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Dracomicron wrote:

Multiclass characters, in general. Take 1-2 levels of something and still want to fight well when you change classes. And yeah, that's something that you Mnemonic Edit away later.

I would have used it on my mystic/operative if I hadn't been a dwarf to get automatic specialization at 3rd character level.

Ah yes - for those who take a 1-level dip in Soldier to get the wide range of Weapons etc. Then once you have L3 in your main class and get WS there, you can use Versatile Specialization to catch-up with the Soldier-granted profs.

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really looking forward to this - sounds great! especially with the big void left by avoiding Drift Crisis ... no book in May. :-(

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this still sounds like the one Starfinder book that I do not need.
we are playing Fly Free or Die, finishing up book 1.
All the other SF books are, or could be material for FFoD - new tech, new magic, beings to meet along the way,...
But scrambling the Drift so it no longer works?
Oops! That's just not going to work with any of the published APs prior to Drift Crisis.
I get that we'll then have an AP which uses (ie relies on!) the book.... but then for subsequent APs either you include Drift Crisis material and it won't play without, or you have normal core Drift, and it won't work.
Or all subsequent APs have to have a conversion section "if you play corebook Drift, do this, if the Drift broke, do this..."

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Darg727 wrote:
You also choose whether your solar manifestation (in any form) either glows brightly with one color common to stars (including blue, red, white, or yellow) or is the perfect darkness of a black hole. A glowing solar manifestation, regardless of its form, sheds dim light in a 20-foot radius. You can shut off the light or darkness as a standard action in order to blend in or assist in stealth, but whenever you enter a stellar mode (see page 102), the glow or darkness returns immediately.
It says that you choose a glowing color or darkness. Explicitly only the glowing colors shed light. As written, darkness does nothing or maybe you can make the form invisible to observation (invisible weapon or armor) which would help "to blend in or assist in stealth."

Indeed - I read that part and am still puzzled. (For me, affects NPCs, as our PC Solarian glows).

so clearly, whichever manifestaion you choose, graviton/photon, black hole, whatever, you can have it glow (and shed light). Indeed assorted Paizo artwork shows Grav mode characters with a creepy purple glow (eg Horizon in Fly Free Or Die vol 1).
But you can instead make it dark.

But what is the game effect, if any, of a dark manifestation? Lots of flavour text sounds like it sheds (creates) darkness), but nothing ever con firms it like it does for the glowy ones.

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Ohh - just noticed a cash payment!
p,30 Sinjin offers 2000Cr up front if they accept the job to steal the ship.
So a job payment should be >2000cr for the group?

OTOH "severance pay" is 250cr + 250cr/5 rolled above DC. PLUS 1 BP + 1BP/5 rolled above DC. Of course the BP are worth far, far more than the cash severance (a bit like Traveller offering you "a pistol" or "a share in a starship" as mustering out benefit)

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I have the same questions.
In book 1, any BP they earn are "property of EJ Corp" and are distributed between EJ Corp itself and the hiring client (Runo Part, Sinjin, ...).

But we're told p.6 "likely earn a bonus". p.7 (conditional) Prat "slides another crate of Yaro berries their way" (500cr on the Akiton Market).
P.11 "maybe earn a little bonus for rapid delivery". (OK - I know the plot ruins any bonus - not the point of the discussion).
p.17 "a high-payin' gig"
p.28 "Ahnya leaves them 2 crates" - 4 rifles and 16 frag grenades. By the book they're only worth 10% resale... one could argue a crate, still cling-wrapped and sealed is worth more (but the retailer expects to break the crate and sell (at profit) at normal price).

The question here is - what employee wages (and bonuses (unpaid) were they expecting? Profession (X) per day? Something else? (Assuming they *have* a relevant profession... not all do).

(Note: another value for a cargo. Crates of Yaro berries weigh 50ld, and are worth 500cr. 10 cr/lb. The shipment is 50 tons = 1,120,000 cr.)

As GM, I marked arrival on Apostae/departure for Voxha as the Level-2 break, and fudged their newfound wealth to 2000cr/member (up from starting 1000cr/member).
Daily Profession(x) wouldn't cover that.
Physical second-hand loot ditto.
The few credsticks ditto.

So I gave them some cash payment (less EJ Corp deductions for food, life-support, loss of reputation, ...) which happened to top-up their treasure to the right amount.
Not sure that's a sustainable gaming mode, though!

(and my players have twigged there's a smugglers compartment, and spent 2000cr to buy "a crate of booze" assuming miners on Voxha would buy that at a profit.)
(they also then blew the individual wealth-by-level, by clubbing together to buy a joint-ownership L5 Advanced Medkit (3 levels above party!). And then blowing what was left (after medkit + pallet of booze) of a PARTY!)

