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Very good


Just got my case today. First off I have to say distribution was awesome. At least one of everything. I could have done without the 3 ettins but most others were pretty even.

Paint jobs. All in all very good. A few had cheek bone eyes and a few other misses but overall very good and on par with the best of my DND minis. The brown used on the mummy and skeleton I don't like so much but that seems a small complaint.

Scuplts good overall a few seemed off.

Packaging.... WOW... kinda crazy but at least in my case nothing broken or even really bent. That is really good but all the little boxes get crazy. My son made it through opening 2 bricks and lost interest and that never happened before.

Overall really, really pleased with the case. Looking forward to selling plasma for the next couple months so I can get the next set.

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I love these cards after getting a set in the Gamemastery Treasure chest I had to try some others. Well worth it.

My only complaint is that I would like a better idea of who in the AP is carrying some of this gear. Still I like them and will be buying more.


Some good stuff in here but the level of power creep this early in 4E is a bit of a deal breaker for me.

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Skinsaw is pretty good!


Well seeing as how I couldn't wait for my print version, I just finished my first read through of The Skinsaw Murders pdf. While it's good I have to say that I like Burnt Offerings better so far. (That may change once I start running Skinsaw.) Overall it's a great product it just doesn't strike a cord with me. The one thing I will say turned me off a bit is how the Magnimar part plays out. The first part has this big buildup (which it should) but after that climax the rest seems hurried.

In the end maybe it just reads that way but for now that feeling of oh just hurry up just throws me off.

Still a good product and I have yet to see a reason to end my subscription. (Which even though paizo did great work with Dragon and Dungeon, I still thought I would end up doing.) So great job guys, keep it up.

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Give me more!


I liked the snipet telling about Conquest and so I bought it. I just finished reading it and if all of the W series hold up to this excellent level of writing I may just go broke buying all of them. Next I have to crack open the Kobold King and see if it is as good.