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Second group to check in here

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Welcome to the Emerald Spire

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Group A can check in here.

For those that know me, my games are not typically the fastest, and for the other APs I am running, I don't expect to change that. But for this, I would want it to click at a much faster pace. Because of that, I will likely run a few things more streamlined - such as DM rolled perception, knowledge, init, and search/trap detection. It's a dungeon crawl, so I would probably also simply document and move through any "nothing of interest" rooms rather than waiting of players to tell me what they look at only to find nothing. Role-playing is still highly encouraged, but let's face it - this will be largely combat and trap solving.

I believe this is not sanctioned for "campaign mode", but that is fine - I think I would rather just go with standard PFS core rules anyway, meaning you will be playing the characters that earn your chronicles. As such, the basic rules will be - anything you find on a level is fair game to use for that level. As you complete each level and receive your chronicle, you will need to re-balance your character equipment (meaning you can decide to purchase your items to keep permanently within the PFS rules). This does allow for some multiple copies of certain items that are clearly only found once. We will just not worry about that.

If characters die, this could be a problem. If you have a replacement core character of an appropriate enough level, we can swap in. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a pre-gen.

I think we are best starting with fresh Level 1 characters, but if you have a level 1 or 2 you prefer to bring, that is ok. You might have to play a few levels on slow-track to stay within sub-tier range, although even fresh characters will likely need to do that once we hit level 9.

This is a pretty ambitious slog, although I recognized all the players that had shown interest, so I think everyone knows the score.

So make an interest post here along with your intended character (short description is fine if you haven't built it yet), and we can coordinate getting started.

I am shooting for 5 players, and therefore a fairly balanced team. So I am probably not going to take just the first 5 (assuming we get that much interest), so if you have more than one character you want to put forth, just list them in order of your preference (not what you think I want to see, because I prefer players to be most motivated in their choice). But if everyone puts a bard first, we will need to balance some way.

Feel free to ask questions and post suggestions.

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Welcome to a PFS Core rules run of the Emerald Spire.

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Please post your society information here:

Player Name
Character Name
Current Level, Class, Ancestry
Faction for this mission
Perception, Initiative
Any additional information I should keep in mind.
Please also make sure your character sheet is easily accessible (or in your profile)

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Welcome to the Dacilane Academy!

Dacilane Academy, formerly the Urbane District Academy, educates the children of agents stationed in the Grand Lodge. While the Pathfinder Society encourages agents to embed their children in local community education practices, it provides an option for children who may need additional support due to educational gaps from frequent moves between lodges and different education systems. Dacilane Academy has two stated missions: to provide equitable education to all children, and to create a stable environment for children whose lives are marked by the demands of the Pathfinder Society.

Headmaster: Primula Rosedell
Founder: J Dacilane

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Golarion changed forever. A nearby star exploded, causing a major ice age. Most races either perished, or migrated deep underground or found other planets to escape to. In any case, only the human race seems to have survived. Knowledge of magic was lost, as humans continued to fight each other for few resources, and it was a very dark time. Strangely, though, borders of nations largely remained, as did many of the cultures each had formed. Throughout the years, very little knowledge remained of the other ancient races, and what does exist is considered mythology by most. The old gods are remembered as stories that simpler minds used to explain the unknown, such as science. While religions remain, there are few and most of those believe in a single deity, although there is much variation in those beliefs.

Historic Timeline:

Year 4783. The event. Golarion was devastated.

Years 4784-5150, the Darkest times. People were rather barbaric and warlike, weapons still very primitive. Resources were scarce, but the world was melting and life again became abundant. Much knowledge was lost as libraries were burned and ransacked, strength and greed ruled over intelligence and wisdom.

Years - 5150 - 5250. The Renaissance. A turning point in our history, as religion helped bring some semblance of order, restoring hope and interest in more thoughtful pursuits. Art and literature became revered, and most cultures began to restore their flavor through holidays, architecture, stories, and even occasionally recovered artifacts and lost cities.

Year 5049. Irrisen barbarians, under the command of Lord Baron Khana Dystra, conquer the rest of the most northern nations including the lands of the Linnorm Kings and the realm of the Mammoth Lord. Varisian clans were well organized and held their own lands, and the Worldwound never really did recover, so offered little of interest. To the conquering hoard.