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nice story...

you do know that's not what Basalt is? It's a very hard igneous rock, often erupting in vast layers, and if it crystalizes slowly, may form grids of hexagonal columns, like the Giant's Causeway in Ireland.

It's not metamorphic. There are plenty of metamorphic rocks, like Marble, but not Basalt...

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isn't the usual interpretation (in stories) that light goes through transparent and invisible things;
lasers are lights, so they go through transparent and invisible things.

Most forcefields are transparent invisible effects. These let lasers through.
There are also some things which are barriers, which have the force quality. If such barriers are opaque, they block light and lasers. (Force or not force).

So I'd say - you lose AC from invisible barriers, but keep the Temp HP 'cos they accumulate on you somehow.

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I've been thinking about this, and come to the impression that a very simple straightforward change is:

Serum of Healing is just a quaffable version of the injectable Spell Ampoule "Mystic Cure I" .. "Mystic Cure III".

That makes the items be:

Mk1 = L3, 300cr, heals 1D8 .... replaces L1, 50cr, 1D8
Mk2 = L6, 700cr, heals 3D8 .... replaces L5, 425cr, 3D8
Mk3 = L9, 3000cr, heals 5D8 .... replaces L9, 1950cr, 6D8 (drop for consistency the spell)

Thinking of some RL examples, I suspect that for applying to team-mates, the injectable version is actually *better* than the quaffable one ... a super version of the Epi-Pen!
"Man down!" ... "Jab!" ... up again...

I can see a market for the quaffable versions to apply to oneself. Especially the flavoured versions. Or chewy bars/cookie... (Anyone remember Magic Brownies from college days?))

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Hang on - physics as we know does not work in Starfinder. Real physics is totally incompatible with magic. IRL you have a number of limits which build the self-consistent framework around us: conservation of momentum, mass, and energy.
However, Magic can create, destroy, and move things and energy. It can arbitrarily transform things without regard to substance or mass. That means SF "physics" is actually completely different to our universe. You can't import SF magic into the real world; and the physics in SF is "stuff that looks like ours, but isn't actually".

So the thread begins: can we use SF spaceships to carry a big rock, let go of it, and use the rock's subsequent passive movement to bomb the hell out of planets.
Now IRL, if you could make a ship move with a big rock (difficult, but let's skip that), this would work perfectly.
However, the energy cost of movig the rock and getting it to high velocity is such that generally you'd be better off using your resources in another way. Albeit if you did it could be really devastating.

So the thread evolves into - should you be able to use big rocks to create huge unlevelled weapons, and should it b e possible at all.

I'm on the side of stick with the game's levelled weapons, keep drop-the-rock out of it.

So... can I come up with a story idea, and yes I can. One that observes the rules for how a starship moves: it uses move points round by round, and if it does not expend move points it stops. If it expends move points in 2 rounds, it does not go any faster, it does not accumulate velocity - it just moves round by round.
So it is very clear that starship non-drift movement is non-Newtonian. It breaks all of Newton's laws.

So I considered: what happens to <any> object which leaves a starship's drive field. I postulate it behaves just like a starship which fails to expend move points: it stops.

That's not creating a vast realm of pseudo physics.

There is then the question of "what does 'stop' mean?" Which applies to starships as well as rocks and lost crewmen.

The real world is relativistic. Even ignoring high-speed motion, even low speed motion is all relative - there is no absolute frame, no "map". IRL if you cease to accelerate you keep moving as you were - but we just noted above that starships don't do that.

So there are several possibles for "stop". In the end, the easiest one is "you stop "on the map", whatever map the session is using. I note that Planets and Moons, over game timescales, are also static - they don't normally move across the map.
So that's where the "stopped" objects end up ... not-moving relative to the local planets.
And that conveniently spoils "drop the rock".

(Note also, that the game doesn't include anything significant in the way of gravity at a distance, so the rock isn't really going to fall onto the planet with any enthusiasm... Again, not like real world.)

(Before you say, well it does, but over longer time frames - there are unusual planets, like diffuse water-worlds, air-worlds, rock-cluster worlds, etc. and they *ought* to all implode under self-gravity, but they don't... And game-world Black Holes are Black, and Holes, but not for practical purposes "incredibly massive". They are just "there".)

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@xenocrat, @garretmander - you miss the point - I was hand-waving away any possibility of arguing real-world physics for a lob-the-rock hyper-speed attack on targets like planets.
My simplistic, game-style argument says "no lob the rock" and "here's some flavour text for why".

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I can't see anyone else asking this question, but it bugs me:

I note that when a gunner fires a tracking weapon, and the missile is still in flight next turn - a new gunnery roll is needed.

