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Thanks for the prompt reply : ).

I have one more question, can a taskshaper learn an ability that is used as part of an action. Such as sneak attack for instance, or the rogue talent positioning strike.

Thx in advance.

I have a few questions about how the imprint class ability class ability works.

First, lets say my character imprints smite evil and uses it on an evil target. How long does the smite evil effect last, is it just for that round or is it the same duration as the paladin ability, also how many times per day could I use smite evil.

Secondly, can my taskshaper imprint a passive class ability that he has seen and suceeded on his perception check on. For instance could he imprint woodland stride.

Lastly, if my taskshaper imprints rage, as the barbarian ability, how long does that last.