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I think the reason why most similar items say the conjured ammo disappears eventually is that ammo has inherent value to it, even if a DM rules that it is deformed upon being shot. You would not want a player to think of what they can do with an infinite supply of, well, anything. Hence the limitation of the ammo disappearing eventually.

Spells like Wall of Iron always have a "the material created cannot be sold or used for crafting" clause, so I suppose you could rule it that way as well.

Just want to first point out that it is not PFS legal. What is illegal in PFS is not always overpowered, but it is usually banned for a reason (though I admit I use and allow most of what is banned in PFS anyway).

Alchemists have a rather small amount of bombs to go around in a day. If a DM does a proper job of having multiple small encounters per day to deplete the PCs' resources, then that should not be too much of a problem.

At later levels, when the alchemist has enough bombs to last more than a few battles, lots of monsters will have access to alternative ways of detecting where the PCs are (blindsight, thoughtsense, lifesight,etc.), and both monsters and npcs should have enough perception to get a good feel of where the PCs are at these levels anyway (unless said PCs sneak). At that point, all these enemies need is a way to use area of effect attacks. Note that not all enemies will have these options, meaning that the alchemist will sometimes be able to have an enormous impact on a battle (especially if the encounters are the bad kind of "one big monster by itself"), but every player should have enemies which they are very good against.

Is it good? Yes, it is very good, especially since it is a touch attack with no save at the cost of a single discovery (basically a ranged Improved Dirty Trick). Does it completely break the game? Not really.

So I went and got myself a Pistol of the Infinite Sky.


Considering that my character is evil, which means he is going to use his weapon to do some bad stuff (preferably using some Oil of Silence), and that firearms are pretty rare in Golarion, I fear he might easily be identified as the perpetrator of the crimes in which he uses his pistol. I figure that divination magic will come and bite me in the bottom sooner than later if I leave a bunch of used bullets everywhere I go.

However, the spell in the construction requirements for this magic item is Reloading Hands. Does this mean the bullets conjured by a pistol of the infinite sky disappear a few rounds after being fired like with this spell?

Not all deities have boons in Pathfinder. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure she does not. All I could find about her is this.

Usually, deities who do have boons have them listed on their page on Archives of Nethys.

Pummeling Style was errata'd in 2015 to go from


You collect all your power into a single vicious and debilitating punch.

Benefit: As a full-round action, you can pool all your attack potential in one devastating punch. Make a number of rolls equal to the number of attacks you can make with a full attack or a flurry of blows (your choice) with the normal attack bonus for each attack. For each roll that is a hit, you deal the normal amount of damage, adding it to any damage the attack has already dealt from previous rolls (if any). If any of the attack rolls are critical threats, make one confirmation roll for the entire attack at your highest base attack bonus. If it succeeds, the entire attack is a confirmed critical hit.



Your unarmed strikes weave together in an effortless combo, focusing on the spots you’ve weakened with the last hit.

Benefit: Whenever you use a full-attack action or flurry of blows to make multiple attacks against a single opponent with unarmed strikes, total the damage from all hits before applying damage reduction. This ability works only with unarmed strikes, no matter what other abilities you might possess.

So the question is: if you have Pummeling Style and decide to do 4 attacks against one creature and 3 against another in your full-round attack, do you still only apply damage reduction once for both creatures? Do you apply it only once for one creature but not the other? Do you lose the benefit of Pummeling Style against both creatures?

Styles! How could I forget styles?? Been a while since I made a monk... Thank you so much Asmodeus' Advocate! And Steel Soul and Glory of Old certainly are good options if I make a Dwarf.

About styles, would the Crane Style be my best bet? Because unless I find a way to attack against touch AC, I don't see how I can reliably hit any creatures past the fifth level.

If I do take levels in a class that has magic, then I will not use any spells or magical abilities that the class provides. So the advantages need to outweigh this.

While the Parry and Riposte of a Swashbuckler is a good way of not getting hit, it would at least require my taking the feat Hamatulatsu to do piercing damage with my fists, and even then I would not have a lot of Charisma considering I need my other stats to be good too (and no dropping intelligence!)


First off, let me say that yes, I do understand that Pathfinder's entire shtick and balance is centered around magic and magic items. Knowing this, I am fully aware of how utterly weak my saves, AC, and other stats will be. If you still cannot accept this and want to non-respectfully tell me how much of a stupid idea you think this is, please leave. Thank you.