Who/what makes the gunnery roll?
Does the Gunner use their turn to "steer" the missile to the target until it impacts or is lost?
Or does the missile "track" its target and home in on its own.

Or, to put it another way:
Turn 1 I fire a missile at range 30, and it closes by 10 hexes.
Turn 2, I'd like to follow up with a second missile, while the first gets on with the job and tracks its target.

I think the missile homes in on its own, hence why you lose assorted bonuses like "the actions of fellow crew members". who can't reach out to the in-flight missile - it's on its own. (It sets off with "good" or "bad" coords according to the skill and ability of the initial gunner, so presumably users their numbers in the subsequent tracking rolls.)

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@Garretmander - except that the existing Starship combat rules already ignore Newtonian physics and laws of Momentum etc. Instead you have a simple Speed (used per round), and Turn Rules to change direction (and allow special manoeuvres like Flip). You can also change facing at the start of your turn without regard to previous rounds... no carry-over between rounds.
Starfinder space-drives are not rockets!

If you want example of Newtonian physics, try Traveller Book 1 rules (the old Little Black Box) - you get a simplified, pragmatic version of vector movement, and your move last turn persists into all subsequent rounds, and accumulates. Yes, if you apply full thrust in one direction round-after-round, it's not long before your minis are out of the house, heading down the street... If you build up velocity it takes several rounds to change direction.

So my argument is: since a starship moves under power then stops dead if it powers off its space-drive, so also a dropped rock does exactly the same. It has no space-drive, so if you kick if out of the hold it will "stop" like a powered-off starship - at least insofar as the map you are using. So it won't hurtle at planets, any more than the starship does.

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Thanks, folks - confirms my suspicion. (I was wondering if I had missed some other rule elsewhere).

I suppose one option is to nerf Magical Healing (or effectively all healing), by invoking the One Source rule. So you would not be able to stack (benefit from) the same kind of healing at once (unless a specific rule overrode it - such as the Treat Deadly Wounds).
Thus, you could follow up a battle with 1 (or the best single application) Serum of Healing (any mark), 1 Mystic Cure (any level), 1 medpatch, 1 Treat Deadly Wounds, ...

That does encourage a) use higher level items, as the lower level items aren't stacking, and b) diversify - items, spells (different arcane traditions and spell types), skills,...

There's be a cut-off after which you could re-apply. Short-break (10mins) is the soft option.

Any thoughts on that?

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Digital Harrow Deck - 1/d free Augury ...

If you are a Mystic and know the spell, you can skip spending Resolve to cast the spell.

If you are a Technomancer, make it into your Spell Cache, and get +1 Caster Level on Divination spells, and can spend 1RP as Swift action to add +1 to a cast spell's DC.


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Note also you have 2 options with the rock:
1) drop the rock a long way away, leave it rushing in, and skedaddle. Precogs, sensors etc pick it up and the locals rush out and push the rock off course. It doesn't take much push if you have a day or more to apply the push, to deflect it off impact course. (Real world considers 50,000km away to be a "near miss"(!) with no actual effect)

2) you carry the rock real close before dropping it. Most places worth hitting have fleets of friends around them, like Absolom Station does, and they react to your intruding spaceship... they make you into a small fireball and watch the sparkles die away. (The precog or sensors warned you were coming).

Pirates still have the problem of issuing out in their hidden fleet etc. That's also true for pirates if you bring a big hi-tech (high level) nasty-bomb.

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Isn't it simpler to explain that this "doesn't work". The spaceship drive is not a Newtonian drive with inertia - it requires continuous operation to maintain "speed", and turning is ... well Star Wars physics, not real-world.
So, if you drop a rock out of the airlock, it stops. If the ship's drive is still operating, the ship will move away, leaving the rock floating in space. Oops.


OK the navigationally inspired will observe that if you allow conservation of momentum for the rock, and you cross the solar system to the opposite side, pick up a rock (whose orbital tangent is opposite direction to the chosen target), carry it over and aim, you still get a Big Smash. Nowhere hear lightspeed, but big enough to make a mess.

You don't even get away with it if you drop conservation of momentum, and have the dropped rock literally stop relative to the solar system, as the planet's orbital velocity is still enough to make a Big Smash. (Remember the comet that hit Jupiter that may of us watched thanks to Nasa?).

The story-wise GM rules that things dropped out of holds take up the immediate locale's orbital comfort velocity, so the rick just starts drifting along in the same orbit as the target planet.

Physics is not the strongest point of Space Opera... go with good story effects

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So if I have 50cr to spare to buy medical recovery from wounds, I could buy a Medpatch or a Mk1 Serum of Healing. (Both L1, 50cr). Which to choose? Let's see...

