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Great characters


These characters look like a blast to play.

Some Paizo posters were worried because Summoners fight with a single die (for example, when Alase uses Tonbarse's power for combat, she rolls d10+2+Charisma skill bonus+scenario AD number). Rest assured, summoners have enough ways to boost combat. I played the MM OP season with a guy who played Alase, and he often auto'd combats into the later decks, although it is true he shied away from a couple villain fights later on.

I have to respond to this:

previous poster wrote:
However, I have to give this only four-stars because the deck doesn't come with enough blessings and other basic cards to create a full deck for some of the characters. While I'm not crazy about paying money for common duplicates, class decks are a product series marketed as a stand-alone card pool for your character decks -- which is mandatory for organized play. You can't market a product like this and then force me to borrow components from the base set.

This is dead cold wrong.

The Organized Play guide covers this (and this is not the first Class Deck with characters whose starting deck includes non-Basic cards). The guide clearly states: if you don't have enough Basic cards of a given type, you use non-Basic B cards; then you use Basic 1 cards; then you use non-Basic 1 cards.

To be clear: only Alase has this predicament -- she needs 5 blessings, but the deck only has 4 Basic blessings (Gods). This is actually an advantage -- she starts with a Pharasma or an Iomadae.