I have this idea of creating a character completely oblivious to magic. Through a birth defect, curse, or illness, he is unable to see, hear, and feel most magical effects. Those he can feel, he attributes to his alcoholism. Hence, he will not understand the existence of magic items and will, therefore, use none. I imagine him being so utterly sure of himself and self-centered that he does not understand why the shopkeeper gives him thousands of gold for the useless headband he looted off a corpse and believes he's getting away with something.

I am creating a Drunken Master Quinggong Monk who will use no magic items whatsoever and will only take ki abilities that do not look like magic. To your knowledge, are there any feats/traits/multiclassing/etc. options that could help me in this endeavour? The idea of course is to make him useful to the party (not necessarily only in combat) and viable-ish (let's be honest he's gonna die at some point). Any ideas?

I'm already planning on using the Healer's Hands and Signature Skill combo proposed by Artificial20 here to become at least somewhat useful as a healer.

(Edit) Also, thanks a lot for anyone who answers respectfully!

Thank you all. Diego Rossi and Pizza Lord, you both say very different things. Does this mean the subject is still debated in the community and hence up to DM discretion?

If that is so, I will stop trying to make social spellcasting work because my DM and I both have strong views on the subject and discord is not ideal when playing table-top RPGs.

Find a way to touch their gold, without them knowing or looking, after casting Aristocrat's Nightmare on yourself. Bye-bye all his/her gold, it is now only chump change until it is all, slowly and painfully, changed back to gold with remove curse in batches of 50 per cast.

Hey Paizo,
I'm pretty bummed out right now because I can't find any way of making my ideas for my character work. I play a Mesmerist who uses a pistol to deliver his Painful Stare (essentially Sneak Attack) in combat, and has very few spells that he uses is combat. In fact, most of his spells focus on manipulating people out of combat.

Here is the thing though: by RAW, using spells without people noticing is INCREDIBLY HARD. It does not matter that I am a psychic caster because magic always has "visible effects identifiable as magic". One way to circumvent this is by using the feat Conceal Spell, but the checks are pretty easy to make, and even then people will know it if you cast spells on them.

Want to cast Charm Person on that boat captain? Think again! Even if he did not realize you cast the spell, he realizes he failed a saving throw and will know he was under the effect of something once the spell wears off, hence becoming potentially hostile towards you. Want to cast Ill Omen on someone before lying to them so they fail their sense motive check? The rules are not clear about whether or not you know if a spell was cast on you when it does not have a saving throw, but you can still make a spellcraft check to realize what spell was cast on you, so it is basically up to DM discretion!

My point is: I wanted to use spells that influenced NPCs around me without them ever knowing (fitting for a MESMERIST, right?), but there are so many rules stacked against me that I feel like I should just give up and take utility spells instead. My DM is not open to suggestions about letting me cast spells incognito unless it specifically says in the rules that I can.

People of Paizo, can you help me?

Alright, so this comes up a lot between my DM and I. Here is the situation: one way or the other, the target of the spell did not realize a spell was cast (this can be because of darkness, greater invisibility, Conceal Spell, etc.). If the spell cast has no noticeable effects and either does not allow a saving throw or the target fails its saving throw, does the target know a spell was cast on them?


I am under the effect of Greater Invisibility, and I cast Ill Omen on someone. Do they know they just received a debuff?

I use the feat Conceal Spell, which basically lets me cast spells without people noticing if they fail their skill check, to cast Charm Person on the person I am speaking to. They fail their saving throw. Do they know I cast a spell on them? Will they be hostile to me after the spell ends?

Thanks for your help!

Hey paizo,

I already know about this:
"Succeeding on a Saving Throw: A creature that successfully saves against a spell that has no obvious physical effects feels a hostile force or a tingle, but cannot deduce the exact nature of the attack. Likewise, if a creature's saving throw succeeds against a targeted spell, you sense that the spell has failed. You do not sense when creatures succeed on saves against effect and area spells."

That is not what my question is about. I want to know what you feel if you fail your saving throw against a spell that has no obvious physical effects or if that spell simply has no saving throw. I know that a "Terrible Remorse" should be obvious because it makes you feel terrible, but what about a spell that gives you bad luck like "Ill Omen"?

Picture this: A witch with silent spell, still spell, and eschew materials (or a Psychic with none of these feats) casts "Ill Omen" on someone. Does the creature somehow know that it was afflicted with a negative effect?

Hey everyone,

I've got a question for my fellow Mesmerists (or anyone knowledgeable about this class, really).

You probably already know about the feats Reflexive Trick and Spell Trick.