Medpatch adds +10 to Medicine check (untrained) to Stop Bleeding OR Stabilize Dying - but there's a chance to fail, and you only get 1 of 2 effects.
pour a Serum of Healing MK 1 in, they gain 1D8 HP (ave 4.5), and gaining HP automatically stops Bleed and ends Dying.

After that I look at Treat Deadly Wounds - needs a Medkit (Basic DC25, or Advanced DC20 to use), restores target's level HP (or their level + your Int bonus if you beat DC by 5).
You can only do that 1/day (without a Medlab, so not in the field...) To get another go I can spend 440cr to buy a L5 Sprayflesh, and can use that to allow a 2nd Treat Deadly Wounds test
I could spend 425cr to buy a L5 Mk2 Serum of Healing, needs no skill, and restores 3D8 (ave 13.5) HP. Oh, and costs 15cr less.
So if the wounded party is below L8 (expert medic) or L13 (basic TDW DC), you get more HP back from the Serum, no need for skill, no risk to fail.

So why on earth would I waste 50cr on a Medpatch when I could buy a Serum of Healing for the same credits?
Why Sprayflesh when I could buy a Mk2 Serum of healing and save 15cr?

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is there ever going to be a hope of some sort of re-shipping arrangement for Subscriptions, to reduce the now killer postage costs? ("Only" to the UK,... but!) I simply can't justify it.
Even for KickStarter support I have to go for options offering POD vouchers, rather than get my beauties posted...

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been following these chapters avidly (now #12) - is there any hope Paizo will publish the tale as an adventure to inflict onrun for my group?

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there are a great many local retailers, and e-commerce sites, in Europe, with local (or even Free!) postage :-)
The only down-side is you have to abandon ordering direct from the lovely Paizo team :-(
You also lose the benefits of the subscriptions :-(

Paizo also can ship first - Europe has to wait for the distributors to get shipments and get them to retailers, though if you are looking for e.g. Starfinder, which has been out a while, then its instead much faster from a local shipper, as Paizo have to use trans-Atlantic postal services to get the goods to you, and locals just ship direct.

Where are you based? (I, frex, am in the UK...)

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I've played with 1cm hexes before, just so as to have more movement space on the map before running off the edges. 2" is just for posing - lovely models, but no real use once movement kicks in.

(Both Starfleet Battles & Traveller High Guard have long-range weapons with ranges in excess of 20 units, even if most are used at closer ranges.)

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Now available!



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Gauss wrote:
Composite bows are not magical. An appraise check should be adequate.

Ouch! Almost none of our PCs have ranks in Appraise, but we have plenty of Spellcraft! In practice, I'd side with "pass it round the Proficient bow users..."

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Lovely to see this back in print,revised for Pathfinder - I still have my old Atlas Games copies of the 3e version.

Any chance there will be more published? Anything new?

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Jai-Senn wrote:

Recently, during one of our sessions, I found my level 9 fighter (7 fighter, 2 paladin) facing an aboleth on a barge. The foul beast hit me with a quickened enervation spell, followed by dominate monster/person.

I lost 5 levels of fighter and was mind controlled.

The DM told me the negative levels would last for 12 hours. That's one hour per caster level, correct?

should have been 15hrs (16, capped at 15)

Jai-Senn wrote:

So here is my question (and admittedly, I've never played a caster, so I'm on unfamiliar ground), I thought quickened spells require a spell slot -4- levels higher than the actual spell? If enervation is a level 4 spell, wouldn't it need a spell slot from the 8th level group? I didn't think a 12th level sorcerer/wizard would have an 8th level spell slot to use.

Or am I just not understanding what's happening here? Is there items or gear that would allow this all to happen legally?

Also, considering that it was an aboleth, with sorcerer/wizard of at least level 12, what overall level was this thing? 19? :)

Thanks, and sorry if the answer is obvious, I can't seem to wrap my head around this.

Aboleth doesn't cast spells as Sor/Wiz, it has Spell-Like Abilities (similar, but not quite the same...)

Monsters have a Feat available to them: "Quicken Spell-Like Ability". This is dependent on CL, not on HD.

At CL16, Quicken Spell-Like Ability can be applied to a 4th level SLA. It then gets to use that SLA quickened, 3/day.

You were facing a variant Aboleth anyway, apart from the Feat, as Enervation isn't on the B1 Aboleth... but I'd expect Aboleths to vary in their powers, so seems fine to me!

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SheepishEidolon wrote:
Well, you can get one of them via Additional Traits feat, and retrain it for another Additional Traits, with the second trait. This way you can't have both at the same time, but over the course of your career.

not true. Additional Traits (grants 2 more Traits), still limits to one Trait from each category of Traits (Combat, Faith, Magic, Social, Campaign, Race, Regional, Religion):

APG wrote:

Additional Traits

You have more traits than normal.