Years 5250-5400. Human knowledge embraced and excelled the study of sciences. Most cultures excelled, although at different rates and in different areas of expertise. Nations formed governments, those governments formed trade agreements. Sciences became popular, as did adventure as humans again regained their desire to explore, expand and discover. Archaeology becomes a passion for many, as the search for the past hints at lost treasures, both of gold and history, but also something hidden - magical forces that the world once knew. And, of course, some desired power, as is too often the case with the human race.
Years 5410-5412 - Chelliax rises to power. Under the leadership of Grand Marshall Adenoid Hynkel, Chelliax excels in the science of military might. They invade nearby Nidal, Molthune and Isgar, adding their lands and people to their own. Nirmathas also falls, but the line to the north is stopped by stubborn resistance in the aptly named Lastwall, and the prideful Varisans who manage to broker a tentative peace through promising annual tributes to avoid full conquest. Andoran also manages to hold the line, creating a great army at the border, convincing Cheliax to end its designs on the country.

Years 5412-5413. Rahadoum conquers Thuvia in order to plunder its riches. Thuvia was much slower to recover than many other nations, and proved to be little resistance. Keeper Geoclinda Malduoni has seized control of what used to be a loose republic, failing to abdicate his position when his term was up. He now rules with an iron fist. He claims to be of the bloodline of an ancient Keeper, and a few recovered documents seem to back him enough that many of the populace consider him a near god, and are extremely loyal. His interest in additional historical data to further his claims have become a passion. Rahadoum, however, suffers from a weaker military, and so their designs on other neighboring countries have been delayed due to lack of resources. They spend the next few years with expeditions to the north land of Irrisen, forging alliances and trade agreements between the two very different nations. They have also expanded into the less populated regions to the south Sodden Lands, as well as the Mediogalti Islands.

5420-5421. Cheliax moves again to increase their power. After years of tentative peace, Cheliax invades Andoran, whose military has waned. Adoran sent emissaries to Varisan, Qadira and Absalom, but no formal aide was forthcoming and Andoran was quickly occupied. While there are patches of resistance, the Chelaxian military is prevalent throughout the country and brutal in their approach to dealing with rebels. Absalom shores up its own borders, having both a strong navy and being the only country to have air support with large airships/blimps. But they claim themselves neutral and have reached a non-aggression pact with Cheliax and Radahoum.

Year 5421. Today. Grand Marshall Hynkel now has become obsessed with the occult. Keeper Malduoni is obsessed with ancient magic. The two have met and become friendly, both setting their sights on Osiron as a likely holder of ancient secrets. Troops from both nations have entered the country, and the weak Osiron government has allowed them to do so, thanks to many bribes and promises that truly only benefit the Osiron leadership. While the soldiers of these governments have no official power, they are feared and respected by the locals who have a tendency to try to simply roll with whoever appears to be in charge… which is very rarely any of them.

Taldor was considering a formal alliance with Andoran prior to the occupation, but they delayed too long. Popular opinion varied between supporting the buffer and staying more isolationist, but troops are now stationed on their border. Qadira, for now, is trying to ignore the war, but are in negotiations with Taldor for a more formal alliance. Despite the ancient history of Qadira and Taldor being at war, the last few hundred years have seen them as strong trade partners. Far away countries of the North have already pledged to support this alliance, although there are still strong ties with Rahadoum as a trade partner.

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Welcome - please feel free to discuss rules, out of character comments, etc. here.

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I am a big fan of 1940s era movies, particularly action and adventure themed. I also find that I really enjoy longer running games to short scenarios, just for really getting to know the characters and players. I have been thinking about trying a campaign with this as the backdrop, some limited options (at least to start), and dark themes yet humorous characters. So, if this is stirring a fondness for playing Indiana Jones, The Mummy, or King Solomon's Mines, or taking a ride on the African Queen (or the Jungle Cruise), this might be the right story for you. The tone will be adventure and intrigue! Danger and excitement! I am not opposed to a romance or two, as long as it stays in the 1940s equivalent ratings (G/PG).