Reflexive Trick lets you implant a Mesmerist Trick in yourself and trigger it at the same time for a single immediate action.

Spell Trick lets you create your own tricks by using your spells; essentially creating a Contingency with a duration of one day.

Now, in the description of the feat Spell Trick, there are two important bits of text:

"You can implant a spell trick in a target’s mind, following the same rules and limitations for implanting mesmerist tricks."


"A spell trick acts as a mesmerist trick in all ways, except you specify under what circumstances the spell trick can be triggered (known as the triggering condition) and what the trick’s effects are once it is triggered."

Reflexive Trick works with mesmerist tricks, and a spell trick acts as a mesmerist trick in all ways (the only differences being that you choose both its effects and its triggering condition). Hence, a Mesmerist could both create a spell trick with a spell that has a casting time of 1 standard action and activate it with the triggering condition he chose in a single immediate action.

-> A goblin shoots an arrow at the Mesmerist
-> The Mesmerist uses his immediate action to both implant a spell trick with the spell Displacement in himself and activate it with the triggering condition "when the subject is attacked"
-> The Mesmerist is affected by the spell Displacement
-> The goblin rolls to attack and has a higher score than the Mesmerist's AC
-> 50% chance of the arrow not hitting him *rolls dice*
-> The arrow misses the Mesmerist

Your thoughts?

A swift action can be extremely powerful, but only IF you have the means to use this swift action effectively.

In the environmental rules, the only damage attributed to falling objects is related to their size (and even then a colossal object does poor damage). How are you going to use your insane carry weight in a fight?

My character is indeed a psychic caster so... you got me haha.

I just wanted a second opinion from the Paizo community to confirm whether it was overpowered or not. I did not know it came from a module; maybe that explains why it seems unusually cheap for its effects.

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Hey everyone,

While browsing the wondrous items page the other day, I came across the Padma Blossom, which suppresses all fear effects and the confused, dazed, or stunned conditions at the cost of also suppressing all your moral bonuses and taking up one of your hands.

I showed this item to my DM, who instantly decided to ban it. Now, that is his decision and I respect it, but it made me ask myself: is this item really that overpowered for its price (8 000gp)?

In my case, maybe it is overpowered because I have no easy way of getting moral bonuses and have a free hand anyway. On the other hand, my DM's argument was that, since it is such a cheap item, it would be easy for any NPC who meets the same requirements to take it. This could obviously make any NPC much tougher.

Your thoughts? (Thank you in advance!)

Hi everyone,

My DM and I were discussing the trait Finish the Fight last night, and we came to the conclusion that, by RAW, it is very powerful for a trait.

The thing is, in the Core Rule Book in the section about full attacks, it specifically says "You can see how the earlier attacks turn out before assigning the later ones.", which means there is a sequence to the attacks in a full attack action.

Hence, if the first attack of a full attack hits and damages the target, it triggers the condition "You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls against opponents you already injured in the past 24 hours." from the Finish the Fight trait, and you get +1 to hit on your next attacks.

So, for Half-Orcs raised by Orcs, this trait is essentially a cheaper Weapon Focus, and a must take, right? Kind of like Reactionary or Fate's Favored.

Thank you for taking the time to answer me!

I read the Mysterious Stranger archetype of the Gunslinger, but it does not work with what I intended. The Mysterious Stranger uses his swift action to add Charisma to damage, and I am already incredibly swift starved because of both my Hypnotic Stare class ability and the feat Reflexive Trick that lets me implant and activate a Mesmerist Trick as an immediate/swift action.

The Gunsmithing feat is interesting, but all the benefits it gives me will be rendered null by a "Pistol of the Infinite Sky" Pepperbox, which I plan on enchanting as soon as possible by saving up my gold. Also, if I realize that I really need it I can just take the feat by replacing Deceitful and Cunning Caster.

For the Cunning Caster feat, you are totally right. I shouldn't invest two whole feats into something that is far from being the main focus of my character. I just wanted to find something cool to do with two feats, and haven't found anything really worthwhile yet.

Forgot to add my ability scores (including belt/headband):

Str: 7
Dex: 18
Con: 16
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Cha: 20

Hello people of Paizo. This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking around and feeding on your discussions for over a year now.

I have created a ranged mesmerist (my DM lets me use the trait Heirloom Weapon for a pepperbox) who focuses mainly on his Painful Stare and Mesmerist Tricks abilities, but I'm not sure of how fun it is going to be to play him. I need your wisdom and critique to help me make this character a masterpiece of roleplaying-ability while also keeping most of his deadliness and utility in combat.

