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I am very impressed with the PDF!

The spell secrets give a fresh twists to using the tried and true Disintegrate. The DCs seemed adequate and the Variants/New Spells that may evolve from a caster researching new and better ways to turn creatures/things to ash were very good! The secrets/variants/newspells are adequately leveled and appear to be balanced which is very important.

The only thing about it that may or may not put people off was the Behind the Scenes part, since it took some liberty. But this really isn't much of an issue. A quick change of the names of geographic areas and everything fits nicely in the setting I use. All of the story background given for the spell can be easily adapted to any setting a GM or player may be in.

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An exciting new world!


I've just gotten done reading ALL of the PDFs and all I've got to say is that I am extremely impressed with the amount of detail and thought Paizo has put into Pathfinder. I love how Sandpoint and its populace has been miticulously detailed. Aswell as the background information and foreshadowing of ancient ruins across the land itself. The layout itself is expertly done and easy to follow. The stat blocks help GMs manage the enemies easily, which should provide for a quicker prep and setup then normal as it all flows together quite well. The reimaging of the goblins and usage of OGL content to bring new life into the game aswell as seperate it from other campaign worlds to make it special and exciting.

To say that I'm impressed would be an understatement. This opening module is exceptionally strong in all aspects I consider important key elements to any campaign. Engaging Plot, Detailed Background, Wonderful Art, Flowing setup, New Imaginative ways to use tried and true mechanics and monsters, Exceptional Quality, and most importantly I know that my players will LOVE playing it.


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