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So, I should begin by saying I'm taking out magic from the setting and that's what prompted me to this action. I'm replacing from SF and adding classes from PF to make up the difference. Some are easy.

I'm making Alchemists into Chemists, very easy. Their spell list only goes to 6th, so not a lot of conversion needed.

Some are not as easy but would be very cool in the setting, like Cavaliers into...I don't know, some name, but, think about it. Using the mount abilities with a Hovercycle! Bad ass and fitting. I'm thinking of making them a collection of Law Enforcement, but anyway.

Here's what I'd really like the opinion on:

Gunslingers: Do you think they'd be good for the setting? We have Soldiers, would 'slingers be something that would even work? I guess they'd be Specialists? Thinking about it, that does sound pretty cool. Your thoughts?

Kineticists: I think they'd work, but I don't know enough about them. I don't think that there'd be any need for much conversion if I'm using Psychic instead of Arcane and Divine.

Psychics: Which leads to Psychics. I don't think there's much of an issue out side of the spell list going to 9th. How bad would it be to just stop them at 6th? Would it make the class unplayable? I know balance is a lie, but I want to at least pretend. Would a Mesmerist be more in line with the game? I'm kind of thinking so.

Ninjas and Barbarians: Are they too close to Operatives and Soldiers? I thought one would be more like an Assassin Class and the other like a Juicer from Rifts.


Thoughts? To much? Sound good? Any other suggestions? Reskinning other types of magic to Psychic shouldn't be too tough, so are there any other classes you think would fit?

I'm scrapping the entire setting for my own. I'm dropping Magic in favor of Psychics. I'm changing Technomancer to be Psychic, obviously. I'm dropping Mystic and Solarians, adding in Chemists and one more (not sure what yet), then maybe another 1 to 3 after that because I want a nice round number. I love the system. Adore it actually. I'm really not feeling the setting though.

I took out all the magic and the aliens. Works just fine. Reskinned Technomancers to Psychic. Dropped Solarian and Mystics, added in Chemists (Alchemists) and Caveliers (I just can't get how cool they'd be with a hovercycle mount!). I'm making up my own "races" that are all humans, but changed a bit, i.e. Mutants, Genespliced, etc.

BOOM. No more more Magic. :D

I'm doing it and it took almost nothing. I dropped 2 classes and added 2 classes. Everything is Psychic. There are no Mystics. Hell, I'm even dropping Aliens because I don't like them. I'm just going to create new races based off of other criteria using the Advanced Race Guide. Everything (except Monk it seems) is convertible from Pathfinder, so it really shouldn't be that hard. I mean, you could just reword some fluff and you wouldn't need to change anything. lol, one of the things they recommend you when you "convert" spells is a name change. It's literally that easy.

Also, I say go for it. I don't like Space Opera and that's kind of what the setting is going for (Solerians Jedi much? :) ). I like my SciFi Scientifically grounded, which is to say, I like Hard SciFi...I like my SciFi like I like's a joke in there...somewhere...I'm just not going to go looking for it...:P

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I believe it's the second one. While your GM is free to make whatever changes he deems appropriate for his game, the game itself assumes +2 is the highest you can buy. This is backed up by the way that items seem to get progressively better as their level increases. It also makes it much easier to buy starting gear as there's only so much available.

See, I use Artificers as well, but all I really did was let them craft for way less gold and added a few crafting feats to the empty areas. I did let them use some the of the Alchemist "spells" as well, but other than that, they work really well as is. That's what I found in play anyway.

Yeah, if I use it as a recurring NPC, I'm stating them up. I'm just thinking quick and dirty. Like a random monster in an adventure, I'd rather just use the 3e version and be on my way. If it's more important than a fist fight then I'll put more into it. I just didn't want to throw something at my players that they couldn't take, but if the players a little more powerful in PF, it shouldn't be a problem right?

Thank you! I found several in the Planar Handbook as well. :)

Hello again. I'm setting up to run a Planescape Pathfinder game and I've been searching for the 3.5 Prestige Classes that represented the Factions. I can't, for the life of me, remember where the heck they are. Were there some in a Dragon Magazine? One of the Planar books had some right? Any and all help finding the 3.5 official material would be most excellent.

I do have the fan made book from Planewalker, which is awesome, but I was hoping to build off of the official base first.


