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There are so many people that made my time on this site special. Gary was always at the forefront of the fun whimsey I felt being here. It was a struggle for me to get to post on any community and what he did made me feel so welcome. Even to this day where I'm nostalgic for these message boards.

I always loved hearing about the projects and ideas he was working on. It brought me a bit of that mirth hearing from him.

Even far away from him, just knowing the bit from him over the years of chats, I feel that this is such a loss. I'm thankful for every moment that I had and wish the best for those closer.

Thank you Gary.

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Prank War Map

I've just sent out chronicle sheets. Let me know if there needs to be any corrections.

Once again thank you all again for letting me run for you. It was my pleasure.

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Prank War Map

Despite his speed, the wounds slow his reaction as he tries to pivot away from Jinglemane. The delay is enough for Jinglemane being able to strike a mortal blow because of those cold iron teeth.

Numblekin is down only leaving the Jinkin

Courageous Anthem: +1 attack and damage. Ends start of round 4.
Round 3
Shayna (8 damage)
Aella (14 damage)
Doven (0 damage)
Numblekin [Red] (64 damage)
Jinkin [Green]

Shayna, Aella, Kit, and Doven can act.

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

It has been wonderful. Thank you for letting me join you for these adventures. I will look forward to playing with you all again in the future.

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Prank War Map

The Unseen Servant is dispelled, but that initiative is also when the remaining fire has to spread. The name of the initiative should be Fire.

Because of the efforts with the servant is no longer moving around fire, the fire on the bookshelf is the only one immediately threatening to spread immediately.

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Prank War Map

Ms. LaForent's classroom is fully of colorful paints. There is a significant amount of glowing novelty ink that has been spilled across desks. At the center of the room is a terrarium sitting atop a stool with a dunce cap placed atop. Inside is a pet tortoise, painted a jaunty pearlescent blue, sleepily munching on a head of lettuce while students work elsewhere in the room.

Students have paints and ink and draw on the walls and desks of the room, each drawing a depiction of a opossum. Some scrawl inside desk drawers while other hide theirs poking out from behind posters. Most of the students are young and having simple characteristics.

Geltra and Tels are among them working on a more lifelike depiction of one climbing the chalkboard. Geltra acknowledges the Pathfinders with a wave as she details, "hello again! We went back to the books after your notes and decided to try another way to bring the opossums into the classroom. It should still achieve a substantial reaction from Ms. LaForent when the comes in." She directs about the room before noting, "we have tried to find as many reference drawings to create good pictures, but we have been able to only find a few, can you recommend any books on the subject or provide your own insight?"

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Prank War Map

Summarizing the mission thus far

At the request of J Dacilane you have come to Dacilane Academy to aid in the mentorship, judging, and safety of the students during Dacilane Academy's First Prank War. The event was set to be relatively short running from 10 in the morning until noon with the party to be the judges of the event to determine who should earn the Dandy-Lion Medal of Foolery.

J mentioned the students should be ready for anything, including neutral parties to be involved. He had not anticipated fey getting involved and even though Kit's mention of sprites to be just a joke.

The party has helped a number of students including Cass Farsight who was initially felt this to be entirely frivolous until the party convinced her that the event was worthwhile and to join with the other students. Near the shed there were a number of younger students gathered around Geltra and Tels Olsen as the students were trying to lead the opossums elsewhere for their prank. They mentioned the animals were unusually riled up. The party told the students to leave the opossums alone and they headed back into one of the classrooms to come up with another prank. In the school's field the party helped Vim Moneymaker, Hari, and a number of the older students in a recreation of the ghostly Student #19. The party offered their knowledge of specters and dress while making sure no one got hurt installing the pulley system. In the library you met with Duaro who was leading other students in the creation of a maze of mirrors. Duaro incorporated the parties suggestions of plants of shadows in to their designs.

Before the party could check in with the students who were at the shed, J interrupted the party asking for assistance. J was being pelted by a continuously regenerating pie and, while he wasn't mad, he wanted to bring some eventual end to it. Knowing this was outside the power of any student, he asked you to investigate. Your investigations led you to the lunchroom where a number of house spirits, various kinds of fey, were throwing pies at each other, the cooking teacher, and then the party. Most were relatively safe, but at least one of the pies that struck Jinglemane was filled with nails! The party were able to convince the house spirits to stop and end the prank harassing J.

The fey mentioned that their fey caravan had heard about the Prank War and that the entire caravan were excited to participate. These house spirits claimed that they were just the first of many. The party suggested the fey take other roles, like guiding students, but the fey seemed not especially interested.

When J was told about this, he was surprised but not completely opposed to the idea of the fey participation, as long as students were safe. While he was going to speak to teachers and the fey, J suggested the party continue with seeking out students in need while keeping an eye out for additional fey mischief.

There are only a handful of classrooms the party have left unexplored classrooms including Ms. LaForent's classroom, where Geltra and Tels headed to following your encounter at the front of the school.

Recap Over

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

"This would be like some goblin trial, but all the other trials they gave had a story. Bear eats you is a short story."

Galvaka moves forward, she is inclined to barrel into the gave, but she keeps her distance with the others as she gauges to see how resilient the bear is against freezing temperatures.

Casting Ray of Frost at Bear
Ray of Frost - Attacking Bear, Guidance: 1d20 + 7 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 7 + 1 = 19
Ray of Frost - Cold Damage: 1d4 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4

◆Stride ◆◆ Ray of Frost

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Corabee Cori Rolls

Feint vs Perception DC: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 28

+1 Short Sword Attack: 1d20 + 9 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 9 + 1 = 21

Finisher Short Sword Damage: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2
Finisher Damage (precision): 2d6 ⇒ (2, 1) = 3 Half of this damage if attack regular fails

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

Scouting Lore plus Short Cut: 1d20 + 7 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 7 + 1 = 11

Galvaka's attention is to divided to provide effective scouting for this leg as she shows amazement at the artic forests. She bounces around as she looks about the plant-life and shows admiration of the frigid environment.

