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At This Location wrote:
When you succeed at a check, recharge a card.
When Closing wrote:
Succeed at a Wisdom or Perception 12 check.
When Permanently Closed wrote:
On closing, you may put any of your buried cards back in your hand

I have no cards in my hand. 1 Buried card. I succeed the When Closing check.

Do I get the buried card in my hand and have to recharge it? or is it recharge first (nothing to recharge) then get the buried card?

I lean towards recharge first as soon as I succeed the check, then put the buried card back into my hand. But it has been challenged, so I'll ask here :)

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I plan on getting all 7 class decks and mix the boons of the appropriate adventure number to the box and was wondering if it will all fit along with everything else. Without sleeves, of course.

Also, I would like to know if the Ultra-Pro insert that is about to be released soon..ish will incorporate enough space for all 7 class decks to fit as well (with sleeves). Or since there are future class decks to be released, a separate box to keep everything organized?

I liked the idea of having space for all 6 adventure deck boxes + add-on deck and having it all fit in one base set box. However, now that there are all these other deck boxes available as well as upcoming ones, it would be kinda neat to have the box insert focus on fitting all the cards that are out of their respective boxes and have the boxes organized separately. This way there won't be deck boxes (some even empty) in the insert and have extra space for more cards or even all the cards, and maybe then we wouldn't need to keep the empty deck boxes at all.