This will not start immediately. I am going to wait until I wrap up a few games I am running now before I split my attention too much. So, I will put a tentative deadline of April 15 for applications. And at that point, we will probably spend a week or two working out the crunch. In any case, this is intended to be a long haul campaign, so know that you are signing up for something that will likely run for years if we get a really strong group.

These are my (planned) rules:

1. Pathfinder is what I know best so I will make it work for me. I am very tempted to use 2e here, but because of class selections might not be quite there yet. So if you post a response, please say which of these you prefer and why.

2. This will not be high-powered. Not every option will be available. Where we use something, I will tend to stick to the rules as written - I am not a big fan of lots of house rules, too much to keep track of. But this means we will need to be flexible with each other. I will be using Hero points, though, as I believe they will come in handy. I am thinking either a 15 pt buy for stats, maybe 20, although if we use 2e standard creation will apply. (We might need to re-skin some of the ancestry and background elements)

3. You will be playing a pre-gen, sort of. What I have in mind is 4-6 very specific roles, and you are applying for one of them. However, I am only making the shell, and this is only the starting point. You fill in the details, trying to keep within the starting flavor. Once we start, though, what you take for level 2+ is up to you. If the roles change, or morph into something else, no problem. When you apply, pick which one you are most interested in as your response. However, if a second or even third strikes your fancy, make a note.

4. This will be an all human game. It will also start as a no-magic game... sort of. As you uncover strange artifacts, some magic will certainly come into play - first against you, but ultimately stuff you can use. However, some strictly magical things will be adapted for more of a scientific-ish nature (Alchemists spells won’t be considered magic, for instance).

5. I know that I cannot put in the time to do all-original material. Therefore, I will be running either an AP (I am really thinking Mummy’s mask right now), or a series of PFS scenarios and/or modules. Clearly, there will be a lot of modifications either way, but at least the basic stories, maps, bad guys, etc. are there for me to lean on. If you have a preference between these, please note it in your response. If you have a better suggestion, feel free to share that as well!

6. Leveling up will be episodic, meaning that when you hit a milestone, everyone will level up together. I will also probably be using some version of the Relic system or auto-improving weapons. So rather than using magic to make a +1 revolver, we will probably flavor it as “famous, more famous, etc” to account for the +1, +2. This way, whatever you pick as your favored weapon(s) can grow with you.

7. While flavored after 1940’s Earth, we will be using Golarion maps and basic cultures for the specifics. Most gods will no longer be revered, but the history of them remains (and some still have sects of followers). Some cults might even have access to ancient magics (despite what I said about no magic). There will be an Axis v Allies war in the making. There will certainly be a sense of good versus evil, right from wrong. And in case you aren’t sure, you are on the good side. I am not yet sure which countries will be on which side, but Osiron will likely be rather caught in the middle.

8. How are you dealing with vehicles? Yah, I haven’t worked out the details yet. There will be cars, camels, airplanes, blimps, motorcycles, etc., but I don’t expect to make them part of the main events. How about technology? Well, this is before the age of computers and really much electronics, but phones, telegraphs, and movies are all real things. Electric lights won’t be too common in the areas you visit, but in a city, for sure. Radios are popular, but again there won’t be much signal where you tend to visit. If we go 2e, Guns & Gears is set to be released in late 2021, so I would expect to incorporate that.