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

"Oh! Nice song!" Galvaka as she follows the lyrics. She mulls over and mutters to herself as she chants

"We won't show wolves any fear,
because we are well equipped with gear.
We resist the all their bite,
As we train them to better fight.
We be Wolf Chew Toys and take some scar,
But with wolf and dino allies we will go far!"

Galvaka enjoys the bit to her self as she sings it aloud. "I might agree with allies though, a bit too long and maybe remove 'Chew'."

Looking toward the powerfully built man, Galvaka questions, "If you are without fail, does that mean you are the reigning champions if you succeeded right? You must be real good at racing, especially if you aren't leaving a trail!"

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

"Honestly, killing isn't really any gratitude at all. If you need help the Society provides lots of it, but I don't think we can help you with all the talk about taking out strength." Drawing the flask of holy water, she declares, "you don't get to rob our strength!"

Holy Water vs Blue, Bless: 1d20 + 7 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 7 + 1 = 27
Good Damage: 1d6 ⇒ 1 Plus 1 good splash damage

With the flask emptied, Galvaka tries to tumble through in the chaos.

Acrobatics to Tumble through Blue Reflex DC: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

◆ Interact to draw flask ◆ Strike ◆ Tumble Through

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

"You had your fun stabbing, but I draw my line at you stabbing my friends so you need to stop now!" Galvaka bounds forward in front of Ashun as she strikes out with a blade arcing with lightning.

Attack - Spellstrike Shocking Grasp
Spellstrike Dogslicer - Attacking Red: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
Slashing Damage: 1d6 ⇒ 2
Shocking Grasp - Electricity Damage: 2d12 ⇒ (9, 8) = 17

◆ Stride ◆◆ Spellstrike

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None
GM Lantern wrote:
How did that formatting feel to you as players?

It felt very good. I took a bit to mull this over and I have very good feelings on how you handled the adventure. There are some situations where more back-and-forth works well for the adventure, encounter, or just to give a moment to recover for another leg of the adventure. I agree with you that back-and-forth can really slow down momentum in a game depending on the players. Your handling of pacing felt great.

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

"Use fire?!" Galvaka calls out with glee as she leaps from her hiding spot. Not waiting a smallest moment for confirmation, she cackles while conjuring and launching a ball of fire across the room toward the elementals.

Produce Flame vs Blue Off-Guard: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19
Fire: 1d4 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

Delighted with her throw, Galvaka ignites her weapon like a torch. "I can makes lots of fire!"

◆◆ Cast Produce Flame, ◆ Arcane Cascade

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

Galvaka nods to Branch's offer saying, "yes, yes! Please fix me up. This is not the worse I've gotten bit, but it still make me feel woozy. More pickles next time, but I've been hungry going into swamp and I would have eaten them already anyway."

It takes a considerable effort for Galvaka to sit still for her wounds to be tended to, she refocuses as one of hands doodles in the dirt. She looks toward Kazuuk as she introduces herself, "I'm Galvaka! No poison! Only stabbing. Some cold. Cold makes one sick, but it isn't poison. Cold keeps meat better which makes it negative poison."

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

"No!" Galvaka yells out chastising the frog. "Just because you don't get to eat me doesn't mean you get to eat someone else! Eating people is not good at all!"

Empowered by her magic, Galvaka bounds across the ground to get behind the frog and cast another freezing spell into her blade as she looks to free Ashun immediately.

Attack - Spellstrike Ray of Frost
Spellstrike Dogslicer - Attacking Red Off Guard: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
Slashing Damage - Stoke the Heart, Arcane Cascade (cold), Backstabber: 1d6 + 2 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 2 + 3 + 1 = 11
Ray of Frost - Cold Damage - Stoke the Heart: 1d4 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 3 + 2 = 8

◆ Stride, ◆◆ Spellstrike

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

Inspired by magic coursing through her body, Galvaka seems as though she thinks she is untouchable. She laughs as the first bite strikes. Then she panics as the second chomp comes down and holds her firm. "No this is all wrong! You don't eat me! Let go of me!"

Galvaka is beating on the frog's mouth with the butt of the dagger as comments on Ashun's concern, "I don't worry about Self! This is a me-defense!"

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

Late but noting that school item is the minor healing potion.

Galvaka laughs as she shares bits of her own work with the informant of the work with Rain in Cloudy Day. In the end she thanks them with a smile, "I wouldn't worry about them, we will follow up with them and see that they are taken care of." With a bit of a bigger grin she adds, "although I suggest you avoid them next time pass through, because they will be a much harder mark next time." With some more thanks she heads back to the group.

She tells the other Pathfinder, "Rain did pass through the city, but most of it was pinched. Coin and supplies stolen. They were determined though and it sounds though they made their way to the swamp with the barest bits. We might want to check our bags and have an extra blanket for them."

The goblin bobs her head as she thinks about the setting for room and board and suggests, "making the coin carry you day to day is important skill, but lot of people out there looking to take saved coin. Nice people, also not nice people, but I would stay in the inn. Safer until I get a few more days to know where is not safe and really not safe."

Heading into the Swamp, Galvaka would be Searching at +3 Perception.

Horizon Hunters

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Female Goblin Magus 2 | HP 26/26 | AC 18 (19 w/ Shield) | F: +8 R: +7 W: +5 | Speed 25’ (30’ w/ arcane cascade) | Exploration: Avoid Notice| Conditions: None

Before briefing

A panting goblin with a blue hue to her skin rushes toward the room and slide past the doorway before skidding to a stop. She has the bare essentials of gear on herself. A scrap blade is tied to one of her sides and on her back she carries a pack that has a large book, at least relative to her size, that is bound to the bag.

She gives a two handed waves as she declares, "Hello! I'm Galvaka and will certainly help! If it doesn't look like I'm helping though, don't worry. I'm very sneaky and my aid is even sneakier! I'm probably helping right now!"

