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There are two other issues with the map, that may be more consequential.

-Distance from Kiutu to BloodSalt: the AP mentions this as more than a day, one day's travel, a journey that can be made overnight, etc. But on the map it's about 50 miles.

-Rivers: On the map, the country is split by big rivers, but this isn't really reflected in the narrative.

Hi, I've just started running Kindled Magic, and I have a few questions. This is my first time DM'ing P2E, so my questions might be a little simple.

1. Calculating XP? The intro to book says (under Learning Experience): "Throughout the Strength of Thousands Adventure Path, the heroes gain XP not from winning fights, but from solving mysteries, aiding others, or even just making friends. This makes a lot of sense in non-combat quests like the 'Searching Kafesi Market' quest. But with some of the other sections, I'm less clear.

In something like the Tempest Sun-Mage Assignment, where there's a most-likely-scenario combat and an optional quest XP award, would the GM only award the XP for the combat encounter?

Where there's both combat and quest XP, is the GM supposed to award both? The Cascade Bearer assignment is a good example.

I'm hoping I can get to a general rule like if there's no quest XP listed, award only encounter/combat XP, and if there's combat and quest XP, award both.

2. How many students does the Magaambya have? Some of the content seems like there is 9-10 total students, and other sections suggest there's a good deal more. Coming from the P1 APs I was surprised there wasn't a Gazeteer with more info.