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Oh, that's a really good idea! I wanted to tie Rolth in somehow but I didn't want them to necessarily be working together. My party will have fun trying to piece together where he could be hiding and before Trinia's execution isn't too long to wait I think. Thanks for your help!

So I'm going to be running CotCT for the first time ever in about a week or so! Which I'm very excited about. I have most of Edge of Anarchy outlined already but there's just one problem - Gaedren. I've seen threads on here saying that they feel the plot flows better to not kill him in essentially the very first session. I agree.

My issue is that I'm still not 100% sure of how to actually introduce him then. I don't feel like I should make my party wait TOO long to actually encounter him, I just also agree that killing him first session and then expecting the party to stay together for the sake of tabletop is silly.

I was thinking that maybe Zellara can't divine his exact location, but she can pick up on some associates of his (leading into the All the World's Meat and Eel's End plots) where I can maybe drop some clues that will then lead the party to the Old Fishery. Although doing things so out of order might mess up their connection to Cressida and the Guard. Any opinions on this would be really welcome!

Hello, first time Pathfinder GM here! I'm going to be running CotCT in a few weeks and I would like to do a little customized vignette for each character discovering the tarot cards left by Zellara. I thought it would be neat to have one of my players heading down a hallway where the lights flicker and then they hear a lullaby being sung. Of course, when they go to investigate, it'll just turn out to be a random stranger. It'll only be after they leave that my player will discover the tarot card. Just a fun little scene to play out!

The trouble is I haven't found a lullaby I like that would really fit the setting. I'm hoping somebody here can help me, whether it's an actual real world lullaby, something lore-wise that comes from Varisia or Korvosa, or even something you've written yourself that you wouldn't mind sharing? I just want something that somewhat sets the tone for the campaign! Any input is welcome.

Thanks for reading!