After recovering, her posture changes as she skulks into the room; all the while eyeing the various bits, bobs, trophies, and blades. She has a wide grin on her face that shows little regret or embarrassment for her near crash. She slips into the briefing carefully, as though intending to not draw notice. That is less effective as she passes through the middle finding a chair to listen to the briefing.

After briefing

Upon hearing the others, the goblin thrusts her arm up and waves it frantically, but she doesn't wait for a hint for permission as she questions, "what kind of ruins are these? Is it a lost city- I bet it is a lost city. Or could it be a crypt of one of those old Taldan nobility? That would be very nice with undead lurking about with jewels and expensive hats on their heads!"

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Prank War Map

No problem. There are a lot of names right now. Since I haven't mentioned them in one post I'll put a glossary here of most of the names. This isn't necessarily but just to make it easier if you were trying to reference other posts for names. The skittermander names were first seen when entering the barracks in this post (link).

Names and Characters:


Hunting Party
Brigadier Teshgari: Vesk military officer looking for big game hunting.
Mimzy: Skittermander aid to Brigadier Teshgari. Mobile nutritionist.
Jomp: Skittermander aid to Brigadier Teshgari. Artillery aide.

Allsix Assist (that you have met)
Sprout: Skittermander spirit. Interests include gardening.
Prismacora: Skittermander spirit. Interests include skittermander-folk music.

Allsix Assist (that you have not met)
Viverivim: Confused/unmanifested skittermander spirit. Interests include painting portraits and landscapes. Married to Bixby.
Bixby: Confused/unmanifested skittermander spirit. Leader of the Allsix Assist. Interests are teamwork friendship and their love for Viverivim. Married to Viverivim.
Tipps: Confused/unmanifested skittermander spirit. Computer specialist that created Compy. Interests include cartoons from their era including media and toys.
Razzlefrazz: Confused/unmanifested skittermander spirit. Interests include fireworks and explosions.

Allsix Assist: The group of six skittermanders that operated within this base.
Compy: AI that exists on the Allsix Assist's computer system helping with access to data.
Adrovor (Has not been named up to now): The undead vesk that perished in an explosion during attack on base. Former member of Veskarium military.

Vesk-3 (Oeddertchonk): Skittermander home world and location of your current mission. Species from the planet tend to have eight limbs including skittermanders and stridermanders.
Ewagadravona: Town you arrived in upon reaching planet. Fortified town on continent of Aberanderen and entracne into Gadraveech.
Gadraveech: The subterranean realm below the surface of this planet. A highly dangerous region composed of a maze of tunnels and caverns. Source of a large number of dangerous beasts.

Prismacora doesn't know the status of the computer and repairs even if she were in front of it. She and Sprout ruminate a bit on what it it would take to bring the computer over here, but say the sprinkler system might be good for the computer over the daily, scheduled waterings.

The Spirits don't know the status of Compy because they can't see Compy and neither are able to match your technical skill. From what you were able to tell, both the computer system and Compy are fully operational.

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Prank War Map
Darkrunner-42 wrote:
Do your friends sometimes wander these halls as you do here? Also, are you aware of creatures that have taken up residence in this complex? Perhaps you noticed what corridors they have moved into?

"No," responds Sprout as they shake their head dejectedly. "They all remain here. Appear once in while, but only for moments and confused. I haven't been to leave my garden, although I don't think I'd want do. I can't tell but they don't go anywhere else either."

To the question of other creatures Sprout quickly realizes, "oh, you mean the stridermanders? Yes, they came here recently an have made the place far more lively after years of quiet."

"The little ones visit sometimes. A big one came in and stole some of our bones once, which was super means!" They huff a bit at the theft before letting any animosity evaporate as they admit, "But I suppose they need them more than we do."

Momo Strawberry wrote:
Is there some way you can let Tipps know? Momo says, a bit uncertain about formalities in the afterlife.

"Well, just as well as you I think," Sprout says gesturing to the bones. "Tipps is here with everyone else, but I'm not sure if they can understand well. I'm not sure any of them can."

Momo Strawberry wrote:

I was just thinking that Prismacora would have loved to hear a song. Momo says to sprout.

A bit forlorn herself, she decides to retrieve the instrument anyway. [/b]Mimzy, Jomp, do any of you know...[/b]

If they don't, she'll just put it next to the piles of bones and tries to sing a verse.

Mimzy and Jomp are happy to offer their musical singing, but neither of them has learned to play any instruments, although they make it clear that they are both willing to learn.

As Momo lays the triticale next to the pile of bonus there is a manifestation of swirls of light and color that quickly combine and form a into another skittermander that glows with a pink aura. She stretches and shake her head for a moment before leaping to Sprout and giving them a big hug. "It is a supertastic day to talk to you Sprout! I mean I feel like I've been wandering about for the longest of times"

Sprout responds in kind and cheers. The new spirit looks at all of you and has a glimmer of curiosity and a smile as they say with wave, "hello nufriends! I'm Prismacora and it is wonderful to meet you all. It has been a bit of a blur since I died, but I want to say I think you just brought my instrument? If you did thank you so much!"

Sprout proclaims, "yes they brought here and helped you feel better! They were even singing a song for you!" Looking to the team they add, "could you help the rest?"

* * * *

Meanwhile, outside the gardens Brigadier Teshgari keeps watch on the corners as she glances at the gathering spirits and notes, "Skittermander over-help is a recurring problem on Vesk-3 and must be carefully managed. Left unchecked it has caused embarrassment, military disasters, and civilian death. If these skittermanders where attacked by the Veskarium, they did something to deserve it. Caused some catastrophe, no doubt."

Sprout hears and flies up to garden door as they say, "well I might be a bit biased, but I'm going to have to disagree. We caused no such bother for good people."

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Prank War Map

"I'll take that under advisement as I proceed Norbert," Royo answers as he furrows his brow in consideration. "My inclination is for learning and sharing knowledge and, one could argue, that the were left to run their operation freely by dispatching the covert investigation into them."

