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How about a nice new DM's screen with a Pathfinder Setting theme? Something high quality instead of the flimsy stuff you see in the older screens and I personally prefer the newer style "sideways" versions where you can actually reach over them to draw on your maps and reach your minis. Not the old fashioned 11" high ones but the 8" high ones like the new (dare I say?) 4e one or the WoD ones. They're a hell of a lot more convenient when using minis.

Give it a thought, please. I'm sure I won't be the only one to buy one, surely...

Good call, Dave! heh.

All this 3.5 versus 4.0 is making my head hurt. I voted "haven't decided". Actually I'm starting to think between playing D&D and WoW for the last 3+ years pretty much non-stop that maybe it's time to take a break from fantasy and look into some other options. I sure do miss the old World of Darkness. Or maybe some nice Sci-Fi.


I'm thrilled that Paizo has announced that they will take up the torch with the Pathfinder RPG. Bravo, gents! I've just begun (finally) to run the first set of your modules Rise of the Runelords and I am very much encouraged to stick with ye olde 3.5. However, my (far younger than myself) DM who runs the game I PLAY in is converting our game to 4th Edition so by late Summer I'm going to be thoroughly confused switching back and forth between games. Oh how I look forward to those particular headaches. I'm certain there will be much swearing.

Yes, the game formerly known as Dungeons and Dragons is being streamlined to suit the tastes of a new generation of gamers whose attention spans are far shorter and are suited to the video game mentality. That's what you (we) will be playing...a dice version of a video game. Sigh. Way back in the days of Second Edition when mini-maxing was just catching on I would tell these Power Gamers to leave us role-players alone and go play Battletech. It seems they wouldn't listen. Instead they got degrees, learned how to do game design and took over. Money, fellas. It's all about the money. Who ultimately makes the decisions for WOTC? Hasbro stockholders, I believe. Some genius somewhere convinced some high muckity-muck that 3.5 was spent and there was nothing left to sell so it was time for a change. There was much brainstorming. Ideas were thrown around. What was hot? Why MMOs and Console Videogaming! Heck, that stuff makes more money than Hollywood! It's as simple as that...

Make it fast, make it simple, make it bloody, make it so the kids don't get bored, make all new stuff for the parents (and us suckers who can't control ourselves with the collector mentality) to buy up and we'll continue to rake in the cash! But that's all okay. It's what capitalism is all about. I'm just not sure I'm gonna fall for it just yet. It's going to have to be something really, REALLY special to convince me.

And I ain't seen much so far.......

Pink Floyd's first album, The Pipers at the Gates of Dawn.


Two here with an explanation why....

The Mummy Returns. Pay attention to how the protagonists deal with the situations presented. This is what seasoned adventurers would sound and act like! It's really quite amusing.

Shaun of the Dead. This is how people would REALLY act in a time of supernatural crisis. Funny, funny stuff.

I know I'm about 20 years behind here but I started reading the compilation Sandman comics in Graphic Novel format. I think the series is numbered 1-12? I've only got to #4 so far but when I went to pick it up I noticed a few other graphic novels that were also Sandman books and not part of the numbered series.

Could someone clue me in on the proper order to read these things aside from the obvious numbered series, please? What other books are out there besides the numbered series? Is there a good website that will explain this to me without playing the spoiler?


Not to be that way but Lucifer. I mean duh. And in the literary sense, too. I'm not being all hail Satan here or anything stupid like that. I'm talking John Milton here.

Oh and Clarence Boddicker from Robocop. The scene with the grenade? Awesome.

Comic books? I would like to say that The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from the 80's were great! SO the X-Men is my answer....

Magneto knows what's up.

Hierophantasm wrote:

(The bow and arrow won us the American Revolution, not the musket, as the British were employing.)

You can't be serious.