Benefit: You gain two character traits of your choice (see Chapter 8). These traits must be chosen from different lists, and cannot be chosen from lists from which you have already selected a character trait. You must meet any additional qualifications for the character traits you choose.

Your GM might decide to bend the rules and allow 2-of-a-kind... but YMMV.

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Gamesman02 wrote:

So, PC with both STILL and SILENT meta magic feats casts such a spell that does not have Material Components - or also has the Eschew Materials Feat.

Would this provoke an AOO?
If the spell had no visual effect, would anyone even know a spell had been cast? IF the spell was a Charm or Suggestion and the target failed their Save, would any observer know?

you provoke while casting a spell, when you take on that "far away look" and concentrate on casting rather than defending: your opponent spots the distraction and slashes in...

Casting defensively has you actively share that concentration between casting & maintaining awareness & defence - at the cost of potentially losing the spell.

Still & Silent may conceal what you are doing, but you still concentrate and get distracted - wham!

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Harleequin wrote:
graystone wrote:
I'd love to see a summoner archetype that trades out the Eidolon for something else. I often find myself wanting someone with the summoning mechanic but having no need for the companion.
Slightly strange for a class called a 'Summoner' dont you think?!?..... you can just use SM ?

Summon Monster spell is full round to cast, and lasts rounds/level.

Summoner's SLA takes only a Standard Action to cast, and lasts minutes/level.
Full round casting puts a big "hit me" target over you, inviting any intelligent opponent to disrupt your casting.

In our campaign, our summoner sometimes dismisses her Eidolon so as to use a series of disposable quick-summoned beasties. (And sometimes her Eidolon vanishes from lack of hitpoints!)

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Wonderstell wrote:

*Reincarnated elf as elf
It's an elf in every aspect, physical and mental. Why wouldn't they be able to retrain their Racial traits?

*Mental or Physical swapped for the other
You keep a racial trait when it is mental. You remove it when it is physical. If you have swapped all your physical Racial traits into mental before the reincarnation, then you would keep them all.

*A Kobold
Yes, they can. They won't keep the Gliding Wings Racial trait since it is physical.


You'll have to consult your GM when you reincarnate, since they might/will rule the Racial Traits differently.

That'd be me, then.

I turned to the forums to see if we can find a way through the morass.

The general feel seems to be "the only rule is 'keep mental, swap physical'" with a need to inspect each and every property of the before & after character to see what sticks and what drops.

It also doesn't provide a clear guide for Magical properties - some look in-between the two alternatives.

There's also no *balance* between options, as the choices made can make a feature mental or physical with no thought for how reincarnate will handle it.

James Jacobs wrote:
He'd keep his bonus feat and extra skill ranks gained from being human since those are mental, not physical.

which is nice and solid, but doesn't differentiate between choice of Mental or Physical Feats.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:

This is not a question about Elven culture, but this would have more to do with Forlorn elves.

Do Golarion elves have the physical ability to grow beards?

Nope. Some half-elves can grow beards, but full elves cannot.

Darn. :(

Well, that simplifies my racial choice for the Legacy of Fire. ;)

It even motivated me to change my Avatar back to Harsk.

Yes, a proper beard is that important! :D

You can wear a chin-wig (as popularised in ancient Egypt)

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Harleequin wrote:

One of the things I've enjoyed but been surprised about, is how its not an issue being a girl in a RPG gaming group. Most times I'm the only girl in the group but no-one has batted an eyelid.

I know RPG playing is very much seen as a geeky guy thing but I think more women are giving it a go.

Quick survey... who here has a girl in their group... and is she treated with the respect she unquestionably deserves!! ;))

I'm running 2 groups:

1) 5 regular players, 3 female, 1 occasional extra female;

2) 2 regular players, 1 female

I play in 1 group:

3) 4 regular players, 2 female.

Of all those, 1 regular is a "girl", and our occasional player is a "girl" (and only 1 "boy" among the males). The rest of us are a little far on the dignified end of life to be flattered as "girl" or "boy".

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James Jacobs wrote:

Reincarnate is a pretty strange and complex spell. It's certainly one of those that every GM should look at and decided exactly how he wants to run things in his game (awaken and simulacrum and miracle and wish are similar in this regard).

The way I handle reincarnation effects in adventures and sourcebooks is to follow the guidelines as guidenlines, not rules. If a human gets reincarnated as a troglodyte, they'd retain any mental human abilities, but would lose physical ones. They'd gain troglodyte physical abilities, but lose mental ones.

For this case, it's actaully pretty clear-cut.

The human, upone being reincarnated, would back out his +2 bonus to an ability score if it had been applied to Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution; if that bonus had been applied to Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma, he would not lose it. He gains the Trog's mods as listed, along with all of the troglodyte's attacks, stench, darkvision, armor, and stealth bonus for being able to shift his coloration.