"Needless to say I will be in communication with Celita and the First Seeker on how to proceed. Thank you again for your efforts and I wish you well for your hard work."

With that Royo dismisses you all and frees you all to your own interests.

Thank you all for the adventure and I look forward to joining with you all again in the future.

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Prank War Map

Happy to share all the information stored on the system Compy does show other files.

Sprout has various records on plants she was growing. The records indicate that they were primarily herbs, vegetables, and flowers. There is notes on how well they responded to varying degrees of water, humidity, and artificial sunlight.

Viverivim has thousands of photographs of paintings. Most are graffiti plastered on homes, Veskarium complexes, signs, and roads. The graffiti tends to color explosions or beautiful landscapes with bold tag lines like "Allsix Assist," "Allsixers Unite," or "We help! You should too!"

Most of the pictures show the group of six skittermanders smiling and posing in front of the art. Producing a slideshow of the pictures Compy commentates, "Viverivim was bringing skittermanders and the Veskarium closer with his art."

"Same for everyone of the team trying to bring everyone closer together! Prismacora helped with music. Do you want to hear?" Compy asks the question but doesn't wait for the response before playing one of hundreds of videos of the pink skittermander. She performs with her guitar as she sings cliché, but catchy, songs about friendship, helping and her love of the Veskarium.


♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫
I know you think we’re different, I know you think they’re strange,
I know they don’t appreciate all the help we give.
But we’ve got a job to do my friends, we’ve got a lesson to share,
We need to help our neighbors learn to love, and give, and care.

Because there’s no them, only us,
We’re all in this together,
There’s no them, only us,
Only we can make it better,
There’s no them, only us,
Reach out Allsix,
Open your heart,
And let them in.

I know you think they work us hard; I know they take advantage,
They’re never happy with the help they’ve been given.
But we’ve got a job to do my friends, we’ve got a lesson to study,
We need to help our neighbors embrace our community.

Cause there’s no them, only us,
We’re all in this together,
There’s no them, only us,
Together we can make it better,
There’s no them, only us,
Reach out Allsix,
Open your heart,
And let them in.
There’s no them, only us.
We’re family
♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

The video produces glee and delight from Mimzy and Jomp as they dance about.

Brigadier Teshgari makes distances away from the chaos as she readies her weapon as she checks various hallways.

If there are more questions for Compy you can ask them, otherwise where would you like to go?

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Prank War Map
Momo Strawberry wrote:
That's enough, Compy Momo says as soon as it becomes clear where the video is headed, thank you. What else did you help Razzlefrazz with? Do you have a map of this structure?

"Well I helped Razzlefrazz with storing and displaying their videos and processing orders for his tools and materials. Although those orders were handled by Tipps." Compy happily presents more information opening the user files for Tipps.

Most of the files are cartoons with Compy noting, "their favorite was Nufriend Yufriend, although Glitter Surprise was a frontrunner."

Presenting a number of accounting sheet Compy says that Tipps was the groups accountant. There are detailed records here indicating payments and expenses for several years ending about two centuries ago. The records show that the Veskarium paid Allsix Assist the funds to build the base and paid them again after each of their three hundred self-assigned missions.

Tracking down this information a bit more indicates though that the Tipps had gained access to the Veskarium's accounts and was transferring money to the Allsix Assist themselves.

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Prank War Map

"Absolutely,"[b] is the jubilant answer from Compy. [b]"This was the base of the Allsix Assist, a team devoted to helping the Veskarium on this planet. The Allsixers wanted to unite skittermander and vesk in the growing Veskarium."

"You seem to like voice commands just like Razzlefrazz did and I'm happy to help you just like I did for him. The purpose of my creation by Tipps was to help since Razzlefrazz needed a fair bit of help with the computers," admits the AI without too much change in their cheer.

"Oh! I have many video records Razzlefrazz made for their fireworks. I'll pull them up now!" Compy is excited to show and display the data for you.

There are a multitude of small videos much of which featuring a purple-furred skittermander with a long bear testing fireworks and bombs in the nearby bunker. The remainder show outdoor fireworks displays. Most of the videos have limited visuals as the recording is blocked by the purple beard of finger of the person recording.

Near the last of the videos is a outdoor video that starts with a male skittermander whooping with glee and shouting "Allsix Assist!" while a spray of fireworks shoot into the sky and create a barrage of colorful explosions. In the distance the video shows furious vesk arming themselves with weapons as they yell "we're under attack" in response to the fireworks display.

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Prank War Map

The computerized AI shakes their avatar as they refuse access. They give a bit of a happy bob as they listen to Momo respond.

Momo Strawberry wrote:
Momo gets a brief vision of a rogue onboard computer shouting bend to my will, Compy! before she shrugs it off. Hello Compy! the dancer says with a friendly voice I am a nufriend of Bixby, who should be in your database. We're trying to help-

As soon as Momo says help, Compy immediately interrupts Momo, "I would love to! What can I help you with today?" At the same time various applications and directories become accessible on the console.

Compy happily provides various pictures as they say, "it is a joy and a celebration to meet you nufriend. Bixby tries to make so many nufriends and my algorithms are delighted that some are still around. Especially given the likely demise of Bixby following the vesk soldiers performing their attack on the base, death of Tibbs and the damage to my systems. Especially since, based on timestamps, it has been two hundred years! You look very good for your age!"

Without a dip in their cheer and delight Compy continues, "I would be happy to give you access to their logs and files. Bixby wasn't the root user, but was the founder of Allsix Assist. They didn't keep many files on the system but I can provide them!"

A few files are presenting on the screen and include blueprints of public places, Veskarium buildings, and brief mission logs.

Excerpt of Bixby's Mission Log wrote:

Rainbow Fantabulous: Art tour extravaganza. ✔✔

Helpity Helpers 13: Do good. ✔ ✔
Operation Sound-Good: Policy improvements (fix the boring stuff!). ✔✔
Hope-Shield Engage: Protect citizens from villainy. ✔✔
Super-Awesome Mission 26: Parade beautification. ✔✔
Only Us: Sing song of unity. ✔✔
Special Delivery 42: Deliver gifts for soldiers. ✔

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Prank War Map

"Intruders detected," echo the robots as they scan their sensors across the party. "Seeking appropriate protocols."

