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Sovereign Court 2/5

My question is in regards to marrying a Blakros. How exactly does this work? Can I just make up a Blakros son/daughter for myself to marry and roleplay as him/her if we ever pass by my swanky manor in the petal district?

Here is the full text of the boon:

Friend of the Family: You have not only saved the Blakros Museum, but you have also saved Pendleton Blakros, son of the fabulously well-connected Dhrami Blakros. The family celebrates your accomplishments with a grand dinner held in your honor, introducing you Absalom’s most noteworthy nobles, and granting you a permanent +1 bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (nobility) checks made within Absalom. You have also proven yourself clever and resourceful enough to marry or be adopted into the Blakros Family, allowing you to purchase the following Vanity:
Blakros Family Member (20 PP): You are a member of the well-established Blakros noble family, granting you a comfortable townhouse in Absalom’s fashionable Petal or Ivy districts and a small staff of servants to care for it. You gain a +1 bonus on Knowledge (nobility) checks and may use that skill to make Day Job rolls. In addition, while in Absalom, your family connections grant you a +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate when dealing with other members of high society.