He'd keep his bonus feat and extra skill ranks gained from being human since those are mental, not physical.

He'd also gain 2d8 racial Hit Dice, which means his base attack bonus, saves, and skill ranks go up. He also would gain a new feat, and depending on if that extra 2d8 HD bumped him up enough enough, a +1 bonus to an ability score of his choosing.

As for what his CR would be... if he's a player, that doesn't matter at all. CR isn't for player characters. He's now more powerful than the other characters in the party, of course, and that presents some challenges to the GM... but not so much if the other players aren't jealous and are cool about things. The GM, of course, can do what he needs to do to make the PC's new life as a troglodyte relatively rough and miserable, of course, since that kind of change would wreak havock on family and relationships and even simple trips to the grocery store.

If this is an NPC, once you rebuild all the stats, just sit down and look at it as a whole. Chances are good...

James Jacobs wrote:
ZappoHisbane wrote:
For future class levels, does the ex-human still receive his bonus skill rank per level?

Reincarnate still troubles me.

* OK, so for ex-RaceOne, we look for physical aspects (but not the mental ones) and remove them. Not just Str, Con, Dex, but Size, Natural Armor,...
* Then we add the physical aspects (but not the mental ones) of RaceTwo.
* That's stretching the literal text of the spell, as it only explicitly says to back out Str, Con, Dex.

My problem comes with "what is Physical and what is mental?".

* if an ex-Human's extra feat was "Toughness" is it physical?
* Is a Dwarf's +4 Dodge vs giants mental or physical?
* is Stonecunning innate (physical, like Darkvision) or mental?
* I presume a new-Dwarf doesn't get racial Weapon Familiarity?
* Elven immunity to Sleep?
* Gnome Magic: Mental, Physical or Supernatural?
* Gnome resistance to illusions?
* Half-Orc "Intimidating"? Intimidate is a skill, mostly mental, but the fluff implies it's that toothy grin that scares 'em?
* Orc Ferocity? Is that mental - carry on acting, ressting pain? or physical?
* A Dhampir's negative energy affinity? Keep it or Lose it? Gain it?
* Drow Light Blindness?

If a character swapped Race traits, it's more complex still.
* if an ex-Elf reincarnates as an Elf, can they swap Race Traits?
* what if a seemingly mental Race Trait was swapped for a seemingly physical one (or vice versa)? When do we remove or keep a trait?
* A Kobold (ARG) can swap Crafty (mental) for Gliding Wings (physical)...

Wah! My brain hurts...

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caribet wrote:
Sniggevert wrote:
The Morphling wrote:

Follow-up question:

If you have concealment (not total concealment), are your attacks automatically sneak attacks?

No, having concealment does not deny an opponent their dexterity. It gives them a 20% miss chance to hit you, but does nothing to help your attacks.

Concealment allows the attacker to use Stealth.

Successful Stealth renders the target unaware of the attacker.
An unaware attacker is denied their Dex bonus.

However the interesting question posed for this thread is:
* If you are Stealthed, and make a Full Attack, so the opponent is Unaware of your first attack, and you Deny Dex,
* is the opponent still unaware after the first attack, and can iterative attacks also claim Stealth, and so Deny Dex?

and the answer given above is "No: Your Stealth immediately ends after you make an attack roll, whether or not the attack is successful (except when sniping as noted below)."

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Sniggevert wrote:
The Morphling wrote:

Follow-up question:

If you have concealment (not total concealment), are your attacks automatically sneak attacks?

No, having concealment does not deny an opponent their dexterity. It gives them a 20% miss chance to hit you, but does nothing to help your attacks.

Concealment allows the attacker to use Stealth.

Successful Stealth renders the target unaware of the attacker.
An unaware attacker is denied their Dex bonus.

However the interesting question posed for this thread is:
* If you are Stealthed, and make a Full Attack, so the opponent is Unaware of your first attack, and you Deny Dex,
* is the opponent still unaware after the first attack, and can iterative attacks also claim Stealth, and so Deny Dex?

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caribet wrote:

Midnight Spores ... hmm. The AP specifically states that the spores are tailored and "only affect living humanoid creatures".

So - our party does not have a single humanoid... all 5 of them are (different flavours of) Outsider (Native): Aasimar, Tiefling, Ifrit, Sylph.
So the spores won't affect the main PCs.
They affect their allies,...

and of course, poor Juliver, who will only just have recovered from Feeblemind + Paranoia!

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Midnight Spores ... hmm. The AP specifically states that the spores are tailored and "only affect living humanoid creatures".