"Protocol database not found. Applying default response: termination."

Their rotors moves into attack positions as two rush toward the closest Starfinders. The batons swing with all the momentum as they charge forward. "Closing distance. Maximizing force."

Blue Baton vs Trill KAC: 1d20 + 4 - 2 ⇒ (18) + 4 - 2 = 20
Bludgeoning Damage: 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Just confirming, would Trill like to use reflecting armor here?

Blue Baton vs Chance KAC: 1d20 + 4 - 2 ⇒ (11) + 4 - 2 = 13
Bludgeoning Damage: 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

The strikes connect, but only deal the lowest of their potential damage. They attempt to keep close, but give error messages declaring that their close combat routines can not be found.

The other two hang farther back in the room as they declare their intent, "complimenting melee attacks with ranged support. Initiating firing patterns."

Yellow Pistol vs. Norbert KAC: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
Cold & Piercing Damage: 1d4 ⇒ 2

White Pistol vs. Albrik KAC: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Cold & Piercing Damage: 1d4 ⇒ 2

The attacks land off target and fire frozen projectiles into the wall and floor. "Recalibration needed on targeting sensors."

As they charge in Almina is calling through the comms to Trill. "Absolutely not friendly! Keep flying, I think I can slow their programming a bit!"

After she declares that the bright yellow robot beings sparking and twitching as it struggles to mount a defense. Yellow is currently flat-footed.

Round 1
. blue (charge -2 AC)
. red (charge -2 AC)
. yellow (flat-footed)
. white
Chance (3 damage)
Round 2
Trill (3 damage)

Everyone is up!

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Prank War Map

The response from Almina in regards to RZMR's debate is one that depicts consideration.


Routing the communication into the network and granting her access is simple process. You get a call on the comms soon after along with a few prompts for camera and audio access.

Answering the call produces a warbling sound as the comms settle. Within is a cheery voice voice, although a bit exhausted, coming through as she asks, "hello? Hello? Am I coming through clear?"

"I think I'm connected! You should be able to move around and I'll give some support as I dig around here."

Where does the party wish to go? Explore down the hallway and the doors along the northern path, or into the larger room?

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Prank War Map

"That is wonderful," announces Morning Song. "Investigating the Rec Room sounds like a perfect idea. I actually think there is something we have on that can help. Just relax her the beverages and I'll be right back."

Lulo buzzes as they take their own look at the enlistment records. "Bloodly arrogant. It was almost taken as certain that Iroiveth was a false identify since they were no records of them. It seems like people were giving them far more credit if they were just working with their registered name!"

Pulling from the records, Norbert isn't able to find any record of Evethriel's presence in the Society despite being able to find other records of Starfinders from that same era. Norbert is able to confirm that Venture-Captain Koerah was a leader of that era that had vanished and was never found in the years since.

RZMR is able to follow more extensive chains of records from the past centuries and identifies that Koerah has a few surviving descendants including the currently active Venture-Captain Arvin. Arvin is a Venture-Captain based on Absalom Station and is a responsible for much for the missions many, including several of you, have been assigned to in your time as Starfinders.

The records regarding the group Iroiveth traveled with are limited and there isn't much detail on the group aside it being a small team that worked together approximately made up of six members. Their records might be among the documents you searched, but there is no lead among the document to help identify them.

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Prank War Map

Given the plethora of records Chance does start going through the vast array of documents. She is able to find one of the enlistment boxes that has records for the time period that matches when Ivoiveth was suspected of being a member of the Society. After nearly an hour going through each record one by one, Chance finds a record for Iroiveth.

Within the box are two sequential files for the enlistment of Iroiveth and their sister Evethriel that applied to join, and were accepted into, the Starfinder Society together. There attached pictures along with the documents that depicted a pair of elves that show a striking familial likeness.

Chance is able to connect that to a nearby cache that holds personal evaluations of Starfinders for that same time period. It takes a bit more time but she fines another bit of information in the form of an evaluation by Venture-Captain Koerah, a Venture-Captain from a hundred years ago.

This report reviewing Iroiveth mentions a strong bond developing between a small group of Starfinders who work well together. It further comments that Iroiveth has shown natural leadership within the group.

* * * *

Elsewhere Norbert searches the far and dark corners and cubbies of the records. He is able to match them to a few boxes of records linked to the former Venture-Captain.

Within a box of records marked "filing", Norbert finds an unofficial report to Venture-Captain Koerah from someone named Almina.

Almina's Report wrote:
As requested, I followed Iroiveth and confirmed they frequently meet with the others in Rec Room 247 in the Starfinder Quarters. After I observed them entering, I waited 20 minutes before moving in for a closer look. They were no longer there! I swear they couldn’t have slipped by without me seeing them.

Another box was labeled VC Koerah and contained a collection of personal effects. The contents included pictures of the lashunta and her presumably her family. There are also some personal awards of merit and a personal diary. The diary is a yellowed book with a large number of pages that have been ripped out.

One of the entries right before that gap is of special interest.

Venture-Captain Koerah's Journal wrote:
I'm pleased to note that my youngest daughter's pregnancy is progressing well, and the infant seems healthy. I wonder if they'll follow in our footsteps and join the Starfinder Society. On a less cheerful note, Iroiveth and Evethriel have again been reported as bullying newer recruits and trying to sway them to conduct unbecoming of a Starfinder.

Following the removed pages the journal has several blank pages, but Norbert catches sight of a easy to miss entry right at the back.

Venture-Captain Koerah's Journal wrote:
This mission is unexpected. I'm sure that team is behind this somehow, but none of them are going, so it must be to get me out of the way. I'll have someone keep an eye on them in my absence. Perhaps Almina's available.

