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My gm is allowing item crafting and I was super happy and then read dynamic magic item crafting. Like it says above this is hard it is all skill checks. With the special caveat of no taking ten even if you have a class ability that allows it. 24 different skills with dc's going from a hard 20-30 to 15-20 + the items caster level.

Examples from different Tasks.

Improve the Methodology Knowledge (arcana) DC 20 + item's caster level
Smuggle It Yourself Sleight of Hand DC 30
Improve the Item Spellcraft DC 20 + item's caster level
Improvise Use Magic Device DC 15 + item's caster level
Search for More Survival DC 25

I reach out in my time of confusion to you fellow players. I need help boosting skill checks and finding skill reroll items/drugs/feats like the fortunate charm, Clear Ear, and Deific Obedience to irori.

So I have a reach weapon out and some one is spirited charging my wizard ally with a lance. If I do a cmb check to trip him does he get his charging bonus ie. 3x damage +2 to hit - 2 ac against me, against me and the wizard, or do I get hit with a regular attack no + 2 hit no charging bonuses with the wizard eating the charge if I miss.

So we are going mythic and I am trying to preempt an argument.
If something is

Agile (MR 1, CR +1)

Creatures with the agile template are quick and deadly, moving faster than their normal counterparts and striking with incredible speed and agility. An agile creature's quick and rebuild rules are the same.

Rebuild Rules: Init +20 bonus; AC +2 dodge bonus; hp mythic bonus hit points (see Mythic Bonus Hit Points sidebar); Defensive Abilities evasion (as the rogue class feature); Speed +30 feet for all movement types (up to double the creature's base movement speed); Special Attacks dual initiative.

and bleed hits


A creature that is taking bleed damage takes the listed amount of damage at the beginning of its turn.

does that mean it is hurt twice a round?

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So i am planning on being reduce person put on me permanently. Since I have a tumor familiar is their any way to permanently enlarge the tumor to small to ride it would reattaching the tumor dispel both spells or turn me back to small with a tiny familiar.

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I have just got a wizard cohort and since he is high enough I am starting him with a improved familiar. We are LE so i was going to get a Spirit Oni or a Raktavarna (I don't feel the paladin will deal well with an Imp) since my main character can wear either of them in either a amulet or face slot if my wizard cast magic circle against evil and had them be the toucher would it automatically hit my character.

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If I get a sickening critical with a thundering weapon, dc 14 fort save vs deafness on critical, does the -2 to saves from the sickened effect increase the dc from the deafness to 16 or do I need to wait for another crit for the increased dc.

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Sorry if this has been answered before but if I am grappling a creature with multiple natural attacks can they full round me EX. grappling a large golem with two slam attacks does it get both or only one.