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My question (which I have never gotten a real response to yet) to people who want all of a race to be evil is what does it add to your game?

Like, it clearly reduces the depth of any narrative you could possibly be telling. It clearly reinforces a mentality that's lead to God knows how many actual IRL people being killed, enslaved etc. I've never had somebody tell me what's actually good about it.

I saw one person say that races should be different and not like humans. Okay, but why in terms of alignments? Orcs can see in the dark, have tusks, and developed specific cultures. That is different than a human. How does adding on "also they're barbaric and tribal and literally all evil" add anything of value to anyone other than people who want to dogwhistle their problematic beliefs?

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Cantriped wrote:

I'm annoyed at how obvious it is that the conversion was simply lip-service. Most of the prices are still noted in Gold Pieces instead of Silver (which would make more sense for a Silver-Based Economy), or Platinum (which would make more sense if the goal was to collapse the big round prices into smaller numbers).

Regardless, using SP and GP as they are is simply making it seem like certain things are less expensive than they really are.

Well, it also makes it feel like if you get a sack of gold, you're actually rich

to new players especially, I've found the way gold is so easily spent really puts them off.

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boy, imagine how long and arduous the core rulebook would be if every single -what if- scenario had to be answered in book, and people didn't just trust their GM's to make sure completely nonsensical things like your examples not happen.

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the DC for the battle medic feat is 20, isn't it? that's not exactly super consistent healing for most characters at earlier levels, and at later levels I'm not sure how good it'll be.

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This is the most nonsensical thing to care about

how does it change the way you play in any single factor now that the term in the book is ancestry?

just call it a race when you talk to your group. Who cares?