9. What are these roles you speak of? Here is what I have in mind. You can tweak or suggest another, if you like. I can’t say that will keep you at the top of the list, but maybe you will strike the right note! I will work hard to make sure everyone has fairly equal chance to shine, so pick the flavor you like.
The explorer: You do this for a living. Action and adventure are your reason for being. Your starting class is likely a Gunslinger, but could also be a Rogue, Brawler or even Investigator. Perception and disable devices are among your best skills, and you need to be decent enough in melee combat to survive a fair number of tussles.
The librarian: You are the book-worm, and likely the one who deals with socialites. History and lore are paramount. Brains over brawn (for the most part). Social skills also a plus - you are the one that needs to get funding for the next expedition. You are the most likely to be able to read an ancient scroll and make the magic work. Investigator is a good choice, alchemist or maybe even an occultist would work.
The equipment manager: Purveyor of necessary tools. The person who knows how to buy and sell goods that might not be readily available in the marketplace. Social and sneak skills are best - probably a Rogue, but could be an Investigator, or anything with the right skills. 2e could be an inventor. Dex and Cha are key, but Wisdom will also be a big help.
The muscle: You are the “tough”. Your job is to help the others stay alive, knock down a door, or convince someone to help you out by intimidating them. Fighter, brawler, or monk are the most likely candidates, maybe ranger/slayer would work. With the right flavor and adjustments, a barbarian could fit. Keep in mind- heavy armor isn’t really a thing you want to wear around 1940’s Casablanca or in the desert sands..
The sidekick: Right, I know. Who wants to be the annoying sidekick, right? But every movie seemed to have one in some flavor or another. If you take this roll, try to make us laugh. Any class would do here, but I would think Rogue, Brawler or Bard is a best start. Of course, the sidekick rarely stays that way in the long run.
The 6th wheel - transportation: You’re the driver, the pilot. I am not sure I want to make this a PC - it might be best run as an NPC since I think they would be out of the action quite a bit. But if you have an idea to make it work, throw it at me. Could double as a medic type... or if you just have something outside of the first 5, this is the spot you are competing for.

If you are still reading this, I assume you are interested. So - what to do next? There is no need to flesh out a character crunch yet - in fact, since we aren’t sure which rules will be used, that would be hard to do! Post a response with your answers to the following:

Why do you want to be considered?
Which role do you want to submit for?
What would your basic crunch approach be (class, feats/weapons, etc). You won’t be locked into this - but just to get an idea of what you are thinking. Just want to know how you are going to make this yours.
2e or 1e? Is your choice a preference or a deal breaker?
AP or small adventures? Or other ideas?
Describe your character - what do you look like, what’s your personality? How would someone else describe your character?

If things start leaning one way or the other on which rules and which material, I might lock in a choice before the deadline. I know 2e would mean probably resorting to playtest materials on some characters.

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Pick your present first come first served.

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Welcome! Dot in! We start Friday.

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Please check in here and tell me a little about yourself so I know who we have playing.

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Hello, and welcome to another rescued AP. This time... War for the Crown!

Knowledge | GSC | Mummy's Mask | WftC | RotR$ | Carrion Crown

Please post your character credentials here for Chronicles (Name, Player, PFS#, Faction, and Day Job if you have one).

Feel free to dot in to the Gameplay thread so you will see updates.

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Welcome to The Goblinblood Dead!

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Welcome aboard. This module is listed for characters level 4-6, so let me know what you are bringing to the table.

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Welcome to Carrion Hill. Check into the discussion and go ahead and dot in here.

Knowledge | GSC | Mummy's Mask | WftC | RotR$ | Carrion Crown

Once I have confirmed your spot, go ahead and post your chronicle information here. I need: Player name, Character Name, PFS#, Faction, Slow/Normal track, Current XP, and a link to your character sheet (if it is in your profile so I can click into it, that is sufficient). I will need an email if you win a boon, and it is nice to have in case you drop off the site for any reason, but you can PM me that information as you like. It is not required, though, unless you win a boon and want that delivered.

This is a CORE game.

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Welcome! This thread is for the CORE run of #9-23: The Ghol-Gan Heresy, as part of the Gamedat IX event. Recruitment starts soon, beginning with GM early access on Aug 5. Play begins Sept 1 and should end by Nov 10.

Please sign up with your name, character name, PFS #, class/level information, and confirm that your character is a vaild CORE character. Tier is 7-11.

This is first come, first serve, but I will keep a wait list in case we go over.

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Welcome! This thread is for the CORE run of #9-23: The Ghol-Gan Heresy, as part of the Gamedat IX event. Recruitment starts soon. Play begins September 1 and should end by November 10.

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Please check in and list your information for chronicles, and then feel free to get to know each other, This is supposed to be pretty difficult, so you might want to even start discussing strategies.

Keep in mind, that this is meant to be a very fast moving game. Some of you may be familiar with my slower paced games, but I will be keeping this one moving much faster - you should plan to post at least once a day and maybe more in order to keep up.

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Welcome to the Gallowspire! Please feel free to dot in here so we are all ready to go at the start,

Hello, all!

