesn’t do much bad, but coming of the high of the previous adventure, it’s the low point of the path (not Jurassic Park 3 bad compared to Jurassic Park 1, but Star Wars 6 compared to Star Wars 5). Keep in mind the wants of the PCs and you may have to do some heavy lifting as a GM to keep the pace going 2.5/5

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Ring Side Report-Pathfinder Adventure Path Skull and Shackles- Raider of the Fev


Originally posted on

TL;DR- Best part of the adventure path 5/5

Plot-Spoilers ahead!- The pirates now have a ship and begin to be pirates. The player have a chance to grab an island for territory, make some alliances and explore an sunken dungeon. At the end of the adventure, the players will move from small time pirates to Full Free Captains of the Shackles.

GM Impressions-THIS IS THE ADVENTURE TO MAINLINE PIRATES! We’re past the level 1 problem of the first adventure. Now the players get to go be real pirates, and ITS AWESOME! I had a blast. The players had a blast. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY ANY OF THIS ADVENTURE PATH, THIS ADVENTURE IS THE ONE!

Good-You’re FINALY pirates in Pathfinder. You have a ship, and you set sail. The PCs can go ANYWHERE!

Bad-This is an improve heavy adventure. The PCs just go after ships. The book has some basic ships and a basic village they can attack. You as a GM have to make it entertaining. Its not hard, but you have to put in a little bit of leg work to make this fun. Also, get ready for underwater aquatic combat. If your PCs hate rules heavy combat, they will not enjoy that part.

Final Thoughts-Best part of the adventure path. YOU ARE PIRATES! No random skill checks. No real control on your PCs. Just GO! Be pirates! As a GM, read ahead, know your rules, and be ready to make stuff up on the fly! 5/5

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Ring Side Report-Review of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


Originally posted on A new gaming idea every day!

Game: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Players: 1-4
Playtime(setup/play/clean-up): ~30 minutes
Set Ending: Yes
TL;DR-Great game that was a ton of fun to play. I'm looking forward to the next part of the adventure path. I am cautious about the future though-80%

How You Play: Players take the role of iconic Pathfinder characters and investigate different locations. How this translates to a game is at start, players build decks of card with different cards in each location. These cards range from traps, people you can met, monsters to fight, and items/weapons/arms/spells you can find. On your turn, you flip a card from the blessing deck( a built in timer for the game), and can flip the top card of a location deck you are at. The card may call for a roll. Each character has the six normal Pathfinder/3.5 stats and these are represented by different dice type you roll. Players can play cards to add more dice to the roll. Combat works just the same as finding an item or evading a trap. Play continues at a location until the players find a henchmen who they fight and then they can try to close a location. Players may move between locations and have different types of encounters this way. This continues until players find the lead main villain who, when beaten, means the game is over and the players have won.

Mechanics: The mechanics of the game are well put together. Nothing to hard to figure out when you know what you're doing. Turns go quick and play is fast. Nothing comes out of left field that makes the game grind to a halt. I found it pretty easy and so did my wife. We both liked the way the game plays. 5/5

Theme: The theme and theme/mechanics mix of the game are "interesting." Not bad "interesting," but "interesting." The game does not use a D20. This fact is kind of strange as the game is based on Pathfinder. While not horrible and a deal breaker by any means, it does make the game feel a little bit less like the Pathfinder RPG and more like different third party RPGs I've played. I reiterate, that's not bad, but I doesn't feel like the Pathfinder RPG. Also, I and my wife and I a strange revelation. The way you recharge powers/cards/spells made us think of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Some items were one time use, but a lot of cards had recharge abilities and made us think 4e DnD. Again, not bad, but it makes us think of other RPGs. That all said, at WORST the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game makes us think of other RPGs, NOT a card game. It was a fun with nail biting moments when we HAD to make a roll or I would die and we would lose the quest. Good time without a person having to DM. 4/5

Instructions: Here is where things are not as great. The instruction book isn't a long read, but it is kind of difficult to get the important information out of. This is Paizo's first real game that I have played. The book does get the game across, but I had to check out watch-it-played youtube videos so I could figure out different questions. A major one was the blessing deck. My wife and I read the rules and both thought you drew cards from it. We were both very wrong. Now we both know it is a timer deck that you only place cards on. The rules don't have many pictures or breaks. This is great for an RPG book, but for a game, I need more examples and pictures of play. It's not horrible, but it does need outside help. 2.5/5

Art/Components: Paizo has never made crap, and they didn't with this. Hard cardboard with a well put together box. Great stuff. For the art, a lot comes from the Pathfinder RPG. Not bad. If you like the Pathfinder art style, you will like this game. It's as simple as that. I'd like more new, but I got over 500 cards for $80 bucks. I know art costs, so I'm happy with what I got. 4.5/5

Final Thoughts: This is a great game. You want to play an RPG and don't have a group? Get the game. You want an RPG and no one wants to DM? Get this game. Basically, this is a fantastic game that my wife and I love. My wife and I both can't wait till the next adventure releases. 80% 16/20

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Ring Side Report-Pathfinder Adventure Path Skull and Shackles-The Wormwood Mutin


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TL;DR-Better then Ok adventure. Has some elements that drag on a bit, but its to be expected in a 1st-3rd level adventure. Definitely worth your time! 3.5/5

Plot-Spoilers ahead!- The PCs wake up on a ship after being kidnapped. They join the crew under the cruel Captain Harrigan. They work as crew for a bit before joining in on their first pirate raid. The crew is split and the PCs are now under the even crueler 2nd in command and his cronies. The ship is damaged in a storm and the PCs have to fix the ship, rescue their friends, and finally mutiny against their captors.

GM Impressions-Good adventure, but it does drag on a bit in the first act. Like any good adventure, the goal is to get the PCs out of the level one “death zone” as quick as possible. If the PCs take a single crit from a goblin, the show is over before it begins! To get past this, the adventure does a series of day job checks. That’s ok, but if nothing really exciting happens for five days, the PCs are just rolling dice. As a GM it gets hard to spice up the fifth day of that. However, the PCs didn’t seem to notice too much and they had a good time. Its fun to really ramp up the hate from the PCs to a villain and then have them kill that person. Its cathartic for them.

Good-You’re pirates in Pathfinder. You don’t have to be good, you’re pirates! Let’s be bad guys!

Bad-Some dragging moments as they PCs have to do menial jobs. Its not heroic, but its grunt work for several days strait.

Final Thoughts-Good adventure, but not the greatest. Memorial cast that you can really ramp up hate for an excellent ending to the adventure. Keep the drag in mind and maybe skip ahead if your players get bored. 3.5/5

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