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Please send me a copy too

Gasp! Email:


Is there a place where they list the official abbreviations for classes and races? I've tried searching but not been able to find it. I'm likely missing it someplace, so if someone knows, I'd greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

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You definitely have people reading this. Keep it up.

I run it over at Myth-weavers, but here is the link. We are just getting started. If you have any account over there, join as a reader and you can see it all.

Just starting a pbp game using this. The players are :
Human Alchemist
Human Oracle of Lore
Human Anti-Paladin of Asmodeus
Dwarf Fighter
Orc Monk

They are big on smashing things, so it should be an interesting go. Not a lot in the way of healing, though the Alchemist may be called into action to help with that. The Oracle may be seeing some of that action as well.

Has anyone done a conversion of RHoD? I figure it might make an interesting conversion with Kingmaker?

Do you still need player for your kingmaker game? I'm wanting to find a kingmaker game someplace to get into.