* * * *

Mizzrym' finds success as well amid stacks of inventory documents. There he found a misfiled incident report that discussed missing supplies and the suspicion that Iroiveth was involved, specifically noting that they had a duty shift a little before the alleged theft was discovered. Adding to the suspicions, the reporter states that several of Iroiveth's cronies were seen in the area. Unfortunately, insufficient evidence was found to file a formal accusation. Based on the lack of sign off or response attached to this document, it's unclear if this report was ever seen by those it was intended for.

* * * *

Both RZMR and Albrik look for trace elements of magic, unfortunately RZMR shapes the the fields as he moves about creating a trail of magic in his wake. The brief disruption is not insurmountable though and Albrik is able to just sort through it and find one of boxes filled with physical copies of mission reports still holding a waning seal protecting the contents from divination magic.

Among the reports is one where Iroiveth led a team, including Evethriel. The mission was a success, but an appended unofficial complaint states that several of the Starfinders, including the leader, were offensive in their dealings with the locals and condescending to officials.

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Prank War Map
Chance the Fortunaut wrote:

"Subdermal implant?" Chance asks, and then blinks when Royo show her. "Oh, that's lit! How do I get one of those?"

Then Chance asks, "Um, what other sort of cybernetic augmentations did you find on Ivoiveth?" Chance looks around, nervously. "Also, what sort of research do you want us to be doing? Other than some knowledge of magic and galactic culture, I'm not much of an academic." She looks embarrassed. "I spent much of my childhood surfing and doing other sports, too."

"I'm certain you will have the opportunity to gain a marker of your membership with time," responds Royo to Chance's initial query. "Ivoiveth had an extensive array of augmentations, the abilities of which I believe are still being studied today. I can't share all what I know, but I can tell you their other augmentations provided a large number of abilities including, but not limited to, enhanced senses, long-range communication, and physical endurance. They were all more advanced than anything within the Pact or Veskarium thus far."

Reaching an elevator and enters an access code. While waiting he addresses the concern about what your group may be required to do by declaring, "Chance, I suggest you are underestimating your talents even in fields of research. You will be helping sort through a vast amount of ancient physical media for any references to Ivoiveth in order to learn more about them, their activities, and their associates. A keen mind, an attentive eye, a cautious hand, or even an ample amount of patience are all useful tools here and elsewhere."

Norbert Smallfoot wrote:
"Did we get anything from Datch about how they met? Did this elf identify Datch somehow as an enemy of the Society?

"Datch's information on Ivoiveth raised as many questions as it answered." The elevator opens up and Royo steps aboard. The takes position at the back as though leading a seminar as he continues to speak. "Ivoiveth was the one that approached Datch offering information on our organization for compensation. Datch herself claimed that she suspected that Ivoiveth, or the organization they worked for, was interested against the interests of the Starfinder Society, but not of their past affiliation with our organization. She was as surprised as any other when Iroiveth employed force to ensure we didn't take Datch alive."

Offering comfort, Royo addresses the wariness and caution by saying, "Norbert and Mizzrym, I'm grateful to have you here. I do not ascribe your lack of missions to a lack of talent and experience. Having a set of fresh eyes may very well be as critical as any other."

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Based on my count and review, everyone is getting in.

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Yes, this seems to be largely settled with you six as players. I'll have a signup sheet in the next day or so set up and I'm be getting the rest of the adventure ready as well in the next few days so we can be ready when OutPost starts in full force!

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Prank War Map

I do hope everyone had a wonderful time during this adventure. I really do like this adventure and hopefully you all had a great time playing this adventure.

I welcome any and all input you have on how I ran this so I can hopefully run it even better next time.

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Prank War Map

Tsuchi-ko responds to Wonder with thanks as she says, "I'm grateful for your aid as well. I'm grateful for your gift and being able to step forward to help make sure the concert was able to continue."

Wonder is just overjoyed with the praise and being able to talk personally with her idol. She is so happy that she details all what she did today including her, unknowing, involvement with the plot and her prior sneaking in before that, all with good intentions. That certainly presents a far less favorable, although accurate, depiction of Wonder's assistance. Still Tsuchi-ko offers her thanks, but does say that Wonder should wait for public meetups going forward.

Back within Lorespire Complex, Zivigix and Celita debrief you and finally thank you for your help for the event. They both reaffirm that your efforts were instrumental to the success of the event and inform you that each of you, cohorts included, would be getting complimentary tickets to the Drift Crisis Revue.

With that, just the next weekend, you are all welcomed back to the Ruby Theater for the Drift Crisis Revue. This time instead of working the event you are fully treated as VIP guests and get to enjoy all the food, drink, and entertainment the event has to offer. You also see both Faleen and Tsuchi-ko are present as well. With Triage's treatment and the prompt hospitalization she has had a full recovery.

The show has a staggering amount of talent on display that fills the crowd with energy and there is certainly a bit of the show to appeal to almost anyone. The night passes by quickly in a barrage of entertainment concluding with Abysshead taking stage and closing out the night with their metal performance.

As the lights come back on after Abysshead's pitch-black performance, Zigvigix and Celita approach the PCs, Zigvigix with characteristic enthusiasm and Celita looking surprisingly relaxed.

"This couldn't have happened without your help," Celita says. "Your hard work kept the Star Sugar Superstar!!! contest from ending in disaster, which would have irrevocably stained what the Society was trying to accomplish with this event."

"Yes!" Ziggy beams. "You helped make the Advocates' first big charity event a runaway success. We've collected lots of credits for the Drift Crisis Relief Fund. Not enough to help everyone who's suffered, but enough to make a difference in many lives."

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Prank War Map

A few stations manage to come into to report, but station security does their best to remove Lita and her crew without too much attention. After a stint on the cameras you are pulled away again to continue helping with the event, in this case, helping coordinate with the security and clean up on the backstage.

Wonder nods a bit anxiously, looking back toward the cheering theater, as she confirms that she was happy to help bring the people who would do harm to Tsuchi-ko to justice. Both station security and event security are keeping a close eye on her in case she ever believes she can slip back into the show.

