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You could do a very standard sword and shield build. It would allow you to tank, and deal some decent damage.

Thank for the ideas.

I like thunder and fang, but I don't think it would generate the free bullrushs like a regular shield would. Otherwise that would be awesome. I am definitely remembering that for other builds.

Miser I also like this idea. I was worried about dr screwing up my dpt and taking the fighter feats that ignore dr is easy thing I missed. Thank you.

I have heavily considered doing this with my feats instead.

1 Power attack TWF
2 expertise
3 improved bullrush
4 improved shield bash
5 improved trip
6 greater trip
7 Shield slam
8 improved twf
9 Combat reflexes
10 greater bullrush
11 shield master
12 hammer the gap (uc)
13 greater twf
14 tw rend
15 step up
16 weapon focus
17 weapon spec
18 greater focus
19 greater spec
20 bashing finish

I believe you are correct. However I would like some info comparing 2-h foehammer to hammer and shield or maybe a way to increase my dpt on the above build.

Foehammer gets a great ability to get a trip attempt every time you succeed at a bullrush, and the best way to get a free bullrush is with a shield. I just don't think this build will do enough damage to be really threatening.

My rough idea was this list of feats
Power attack TWF
improved bullrush
improved shield bash
improved trip
greater trip
Shield slam
improved twf
Combat reflexes
greater bullrush
shield master
hammer the gap (uc)
shatterspell (AR)
shield spec
missle shield
ray shield (apg)
tripping strike
bashing finish

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Foehammer is specifically for dwarven fighters.

Your input is appreciated.

I am making a foehammer for rise of the ruin lords camp that is coming up and I was hoping to find some advice here.

My search-fu seemed weak and I figured posted was the best way to get help.

I am heavily considering hammer and shield for the build to take advantage of the free bullrush and trip attempts, but any build ideas would be helpful.

Sorry to double post, but I am going to argue that if my animal has learned the handle animal skill then it can teach all the tricks therefore knows all the tricks.

Thanks for responding. This guy will want it printed in a book so I do not think the SRD would work. I am going to check out an old monsters manual. .

Incase this helps. He wanted to distinguish between int 3 and int 5 saying that there was difference of some kind when i sited the griffon example. Which amazes me because the system does not seem to note a huge difference between the scores.

Hey I am designing a druid for a game and my GM wants a sited source showing that if I give my animal int 3 it no longer needs tricks. I sited the int rules from the players, the paragraph on magical animals then the mechanics for griffon training from the bestiary. Is there anything that says specifically that animals over int 2 do not need tricks and can just take orders? References in 3.5 books are expectable.