I have a group that just had a TPK in book 1 of Rise of the Runelords, but want to continue the story. So, we are looking for 2 new players to help fill their ranks in hopes of helping the new party survive. As such, you will be submitting a 3rd level character to join the existing party of 3 other new 3rd level characters.

The current party consist of:
Reynard Freeman, a male Tiefling Alchemist (Beastmorph/Vivisectionist)
Druamin, a male Dwarf Druid
Trox, a male half-orc Fighter

We are looking to fill in with a full arcane caster and a support character of some sort.

While we shoot for a daily posting rate, I will warn you that we tend to move a bit slower than that. So please only apply if you can handle a relaxed pace. Also note, this group began June of 2018, so it has been over a year still in Book 1. So expect a long haul.

If this hasn't scared you off, then...

Characters are PF1e, built with 20 pt, only Paizo materials, 3000 gp initially, and no alternative or house rules. I don't have any restrictions on other rules, but know that the closer you match our need, the more likely you are to be selected.

Deadline for submissions is Oct 19. That gives you a week and 2 weekends.

Feel free to ask questions here or by PM if you prefer.

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Please check in here and give me your PFS information for chronicles at the end. I need:

Character Name
Player Name/Id
Slow or Normal track
Day Job and go ahead and roll it

A short note of who you are and what you hope to contribute to the team, or what you would like to get out of the game.

Remember, this is a Core game, so core characters only! I will be checking before we start, so if you know yours has a database problem, just let me know. It won't prevent you from playing, but that way I am not scratching my head later.

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Welcome to Mysteries Under Moonlight!

The party is at the tail end of book 2, and could really use an arcane caster. Current party makeup consists of a Fighter, Oracle, Cleric and a Rogue/Inquisitor. This campaign started in March 2015. So if you join us, note that it may take a very long time to finish.

You should apply in our recruitment thread here.

Rules for Character Creation
• 20 point buy
• Classes: All acceptable.
• Races: Any Core, plus Aasimar, Tiefling, Changeling, and Dhampir.
• Traits: Two, one of which should be from the Carrion Crown Player's Guide. No Drawbacks.
• Starting Wealth: Average by Class
• Alignment: No Evil.
• HP: Max at 1st level, Half + 1 each additional level
• No 3rd party material, please.

• Every character will need at least a short background. If you can incorporate some horror elements into it, that will only help your chances of being selected. Please also give mention to your relationship with Professor Lorrimor.

• Dark Secret: Every PC should have a dark secret of some sort, which, if exposed, would cause extreme embarrassment at the very least. Please keep it PG-13 and not entirely counter to your alignment. This should be part of your background, although if you wish to hide it via a spoiler tag or to send it to me via private message, that's perfectly acceptable.

• Please give me a rough idea of where you want to go with your character, and what skills s/he brings/will bring to the table to round out a good party.

• I'd also like to know your anticipated posting schedule. I'll be expecting at least 1 post per day unless you've already let us know you'll be gone for a short period.

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Welcome to my CORE table for scenario 10-2, Bones of Biting Ants. This is for Core characters, levels 3-7.

Please post the following to check in, and then go ahead and dot into gameplay with a brief in-character introduction.

I need:

Player Name:
Character Name:
PFS #:
Day Job Roll:

A description of your character and what you would like to get out of this session.

Thanks, and welcome!

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Welcome, welcome!

Please sign into discussion and enter your important information, then come back here and dot in!

Knowledge | GSC | Mummy's Mask | WftC | RotR$ | Carrion Crown

Please check in here and we can discuss any character concerns, scheduling, etc.

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Welcome to the Wild West!

Knowledge | GSC | Mummy's Mask | WftC | RotR$ | Carrion Crown

Please feel free to discuss whatever you like out of character here.

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Welcome to the Old West!

Knowledge | GSC | Mummy's Mask | WftC | RotR$ | Carrion Crown

As we approach our start, please check in here and post the following information:

Player Name:
Character Name:
PFS #:
Day Job: (go ahead and roll)

Brief Description of your characters role.

Grand Lodge

Are you a sharpshooter? A quick draw? Or maybe you prefer knives, or yer one of them bow n' arrow gents? Or maybe you are just a snake-oil salesman looking to make a quick buck? Or a rogue gambler, quick with a whip? Whatever the case, my ranch wants you! Need able-bodied lads and lasses who think they have the mettle to protect my herd.

