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I haven't played or run in a couple years (end of pfs season 5) I was GM alot. I don't remember buying the 1st ed core, Ultimate Equipment, Ultimate combat, Ultimate magic, and Bestiary 1 and 2 PDFs. My order history doesn't show it, and I don't have an email showing it as a gift. IS there a way to find out where they came from?

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New to the area how do I contact (1)
Is this weekly or monthly (2)
Will I need all my normal gear or will spare pregens maybe dice be available until my own arrive?

Okay, so about a month ago after me my fellow friends finished our campaign we came up with an idea for a pvp battle before we start a new campaign. here are the stats for the charcters.

gold to be spent 1760000 or less
level 40
feats 20
ability score increases 10
1st ability scores(before picking race cannot go over 20)
For my build I was plannig on running a Tiefling (sniper rogue 20, shadowdancer 10, And assasin 10) I would like to use stealth but i have a felling they've planed for this already. and i don't know how to build my characters any other way.
As for my opponents I know they'll be
1. Magus/eldritch knight/stalwart defender
2. Inquisiter/Unkown
3. Barbarian/Fighter (three of these)
6. ninja/monk
7. Ranger/horizon walker/nature warden
8. the terain our GM made (no info total secret from him)