We start at level 9 in an evil campaign, and on the team we have an Anti-Paladin, a mostly ranged Alchemist, and a melee-focused whip user (forgot his class).

Here are the important parts of my build:

Firearm Mesmerist:

Burning Assurance (+2 racial bonus to Perception checks)
Sacred Tattoo (+1 luck bonus to all saving throws)
Favored Class Bonus Mesmerist (Increase Painful Stare bonus damage by 1/2 your level)

Bluff 21 (3-9-9)
Disguise 17 (3-9-5)
Diplomacy 19 (3-9-7)
Kn Religion 13 (3-9-1)
Perception 12 (3-9-0)
Sense motive 12 (3-9-0)
UMD 17 (3-9-5)

Heirloom Weapon (Pepperbox)
Fate's Favored (Increase luck bonuses by 1)
Finish the Fight (You gain a +1 trait bonus on your attack rolls against creatures you have already injured in the last 24 hours)

Lvl 1: Point-Blank Shot

Lvl 3: Reflexive Trick
(This makes it so that I can implant a trick into myself and trigger it all in a single immediate/swift action. Very useful to react to spells with Astounding Avoidance or attacks with Mesmeric Mirror)

Lvl 5: Precise Shot

Lvl 7: Intense Pain
(This increases the damage of my Painful Stare)

Lvl 9: Deceitful
(One of the prerequisites of Cunning Caster)

Lvl 11: Cunning Caster
(Casting spells without anyone knowing it? That is so cool. However, is it worth it..? This is one the main things I'm hesitating about.)

Lvl 13: Clustered Shots
(Gotta get past that DR somehow)

Lvl 15: Spell Trick
(This lets me implant a spell as a Mesmerist Trick and choose what triggers it. My DM specified I can only use spells that don't affect the enemies because it could be overpowered otherwise.)

Lvl 17: Manifold Stare
(Lets me use my Painful Stare one more time per round. I'm taking this feat more than one time, but instead of using all my feats for it I'm replacing some Bold Stares for it. It is specified in the feat that you can replace a Bold Stare for this feat.)

Lvl 19: Rapid Shot

Lvl 1: Mesmeric Mirror
Lvl 2: Compel Alacrity
Lvl 4: Mask Misery
Lvl 6: Astounding Avoidance
Lvl 8: Psychosomatic Surge (Is it worth it?)
Lvl 10: Fearsome Guise (24 hours disguise self, is it worth it?)
Lvl 12: Reflection of Weakness
Lvl 14: ???
Lvl 16: ???
Lvl 18: ???
Lvl 20: ???

Lvl 3: Psychic Inception (become able to affect mindless creatures)
Lvl 7: Disorientation (Hypnotic Stare penalty is applied to attack rolls)
Lvl 11: Replaced by Manifold Stare feat
Lvl 15: Sapped Magic (Hypnotic Stare penalty is applied to the DCs of the target's spells/spell-like abilities and to its Spell Resistance)
Lvl 19: Replaced by Manifold Stare feat

I don't focus much on my spells in combat. They are a very neat addition to my character though. In combat I would use spells that don't give a save or that don't depend on the enemy failing its save (for example: Ill Omen, Terrible Remorse, Dimensional Door). I might need some help choosing good spells for combat and for roleplaying.

(My plan is to rush the upgrades of my firearm until I can make it a Pistol of the Infinity Sky, or Pepperbox of the Infinite Sky haha. This is going to be costly, but will negate the need to reload and the misfire)

Wand of Mending with 10 charges (To repair my Pepperbox when it misfires)

Mask of the Mesmerist (Gives many bonuses to my class)

Mesmerizing Tattoo (better hypnotic stare and diplomacy checks)

Mainly the big six (armor, belt, headband, cloak of resistance, amulet of natural armor, ring of deflection)

So yeah, I have planned it out but am still hesitant.

Is Cunning Caster as great of a feat as I think it is for a Psychic Caster with good Bluff?

Is taking Manifold Stare 3 times along with Rapid Shot to be able to do my Painful Stare damage 4 times per rounds too much? Should I invest these feats / bold stares elsewhere?

Are my feats all good? Should I change any of them?

Which spells are great for me since I don't have any Spell Focus and am a 2/3 caster? I know my Hypnotic Stare nerfs will saves, but I just don't like save-or-s#cks in general.

Thanks a lot!