I am recruiting for a wild west campaign, with characters starting as hired guns to protect a cattle drive, with later adventures eventually becoming supernatural/horror. The flavor will be old west.

This will be in Pathfinder using Paizo rules. This is a low magic campaign, so initial classes are limited, and race is limited to human only (at least to start)

Character creation rules are:

- 20 point buy
- Race must be human
- Classes can include: gunslinger, brawler, fighter, investigator, alchemist, monk, hunter, slayer, rogue, barbarian - archetypes are ok, but might be limited (mainly to avoid magic) I might even allow another class with the right archetype if I think it will fit.
- spells/magic will be very limited and must be flavored by theme appropriate - native american herbs, ancient chinese powers, etc. But as the more supernatural elements appear, we will loosen up a bit.
- level 1, $150 to begin, max hit points
- Guns Everywhere: Guns are commonplace. Early firearms are seen as antiques, and advanced firearms are widespread. Firearms are simple weapons, and early firearms, advanced guns, and their ammunition are bought or crafted for 10% of the cost listed in this chapter. The gunslinger loses the gunsmith class feature and instead gains the gun training class feature at 1st level.

Money - 1 Gold = 1 Dollar, 1 Silver Piece = 10 Cents, 1 Copper = 1 Penny.

Anyone interested?

This is going to be a CORE run of #9-04: The Unseen Inclusion, levels 1-5.

I would like to run this as Sub-Tier 4-5, so I will take the first 6 applicants that satisfy the requirements to do so. However, if for some reason, we do not get a full table, I will then accept lower level candidates in the order submitted. If this brings us down to Tier 1-2, so be it - but those that submitted higher level characters will have the choice to play down or substitute a lower level character if they prefer, before I move down the list.

As soon as the table is set, I will close recruitment.

To apply, please supply all of the following information. Your place in line is dependent on full information - just dotting in to indicate interest will not be enough. I do this mainly so that everyone else can know where they stand.

Please include:

Player Alias:
Character Name:
Are you really core?

If you are accepted, I will ask you to PM me an email address for boon reporting and to contact you for starting.

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The game will begin Aug 13, 2018.

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Welcome to the game!

If you would like to board the jungle bound ship, please sign your name (character and player), your race, class, and level details, as well as your membership number (PFS#). And if you are a member of a specific faction, please note that as well!

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Welcome all, and enjoy your voyage to the isle of Jalmeray! Come see the wonders of the Segang Jungle! Perhaps you will even get to see Trader Sam...

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Welcome, everyone!

Please introduce yourself, and add a note about any previous experience you have had with Rise of the Runelords, and maybe what sort of character(s) you are interested in.

Also, please note if there are any optional rules you prefer. For instance, I am ok with Background Skills and Drawbacks, but only if we want them as a group. Otherwise my rules are pretty simple. Paizo products only (just because I have enough rules already!) Standard 20 pt stat buy.

I am only inviting 4 players to try and keep things clean and fast. I would also like to commit to posting 2 or more times a day (when practical). If this proves to be too crazy, we can re-examine it, but I suspect a few of us have been through Book 1 a time or two already.

One nice thing about this AP (unlike Giantslayer) is that there will be downtime, so if you want to craft, you can.

For characters, I am only asking that everyone either has come from Sandpoint, or has some strong personal connection. My basic thinking is that you are familiar with the town, but have been off training for 5 (or many) years, and are returning for some reason that includes the dedication of a new cathedral. So taking one of the traits from the campaign is preferred (but not strictly necessary). I want you to think of it as "your village", but there will need to be some exploration for you to get to know places and people, which feels weird if you were always here.

So - let's have fun and see where this story leads!

Knowledge | GSC | Mummy's Mask | WftC | RotR$ | Carrion Crown

Welcome to Sandpoint!

Knowledge | GSC | Mummy's Mask | WftC | RotR$ | Carrion Crown

Go ahead and post your character information, then jump into gameplay and dot in. We aren't going to start until March 5, but you can go ahead and get to know each other.

