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So much imagination stuffed in here


Disclaimer: I have a physical copy from the Swords and Wizardry 3rd printing kickstarter, and a digital copy in my account at Frog God Games.

John Slater is a talented writer who is able to summon vivid pictures of imaginary places in just a few lines. His faculty with language makes reading his supplements a real joy.

Like other books in the series - this book offers NPCs, places, and encounters, all keyed to a two-page hex map. It is designed for a sandboxy, hex crawl game, with real player agency.

This book, which is set in the "northlands" - an empire in the midst of civil war waged by three daughters offers immense opportunity for creative roleplaying.

While most of the places detailed leave a great deal up to the referee - Slater offers enough meat to make any GM worth their salt excited to further flesh out this world.

There are a few typos and such but not to a distracting level, so I won't be deducting anything for them.

All in all - I recommend this supplement. I am not planning to run it anytime soon but I do want to crib a lot of the locations and encounters because they are so juicy.

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An excellent book


*I also purchased this from the Frog God Website*

This is a great book, honestly probably the second best introduction to the lost lands after the Sword of Air, so it's a great place to start for anyone interested in checking the setting out. In some ways a bit better of an intro than Sword of Air since it is a bit more firmly rooted in a single region - but the Sword of Air covers more ground.

The timeline, the history, the cults are all amazing. The adventures are great. Shades of Yellow was definitely my favourite. Totally CREEPY and a module that looks like it would be easy to run (really important to me as I am still pretty new at GMing.)

It seems like any of these adventures could pretty easily be plopped into any world or setting, and unlike a Paizo AP, they would make sense as stand alone adventures too - so there is a ton of value in this book - whether you want it for a complete set of connected adventures or for background for the lost lands campaign setting - or to get adventure ideas out of - it's just an ace book. Highly recommended.

Also, as is usual for Lost Lands book, it is just a joy to read.

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A focussed module brimming with adventures


I've been working on getting every single entry in the Lost Lands series and while I like them all very much, this one is so utterly and obviously a classic that I can't help but recommend it wherever I go.

You get:

-A city
-it's sewers
-the surrounding wilderness
-a massive dungeon

It's so well detailed and brimming with adventures and life and character that a party on slow experience track could easily play in this wonderful sandbox for more than a year.

Despite it's length, it feels like there is more in this book than a typical Paizo adventure path - without the railroad. If your players want to explore, this is the book for you.

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Worth every penny


This is an entire adventure path in a single, massive tome. Is it expensive? Yes, but it is worth every penny.

Let's take a look at the physical product:

-The binding is tough and durable.
-The pages are thick, quality paper.

I've carried this puppy around a lot and it is none the worse for it.

What's inside?

-the maps are clear and easy to read
-the illustrations are plentiful and serviceable
-layout is clear and easy on the eyes
-statblocks are mostly in-line for ease of play

But what about the adventure?

-Tons of memorable characters
-A story that feels like a real life legend
-side stories that feel like real life legends
-A location redolent with history and sorrow
-really mean traps
-amazing locales
-the most detailed ruins I've ever seen in a supplement

This product deserves every five star review it's gotten.

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Good quality - detailed miniatures


Having taken a look at the pictures of these on the website I was worried they were going to be lower quality than other sets. Thankfully when I found a box at my local gaming store and took a look inside it was clear these worries were unfounded.

I would give this 5/5 except that Lirianne has much less detail on her clothes than I expected and her face is shaped funny. She's still pretty good and a welcome addition to my collection (there really aren't enough gunslinger minis), and the rest of the figures look fantastic.

These hold up to the general quality standard shown in this set and are worth picking up for any collector.

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An Amazing Journey: A Deadly Adventure


Reading Sword of Air is like being transported to a different world. I have never read a roleplaying game supplement that did a better job of both offering room to sandbox and a compelling and overarching adventure.

The quality in this tome is unbelievable. While there are a few things that are imperfect (some typos!) overall the quality of the illustrations, the bindings, the paper, and most of all THE IMAGINATION is top notch.

I'd like to encourage anyone who is hesitant due to the price tag. This is an entire adventure path and a sandbox in one, at lower cost and in a higher quality format. This is a beautiful book and the bindings look tough enough that you'll be able to hand this book down to your children with a little care.

This adventure is not for the faint of heart. It is positively deadly and throughout the author encourages DMs not to pull their punches and not cheapen the accomplishments this adventure offers by giving anything away to players.

Players will have to be incredibly well prepared, incredibly wily, and incredibly brave to finish this adventure.

I don't know when I will have the chance to run this (running a Hell's Rebels game atm) but I can't wait to start filling up the obituary at the back.