I love me some d20pfsrd! I don't think I could run my games without it. I'm for sure going to go with any Monster already converted, but I'm more thinking of those that won't ever be converted, like Yugoloths. If the CR is just a off a bit, I think it'll be fine. I'm going with a no xp route so I don't think it'll be that bad. I just don't want to throw anything at the players they couldn't take, but if, for the most part, the PCs are stronger, then it's all good. Thanks for input!

OK, the conversion guide here on the site says there's only a few things I need to do to convert Monsters from 3.5 to Pathfinder. My question is: How true is that? Do I need to change any CR or anything? My whole goal is to convert some adventures from 2nd Edition to Pathfinder, but I'd like to not have to do a lot of Monster conversions, so if I can take them from, say, the Fiend Folio and make a tweak or two, that would be optimal. I'm trying to run a Planescape game, so those are the kind of Monsters I'm looking at, Cranium Rats, Demons, Devils and Deva of all kinds, etc., if that helps at. I just don't want to throw a Ultraloth (CR 13) at my players only to discover that in Pathfinder the CR should be higher. Or lower. Either way.

Anyway, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

When I ran CC, I had a priest with an undead as well. He quickly became aware that to keep his companion, he would have to be a bit secretive. Actually, he was so secret about it, the other players became convinced he was hiding something horrible and took it upon themselves to investigate. They thought he was keeping a woman as a slave, they were ready to totally off him for it!

Anyway, I had a similar problem with the PCs eating through the enemies as well. I just added a few more here and there when I thought the combat didn't seem tough enough. Templates are a little more difficult to add (not all that hard, mind you, but harder than just adding another zombie or three) and I found it easier to gauge the fight without them. Remember, however, that when the combat becomes harder, they're going to go through their resources faster. So while they may be one shotting monsters now, they might be screwed a few combats later if they expended all their spells/powers/items. In my game, everything was going swimmingly for them...and then the priest ran out of spells...and the party ran out of healing the middle of Harrowstone...

Let's just say the tension spiked quite dramatically...:)

My interest in this AP went from 0 to 120 mph in 2.5 seconds! So very excited about this AP now! I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for this one!

I'm running Rise right now, but I'm doing Crown next and I'm thinking Steampunk is the way to go with it. Zeitgeist has some neat stuff in it that may help with the setting. I'm very interested to see how your game goes. Please keep us updated. :)

Yeah, only the human has met Shalelu so far. I don't remember if she shows up again in a needed role in the AP.

I just ran the first part of Burnt Offerings last night and I was sure to tell the players that the sounds of battle were everywhere. I tried to make it as chaotic as possible by not using a map either so they didn't know exactly who was fighting around them, just who was fighting them. It went well.

Yeah, there's been a few rotten apples, like I said, but again, there's only so many times that little goblin can put his life on the line for these strangers before even the naysayers have to admit that while he's a foul little bastard, he's their foul little bastard! I'm sure there will be some that will never look beyond his green skin, but for the most part the town as a whole like him.

The guy at the horse stables though...there's going to be a problem there...


It went well...after both the Sheriff and the Father spoke to most of the influential people of the city. Oh, and the goblin tries to stay cloaked to not scare anyone. I did have a few people spit on him and look down on him, but for the most part people love a hero. Especially one that always travels with his other adventurer friends. Friends that quickly stick up for him.

The Gunslinger, while he did a lot of damage, he was dropped twice and almost a third. Lots of damage, but really squishy seems to be OK for now. Even the damage, while good, is less than the fighter (and only human in the group) does for the most part.

It went really well actually. The Players are LOVING it! Thanks for all the advice guys!

A side note: Is it just me or is Sandpoint, like, the Florida for Adventurers? :P

Oh, and yes, both the Drow and the Goblin took adopted.

Nobody likes the poor Goblin huh? I'm inclined to think a hero's a hero, not matter how small. Or green. The point is, while I see there might be some racial tension, I think of folks of Sandpoint as good people that would look beyond one's skin and the things others of his race do and accept him. After all, if a goblin helped fend off an attack force, well, he just might be OK in my book. (You gotta read all that like it's in the old west) :P

HOWEVER, the Role Playing aspect I have handled, it's the mechanics I'm worried about. If you guys think no cleric is OK, then I won't force the issue with them. Gunslinger isn't too out of hand, got it. Game is Sunday, I'll let you know how it goes.