So - our party does not have a single humanoid... all 5 of them are (different flavours of) Outsider (Native): Aasimar, Tiefling, Ifrit, Sylph.
So the spores won't affect the main PCs.
They affect their allies, and the secondary PCs, but the main guys will likely barge in, get covered in dust and wander home thinking they just need to clean up.

Charm Person doesn't work on them either. (But a bunch of useful spells don't either - like Alter Self).

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Our party has an ally, a - errm - Wizard - called "Ralissi". They picked him up in Tazion, in the pyramid, when they reached a stalemate where neither was inflicting anything significant on the other (fire, fire resistance,...). He had been posing as a Charau-Ka wizard - you may recall him from Racing to Ruin. So they negotiated a truce (he's ... very diplomatic) and eventually agreed to travel together to Saventh-Yi.

He proposed to the (Pathfinder Faction) party that if the combined group could defeat the Rakshasa, he was, prepared... to pose as a (charismatic) Serpentfolk figure, and take up leadership of their faction, pulling them into an alliance with the Pathfinders (!).

He overflew the central island, and also landed and quizzed some of the Degenerate Serpentfolk - he told the PCs about the Rakhshasa, so they could plan ahead and not just march in.
Pre-scouting noted the Zombies, so they made an early foray to deal with them and Ugimmo.

The plan involved making a distraction party: 2 PCs and a bunch of Pathfinders launching an attack of crossbow bolts and illusory Serpentfolk across the bridge to inflame the bad-tempered Charau-Ka, then leg it invisibly to the island and join the others, leaving the incensed Charau-Ka to make a real attack on the central island, and thus draw the Serpentfolk to that side.

The Rakhshasa, would, they hoped, be too busy with his perversions to rush out and deal with trivia unless the Serpentfolk felt the attack was going so badly wrong they would take the punishment of their ruler and admit defeat. (The PCs were confident this would not happen, with the only attack route being across the narrow bridge).

So there he was, lounging around, alone and unaccompanied, when the invisible party sneak in. They break cover by attacking... mostly futilely with his high AC and SR, but the Alchemist was able to lob bombs (touch AC, alchemical fire so no SR). Took a few rounds but basically one-sided... if you can't escape and can't dismiss fire, then Bombs are very dangerous.

Then Ralissi transformed into a Serpentfolk, and went out to the Degenerates and declared that he was now their leader!

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JakeCWolf wrote:
http://orig11.deviantart.net/ae08/f/2010/175/8/6/elf_orc_character_by _colbystevenson.jpg

"The page you were looking for doesn't exist."

You might be meaning http://colbystevenson.deviantart.com/art/Elf-Orc-Character-168823787

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The Archive wrote:
Qaianna wrote:
Cwethan wrote:
Skinwalkers and Tieflings spring to mind, though I can't find that sidebar on pfsrd for Tieflings, so I could be incorrect there.
What's the source for that sidebar for aasimars in the first place? I didn't find it in the PRD..
It's not Core material. It's from Blood of Angels.

Both Blood of Angels and Blood of Fiends have a side-bar on page 4, "Non-Human Aasimar" or "Non-Human Tieflings", which specifically allows Aasimar and Tieflings from humanoids other than Human, stating that the difference is "purely a matter of size". They gain any of the bonuses or penalties related to that size, but gain no racial bonuses except those of the aasimar/tiefling; beyond size, their humanoid ancestry is purely cosmetic.

You could be an Ogre-kin Tiefling, but you don't gain the Str/Con bonuses that come with Enlarge spells, just the -1 to AC and to Hit, and the ability to wield Large weapons without penalty.

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EltonJ wrote:
I'm going to try an idea for a Pathfinder campaign setting based off of American Folklore.

Anyone looked at the (3.0) Northern Crown from Atlas Games?

Northern Crown Products
Northern Crown: New World Adventures

with an extension into an "African" continent in Nyambe:
Nyambe: African Adventures

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for old-timers, with old books still to hand - what is the difference between the new "Cheliax, The Infernal Empire" and the old "Cheliax, Empire of Devils"?

The old one is out of print, but I still have my copy - what would make me want the new book?

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what is the difference between this book and "Cheliax, Empire of Devils" ?

The blurb doesn't really say why I'd need *both*

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Darth That Guy wrote:

I'm confused on the hex cackle. I'm in a pathfinder campaign and the other night I used fortune on our ranger and as move Action started cackling. The ranger went after me in our rotation and missed with first attack due to low roll so he re-rolled thanks to my fortune hex and scored a hit. On my next turn I kept cackling so that our ranger could keep re-rolling if need be. Our dm said no. He said I could only keep cackling if our ranger had failed on his re-rolling. Basically he said I can only keep cackling with fortune until the recipient finally benefits from it.