Eventually the logistics are processed and Station Security leaves while thanking you for your help.

You return to the very end of the show and find that the crowd waits with bated breath as Lynthia hands Radat a closed envelope before returning to her seat at the judge's table.

"Well, folks, here it is," Radat says, waving the envelope in the air. "The reason you came out tonight. The one and only Star Sugar Superstar!!!"

The crowd cheers and Radat waits for the room to quiet again before continuing. "But first, did I ever tell you about my last vacation to Absalom Station? It's a really long and boring story..."

The audience boos and Radat holds his hands up in a placating gesture. "All right, all right! You've made your point. Without further ado... the extremely official and formal title of Star Sugar Superstar goes to... Sonic Tumult!" The crowd goes wild, cheering as the shocked and bewildered members of Sonic Tumult are led onstage to receive pink crowns shaped like frosted cakes.

The judges offer their congratulations once more to Sonic Tumult and commending them, and every one of the bands here, for their skill and talent. Sonic Tumult themselves are astonished and can only offer a brief thanks, but after a bit more set up they are back on stage again and play out the finale of the event. The underground rockband plays their hearts out to the roar of the crowd and brings the event to a climatic finish.

Just a bit later the crowd filters out of the theater and the cleaning crews get to work. Amid the bustle of staff moving about to clean out the arena Tsuchi-ko stops to speak with you.

"I haven't had a chance to thank you for everything you've done," she says. "In the grand scheme of things, it might not seem like a concert is that important, but we brought so many people together today, and your actions saved it from disaster. You helped spread love and joy in a time when we desperately need as much of it as we can get. It's a tragedy that someone who was supposed to be sharing her joy and good energy with people was so twisted on the inside, but..." her gaze shifts to where the members of Sonic Tumult are being congratulated by several other contestants, "there's going to be plenty of people ready to fill the space Lita Starr leaves behind."

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Nonbinary leshy bard 3 | Perc +8; low-light vision | Speed 25 ft. | HP 29/35 | AC 19 | Fort +6, Ref +9, Will +8 | Spells 2nd 2, 1st 3; Focus Point 1| Exploration: Search | Status: None| Hero Points: 0

Back within the forest Fluff Fang does their best to support and share with the others leshies, both new and old. They do all they can to allow others to turn over a new leaf and find new fertile ground for their futures.

Fluff Fang is immensely grateful for such a wonderful end to a story because of how many new stories are just beginning.

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Prank War Map

Orgo isn't able to avoid the blow as the blow knocks back the uplifted bear a few inches. "You are correct though."

"I'm even smarter than the common brethren because, unlike you, I know when to take a deal, the value of a payday, and how to crack open your exoskeleton."

He draws out his heavy night-black hammer out and twists the handles. The hammer head thrums with an electric energy that arcs out in blue hues across the surface.

With a roar he swings the hammer head at Ikmanji in an attempt to overpower the vanguard in one massive swing!

Orgo Storm Hammer: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (10) + 12 = 22
Bludgeoning and Electric Damage: 1d8 + 11 ⇒ (7) + 11 = 18

He swing the hammer wide and it crashes into the brutal blow of force and electric energy.

18 damage to Ikmanji

Round 2
Ikmanji (22/40 SP)
Orgo [Blue] (9 damage)
I-apvii (4/33 SP)
Omo [Red] (20 damage, Get 'Em +1 to hit)

Triage, Jek, I-apvii, and Djakar are up!

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Prank War Map

The crowd begins to shift as the group produces evidence about the planted charge shifters and that Omo was spotted planting them.

Hearing I-apvii, Liraeus speaks up as per admit, "yeah! I saw Omo plant that device up there." Per hands shake in mimicry of Liraeus's shaky voice. "I was too scared to mention it before."

The lead singer of Monster Generation snarls a bit as she declares, "I thought you were just being a bloody taskmaster, but your manager has just been running about the show. I saw her with a medkit and didn't think anything of it, but she hid it away like she didn't want me seeing it!"

Wonder seems to be mostly grasping the situation as she points to Karalie and adds, "And, and, like, you said you were delivering cupcakes from a super-rich anonymous fan, but any real fan would would know that Tsuchi-ko loves variety packs over single flavors!"

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Prank War Map

During this opportunity for a short rest, the party has a better chance to get acquainted with the charge shifters and search them for any trace evidence. Triage and Djakar are able to pick up glitter stuck to the charge shifter of the same type that Lita Starr is wearing.

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Prank War Map

Without looking into it too deep, I believe the pricing on the sheet for diplomat's badge is in error.

I've sent out revised chronicle sheets out to everyone with your achievements marked and the correct amount of reputation. I still leave your day job income to you.

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Prank War Map

Zendel critically succeeds on the check with Known Weakness. Everyone gets +1 circumstance bonus to attack Red for this round.

Zendel, just confirming, that +1 on that attack is from your magic weapon, right?

Zendel confirms for certain these are a pair of weretigers. Lycanthropes who have normal humanoid forms, but can take on aspects of the tiger in fully animal or hybrid forms. They are strongest during the full moon with the curse that transforms them into this cruel form is strongest and they are able to pass on this curse through their bite. Weretigers have a vulnerability to silver weaponry and a comparatively weak will to their other strengths. They fight exclusively in melee, leveraging any chance to grab hold of their prey and take an attack of opportunity.

With his insight, Zendel is able to line up his shot just well enough to land a critical hit into the monster's chest. The weretiger is able to avoid the second arrow however.

Buffs: Inspire Defense (+1 AC, +1 Saving Throws, resist 1 physical)
Round 1
Weretigers Cat-People
. [Red] (party gets +1 circ. to attack, 23 damage)
. [Blue]
Cat [Green]

Arfsnarf and KaLang are up.

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Prank War Map

Henecahual stares at Salaish as she rails into her. Henecahual shifts her spear to brace her weight moves away from the tree, using the weapon as an impromptu walking stick. "You have a far grander view of the fire I have left in me if you think I can still fight, but it seems like you have enough to spare for me. It seems my view of you was off as well and may have more strength than I offered."