Good call sir. I'm sure that the sources I used didn't take into count the wearing of armor, weapons and full kit.

@Dryder, I'm using Hero Points as well, I'm hoping that helps with whole "dying" thing. :P

@leo, Will a Gunslinger break both versions of the AP or just the older one? It's been my understanding that the newer anniversary edition shouldn't be a problem. Am I wrong? Have you run the newer one and will it make a difference?

Thanks for the input guys!

First, it takes 16 hours to walk 50 miles. Not days. That's not even riding which means Magnimar isn't really all that far away. Now, knowing that and looking at the map of Varisia, it wouldn't take long at all to go, as it were, "There And Back Again".

Second, 1000 people may also count those that are passing through town and staying a few days or weeks or whatever. I kind of imagine Sandpoint as a waypoint for adventurers, I mean, check out some of those NPCs! It's like a relaxing stop over.

Just a few thoughts.

OK, I'm starting my RotRL camgaign on Sunday and I have a few questions about if my plans/party/etc. will cause a problem. As DMs that have run this before, I humbly ask your advice!

The Party:

I gave them 25pts to make their characters. We have a Drow Gunslinger, a Goblin Alchemist, a Tefling Witch and a Oread Monk. Now, I'm not asking about RP problems (I see a lot of those already), more balance. I gave them the extra points because, well, look at them! Not a even a Cleric among them! Personally, I love a challenge and I hope they do too.

The Plan:

I'm going to do no xp and level them when I think is good (I have a whole chart) and I'm thinking of throwing in an extra adventure that takes place in Varisia. So, in during Burnt Offerings, after the attack and before the glassworks, I'm running Murder's Mark. My question is: Will this extra magic items/money cause me havok later down the line? Has anyone else done this? How did it go?

Thanks for all the help!

I don't know, I'd let someone play a goblin. Maybe one from a tribe far away that was wiped out and was taken in by the other players. I'd have him be good though, an abberation of sorts. Kinda like Broo the brood in Wolverine and the X-Men comics. I think it would be neat! Lots of RP opertunity there.

Yeah, I think the only issue you'll come across is that the exotic races go for a bit more when selling them into slavery. At least, that's how I picture the Shackle Pirates thinking of it. :P

When I saw that arm it just confirmed my Air Pirates Steampunk alternative campaign. I'm going steam all the way with this AP.

See, I'm down to SciFi it up, but I'm going Steampunk with it. Two Words: AIR PIRATES. Best thing EVER.

Sure! I love to see the primer and anything else you have got so far! Thanks!

After reading the first books for several other APs, I've decided on Carrion Crown. It is by far the most interesting of the APs so far and it got my creative juices flowing. A couple of changes that seem to be something others have thought of as well:

Pushing the time up to 1800's making use of guns and what not. Doing
so, I've looked at the classes and I believe I can find a place for all of them.

With the change in timeline, I'm thinking of adding some Steampunk elements as well. The idea of Horror and Steampunk has always fasinated me.

I have mannnnnny old Ravenloft adventures from 2nd edition that I think would be perfect to round out the game. In fact, I may move the entire thing to Ravenloft, nix the Whispering Tyrant and make it Azalin Rex coming back.

Any thoughts on these changes?

Yeah, I use PDF's exclusivly because JAWS can read it. I have a small amount of vision, so I may be able to do maps and high contrast is the greatest thing since sliced bread for me! I just don't think I've ever heard of a black mat with white marker combo. Could be wrong though. As for dice rollers, while they may be all over the place, many of them are just not acesseable. Many use flash, which is our kryptonite. We're looking for one that can be used with a screen reader otherwise it's worthless to us and googling JAWS accessable Dice Roller got me nothing of use.

Thanks for the input guys! I'll let you know how it goes.

Little background: First, I'm a long time DM and though I've run 3.5 in the past, this will be my first foray into Pathfinder. Second, I'm looking to run something very...Epic Fantasy for my group as most have never played a straight fantasy campaign before. Third, myself and a couple of my players are visually impaired, while this has yet to be to much of an hurdle, I'm concerned about maps.

SO! The questions: What's the best AP to run if I want to fluff it up with some modules? Which one has easy maps? Which do you feel is the most "Epic Fantasy"?

On a side note, is there a dice roller out there that would be screen reader compatible? Also, character sheets that would be compatible as well? Any other advise for us handy capable gamers?

Thanks for the help!