I will need:
Character Name:
Player Name:
Day Job:

Knowledge | GSC | Mummy's Mask | WftC | RotR$ | Carrion Crown

Players, Welcome! Please go ahead and dot in so I know everyone is here.

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Slavery in parts of Golarion is legal, but there are plenty who still abhor it. Working undercover - some as slaves, some as slavers - you are on a slave ship trying to discover the key players and document the slave routes in order to disrupt the business. Unfortunately, fate has another plan for you. A terrible storm strikes while the ship is deep at sea. You remember rain and lightning, and terrible thunder! The ship broke into two, and you were tossed into the sea. You were sure you drowned, and yet you find yourself washed up on a shore. Which shore? You have no idea.

About Me:
I am an old RPG player who stepped away for many years, and then came across PbP Pathfinder Society as a perfect distraction. After a few years of enjoying the short nature of PFS scenarios, I have come to trust the PbP players to actually stick around for long periods of time. So now I find myself pulling away from the short, combat intensive scenarios and looking for more long term story telling. I am also discovering that I like GMing as much, or even more, than playing a character. I am currently running Giantslayer, and was looking through the other APs, but nothing was quite scratching the itch of creativity. So I am going to run a homebrew campaign, similar in scope to an AP. If you are interested, please read on!

About the Scenario:
This will be set in Golarion, but only barely. The situation is this: you are shipwrecked and stranded on an uncharted island with very little to your name. In fact, as you explore, you will find you are in a chain of unknown islands, removed from civilization. There will be a lot of nature, native tribes, caves to explore, perhaps a lost Azlant temple, etc. There will be some specific antogonists (BBEGs), power struggles, etc., and eventually you may find your way back to civilization. Think of it as a combination of Lost, Jurasic Park, Gilligan's Island, Land of the Lost, etc. It will be largely a sandbox, and I plan to customize encounters to your current level, although there are a few that are already planned to require a certain level.

I am looking for good story players with characters that fit together as a fun group. I will be accepting between 4 and 6 members. If you and a friend would like to submit as a pair, that is perfectly fine - just let me know.

Build Rules:

- You will be starting at level 3. I want you to have a bit of survivability and skills to start, because you will start with little or no equipment. However, go ahead and use 3rd level wealth (3000gp) to let me know what you would have had. Never know - some of it might wash up on shore. Some items, such as rings, daggers, etc. might even make it with you - but if you were posing as a slave, I don't want to know where you were hiding it.

- 20 pt buy. No stipulations regarding min or max, but know that I will make your weaknesses feel like weaknesses, and I think you will have more fun with a balanced character.

- Race can be any of the core races: Human, Elf, Half-elf, Half-orc, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling.

- Classes can be any from Core, ACG, Unchained, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic or Occult Adventures. Same for archtypes and prestige classes. Notes that some classes will be easier to play in this environment than others. Wizards may find spellbooks and components hard to come by, and gunslingers are not going to find a lot of gunsmiths around. Familiars, animal comanions, etc. will be just as lucky as you and somehow survive the shipwreck.

- Not allowed: Leadership feat, Sacred geometry, Broken Wing Gambit.

- Hit points I prefer Max for level 1, average for additional levels. You can roll if you prefer.

- I strongly recommend that every character invest in at least one rank of crafting or profession. You might have to build your own equipment from time to time. Climb and swim will also come in handy. Survival is needed by at least one member of the party.

Player Expectations:

- Expectation is one post per day, although slower on the weekend is ok. If you can't keep this pace, this might not be the game for you. It tends to slow the game down to the point that people start to lose interest. Occasional absences are, of course, expected and acceptable -just let me know so we aren't waiting for you.

- I use Google Slides for combat maps so that phone users can at least access them.

- For expediency, I will roll perception and initiative at the beginning of combat, but I try to let you roll your own everything else. Passive perception rolls, of course, I will do, but you might not even know about it.

- As I am writing this specifically for PbP format, we should be able to avoid a lot of the slowdown spots I normally see in scenarios. But as this is going to be somewhat of a sandbox, I need people willing to decide on a course. I won't be railroading anyone in this one.

Feel free to ask questions. I will keep accepting submissions for 2-3 weeks, unless I find the perfect party before that.

By all means, if you want to just send me a concept before going to all the work of creating the crunch, go ahead.

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