Salaish gets a critical success.

Watching Arfsnarf's clacky rock with interest she watches the results. "I had already accepted what I felt was fated, that I would never see or learn about my people. It seems as though your scrying divines another fate for me." She nods along as she moves forward toward your group.

Arfsnarf gets a critical success.

"I accept your aid and direction." She finds the strength to move with your group as she tells you, "there were three in total. A pair of the cruel tiger-people and an animal that followed them. I couldn't safely work my magic within reach of their claws and they were able to use their strength and size to fling me about like a toy."

Given the darkness right now, what light sources do you have out?

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Prank War Map

KaLang has earned a hero point from both this and the prior battle for being instrumental in following the trail, holding off the cinder rat for so long, and taking an attack from the spirit so Ra'uf could approach safely.

Zhamie checks the trails and finds the group is safe for the moment.

She hakes her head and winces from the sudden movement. "I have already given up on reaching Port Valen. As the night fell I was given a premonition of the 'cat-persons' attacking others by Cihua Couatl. I steps forward to change their fate, to draw the attention away from others so they may pass safely."

Her resolve remains firm despite her showing extreme fatigue. "My body is exhausted as well as my magic. I would be nothing, but a burden to you. I knew the price I might pay and I'm not willing for any of you to take that burden."

[ooc]You each try to convince her to return with you by making skill checks. You can use Cihua Couatl Lore, Diplomacy, Fortune-Telling Lore, Religion, or Society. These are not secret checks. Gossip Lore can be used as well.

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Prank War Map

The crowd responds positively with 'ooo's, and 'ahh's and chittering of recognition as the crowd listens to I-apvii's overview on the history of musical competitions. There is applause as old favorite bands are brought up and support when images of musical celebrities that have passed are displayed. The presentation ends with applause with no doubt some of that devoted to Triage's excellent work helming the projector and the images within.

This energy builds into the high emotion that Djakar brings with the history of the theater. The staff can't help but pause to watch, with many holding back tearful nods as talks about Bargai. Practically all of them have been supported by the All Hands and Bargai in some way. They applaud when Djakar puts so much recognition to her efforts and the front stage.

Historia-Prime has no fans among the crowd and easily draws boos and jeers. But people seeing Ruby's works for the first time draws gasps and amazement. The crowd turns their full support as they applaud the efforts of your group coming to aid her and then again in adoration for her works.

Ikmanji struggles a bit getting stage props around with the quickly changing acts, but there are a few cheers from the crowd encouraging his work.

As the applause dies down, Radat presents Jek's act as instructed, but with a bit more flair. The musical display draws the crowd responding to the music with calls back. As it conclude the crowd cheers and there is a standing ovation from the judges and crowd for your display of skill.

As you step of stage Radat calls out the crowd and shifts into the next intermission.

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Nonbinary leshy bard 3 | Perc +8; low-light vision | Speed 25 ft. | HP 29/35 | AC 19 | Fort +6, Ref +9, Will +8 | Spells 2nd 2, 1st 3; Focus Point 1| Exploration: Search | Status: None| Hero Points: 0

"That is most definitely not a heroic gesture Summer. Still I can't chastise you hard given the tribulations you had been dealt." Fluff Fang checks on the safety of Summer before turning to other matters.

Fluff Fang joins with Jackpot in casting a healing spell to tend the damage dealt to leshies they were battling a minute ago.

Soothe: 2d10 + 8 ⇒ (2, 8) + 8 = 18

Being more careful of tossing their cape recklessly with Summer, "as my friend said, we don't come for you or you home, just to rescue our friends. You were always free to tell and share your stories, but not to take those of others."

"If you want entertainers, then there are plenty to take on that role, but your manor is already among the most exemplary of the land, especially those I've seen. However, leshies are free to choose their own roles in life; we can take upon any role and more. It is a sad spectacle to see other cast to roles as mere servants or decorations."

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Prank War Map

Operating quickly the concessions is presenting a new snack in the form of a sweet, bright green and sparkly taffy.

"Presenting a sugary surprise,"
"A display from the stage we reprise!"
"Giving sweet airdrop from orbit,"

The pause is interrupted by Keeji, who is busy improvising the new menu item.
"You won't find this in any market?"

With a new outfit and a new headset, Radat is back on stage and the judges are also returning to their seats.

* * * *

"Welcome back to Star Sugar Superstar," calls out Radat. He gives a glance around in a few directions before giving a smile to the crowd. "Can never be too careful. Anything can happen tonight." He gestures with a toothy grin.

"Our next performer likely is topping the bulk limits of our dressing rooms. You better get ready for the metal coming from 'Mecha-Crash'!"

The next band is on stage as a trio all in suits of powered armor with two on guitar an done with a massive drumkit. They are heavy metal band with their drums at the core of their songs. The drummer makes heavy use of many cymbals on their rig. The high speed giving to constant crashes that rage over the low vocals.

The music thrums through the air and much of the crowd is enjoying it. As the guitar-laden crescendo of the song arrives it seems as though the energy flowing through the power armor might be second to that of their fans.

You notice that a group of fans are trying to press on stage. If they succeed they will bring the performance to a crashing halt.

What does the party do?

Everyone can attempt to dissuade the party verbally or physically.

You can try to dissuade the group with Intimidate.

You cna also physically stop them with Athletics, or a combat maneuver (grapple, reposition, trip) if that is preferable.

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Prank War Map

Also confirming on Arfsnarf, the reason I was calling it out was just because you seemed to be out of 3rd level spell slots for the 3rd level magic missile.

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Prank War Map
Salaish Talenduth wrote:
@GM Blazej: Is Salaish frightened 2? Your notes beside our rolls show that she rolled a success.

She is not frightened.

That was on my notes because I originally did the saves without your inspire defense bonus. I corrected the rolls, but forgot to change the tracker.

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