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The good:

Clever monsters, good tactics.
Good Story
Good balance of skills and combat
Final combat is interesting, a bit of a surprise, and some good environmental components.

The Bad
The module skill checks do not scale well over the range of the mod. Difficult at low levels, trivial at high levels.
Final scene is a bit cliched and oft done.

The Ugly
It was unpleasant and unnecessary to have political correctness forced down our throats. This module could simply have been constructed as a subterfuge module built around inheritance, and it would have been a much better mod for that.

It was simply unnecessary to waste the word count on explaining and expositing on primogeniture. Bringing in social and political correctness was unnecessary, and the module loses one star for that.

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If only zero stars were possible


I played at a table of 5 this past weekend. The mod got 5 thumbs down. To me, it was, by far, the worst mod I have ever played in. I would rather do general dentistry than play this mod.

My regional VC officer asked me to run it. To be fair, I read through the mod, wondering if the mod had any redeeming values.

A second read through revealed, indeed, it was bereft.

If you like forcing your players to parrot meaningless gibberish back to you: go ahead, enjoy the mod. Ridiculous, inconsequential, pretentious, politically correct, drivel.

Specific comments: The entire mod seems to have been whipped up in about 90 minutes. The encounters are entirely run of the mill, with nothing memorable. No attention to environment, creature, tactics, items.

The only sop in the mod seems to have been a plug for the new occult classes. One minor spin, that no one will use, or care.

The final combat uses a hackney meme that has been done time and time again.

Ms. Cross had previously jointly participated in House of Harmonious Wisdom, a module I greatly enjoyed, but I will definitely think twice before playing her mods again.

In short:
If your group *likes* roleplaying, not rollplaying;
Enjoys reciting verbal spewage as the way to "win" the mod;
Wants limp combats;

Well - go ahead. No doubt you'll love the mod. Otherwise.....