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My List

(23 items)

1.  Orcus
Stolen Land (GM Reference)
Thread (518 posts),

2.  Satyr
Free Kingmaker Handouts
Thread (57 posts),

Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting (errata/DM Reference)
Thread (755 posts),

4.  Mordenkainen
Building out the Buildings List
Thread (32 posts),

5.  James Jacobs
High Level Kingmaker Villains will KILL EVERYONE!
Thread (269 posts),

6.  Ramoska Arkminos
Wanted Posters: Stolen Lands
Thread (17 posts),

7.  Celestial Dire Badger
Seven Thousand Blossoms
Thread (90 posts),

8.  Lem
Conversion of ROTRL
Thread (11 posts),

Second Darkness finished, a list of thanks
Thread (9 posts),

10.  Rombard
Re: Taking 10 on skill checks
Post, by Monster Jack

11.  James Jacobs
Re: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat (OGL)
Post, by James Jacobs

12.  Tiefling
Bear with me: Practices and Tactics of a goblin cleric of Sarenrae
Thread (23 posts),

13.  Theldrick
[Sinister Adventures] SA Website down, will we ever see the Razor Coast?
Thread (407 posts),

14.  Vencarlo Orinsini
Hound Master (Cavalier)
Thread (175 posts),

15.  Female Merchant
FAQ/Update - Brew Potion got (re-)nerfed?
Thread (65 posts),

16.  Dragon
Rogue: simple optimization tips & common pitfalls.
Thread (63 posts),


18.  James Jacobs
Kingdom Building
Thread (1,101 posts),

19.  Stirge
Pathfinder Character Box
Thread (87 posts),

20.  Silver Dragon
Various optimisation guides
Thread (94 posts),

21.  Crystal Figurine
Build me a Gunslinger
Thread (21 posts),

22.  Targas
Guide to the Class Guides
Thread (1,517 posts),

23.  Elan
Re: Greater Feint
Post, by Midnighter