That made a lot of sense and I chalked it up to me misunderstanding cackle. But the rest of group chimed in and said dm is one who misunderstood. All of these people are veteran pathfinder people and I'm a relative new comer so could any of you clarify.

1) Fortune Hex - lets you "call upon this good luck once per round". Initially the hex lasts 1 round, but at 8th and 16th Witch level, the duration of the hex extends by 1 round.

2) Cackle specifically lists fortune (and misfortune) hex to be extended by 1 rnd at the cost of the cackling witch's Move action. So you can cackle for (more) Fortune.

It can last for 1-3 rnd even without Cackle, and is stated as 1 reroll/rnd.

So with a Witch 16, you can grant fortune for 3 rnd, and the target can make one reroll each of the 3 rnd; with Cackling, can benefit for a while longer, still 1 reroll per rnd.

Once the Fortune and Cackle stop, then they can't benefit from another casting of the hex, until 24h pass. The last sentence of Fortune kicks in "once a creature has benefited from the fortune hex, it cannot benefit from it again for 24 hours" - the witch can't apply a *new* Fortune Hex for 24h. She can only usefully cackle while the original Fortune was active.

So the GM is wrong (but entitled to bend the rules for his own game, so long as he lets you know).

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Entryhazard wrote:
Zaister wrote:
You realize that this archetype is intended for cyclos oracles, right?
So much that the flash of insight class feature is worded in the case the user is not a cyclops
ISMC p.17 wrote:
Cyclops Oracles and those who worship the one-eyed giants use their ...
The following new oracle curses are common among cyclops oracles and oracles who worship cyclopes...
Flash of Insight (Su): You gain the cyclops racial ability ... If you already possess this ability...

Definitely written to allow non-cyclops oracles, so long as they are cyclops-groupies...

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

Turning into a rat lets you breathe under water.

I think you are confusing "having a Swim speed" with the Aquatic sub-type.

Aquatic creatures automatically have a swim speed, *and* can breathe water.

Rats have a swim speed, but are not Aquatic, nor do they have the Water Breathing Ex ability...

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Lord Snow wrote:

A human-elf hybrid is a helf-elf. A human orc hybrid is a half-orc.

Is it fair to say that a human-halfling hybrid is a "quarterling"? would a hybrid of that and a human be an "eighthling"?

On a (slightly) more serious note, is interbreeding between two non human humanoids possible? Are there such on Golarion? If there are, what is their race for stat purposes? And lastly, what happens if a half orc mates with a half elf?

most races have some special unique power, that makes them different in story rather than just numbers.

Humans special power is clearly the Ability To InterBreed With Any Race ... the other races don't really get to do it.

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caribet wrote:

Issilar was getting a lot out of this, so he carried on, and travelled with them to Saventh-Yi!!

He's kept up the disguise, setting up camp with them, and "helped" with the initial over-flight exploration (the party is well-up on flight abilities), with some "interesting" opinions:
* "the charau-ka are annoying pests" - "let's wipe them"
* "the serpent-folk are clearly too dangerous to tackle" - "let's leave them alone" (err, while I take command and build them up!)
* "the humans in the Sacred Serpent zone are clearly worshipping demons(!) and innately hostile" - "don't negotiate" and "be prepared to go in wands blazing"(!) [this latter one may break the illusion, once the PCs get there - *if* they actually talk.]

They haven't actually remembered to question his motives, or habits of disappearing, of not actually contributing usefully in battles (being at the back and "dithering"), and his vagueness about which Faction he's from ("a party of adventurers like yourselves; but our rendezvous has been and gone, and I guess they didn't make it... Sigh (pathetically)[Bluff]")

so, they've clear the Mercantile District.

Issilar has been allowed to go off doing his own thing - the party don't expect NPCs to come with them and prefer to be allowed their own battles. He's now told them of the Rakshasa ruling the Serpent folk, and suggested a joint battle-plan: the PCs annoy the Charau'Ka with enough illusory Serpent folk that they attack across the bridge, then while the main Serpent folk are distracted, the PCs kill the Rakshasa, and Issilar will then "use his shape-changing magic" and "make himself look like the Serpent folk" and use his Charm spells to convince them to accept him as their leader. So far the party are buying it hook, line and sinker.
Oh My!
They are planning to restore the deposed leader of the Serpent Folk.

Next thing we know, they'll be telling him all about the Severed God and the plot line, and have him ""helping" them!

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Dustin Ashe wrote:


Moratorium on new classes. I also hope that after Occult Adventures is released that they hold off on making any new 20-level classes for a few years. More prestige classes and archetypes are fine.

Archetypes are good, though have limited scope.

Prestige classes have a single gaping flaw: they don't kick in until your character is 6th level (or even higher). There's zilch in the whole pile of Prestige classes for the starting character, nor for the low-level campaign.

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