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Great Flavour, Lacking mechanics


I GM'ed this one in low Tier
Before going into detail, I'm not that able to talk about the difficulties of Combat encounters since one High Tier Character kinda stomped them (while the others got at least pummeled a bit), but I'd say they are quite standard even though much more flavorful than most.

The big pro of this adventure is the setting, story and RP. It was a lot of fun to gm and my players seemed quite happy, too. This was especially the case when they noticed, that not everything has to be killed. I really don't want to include many spoilers, but the scenario is amazing in portraying the "antagonist". I really don't want to say anything more.

The negatives in this scenario are on the mechanical parts. As a GM a bit of improvisation is necessary. Some things aren't described in detail, others are just missing and the Flip-Mats are functional at best. This gives the GM some space to interpret but on the other hand will also shift the adventure for some groups. These things aren't that bad but also sadly disqualify an otherwise great scenario for 5 Stars. A neutral point might be one encounter, which is purely narrative without map and can be inserted at different points (at least that's how I read it). This can either be an opportunity or burden depending on the GM.

To summarize: I can definitely encourage RP focused people to look into this, you will have a lot of fun. I would give 4.5 Stars if I could.

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Lost potential


I was really hyped to see a new TV-Show based scenario including Zo!. Sadly this adventure could not keep up with mine or my players expectations when I gmd it on low Subtier. This scenario is just mediocre even if it includes great scenes. I will not go into detail that much, because I am quite on the the same line as most other reviewers. Especially since oliviasEule as one of my players wrote a comment, too.

First the positive sides:
The whole setting of a gameshow includes some great NPCs. I very much like the duo of moderators commenting on everything the players do but my personal favorite (beside Zo!) was Mia Moxie from the enemy team. My players managed to get her furious with their first comment, mentioning how small she is. And last but not least the introduction of the plot relevant NPC Datch. It was great and I would like to see more of her. The different events themselves differ in quality. Obstacle course and Combat Cooking are two great parts and even if the first one is quite deadly it was fun to run. Even though the whole execution of Combat cooking isn't that great, the idea itself brings it to the positive side.

But now the negatives:
The main counter-argument is the length of this adventure. In a standard timeslot there is just not nearly enough time to savour this adventure. This is mostly because of the number of events the PCs have to go through. The two events not mentioned before, namely Kill Count and Capture the Flag, even seem just like unfinished placeholders. Kill Count is just beating skeletons to pulps while Capture the Flag at least fulfilled the players wish to finally confront the enemy team directly. But why does this have to happen in zero-G? It just costs a lot of time and brings no real gain for fun or even plausibility. I know there are reasons for these events (collecting points and a final encounter with the other team), but this could be implemented much better in another way.

This could be such a great adventure, but most of its potential is wasted. If you have an open end timeslot or plan to do it over two sessions this is fine, but it is too much for one session. The four events range from great to dull, from dangerous to laughable. In my humble opinion this could be easily converted to something great by omitting Kill Count as well as Capture the Flag, expanding the Combat Cooking part and concluding the Obstacle Course with some sort of King of the Hill to fight the enemy team. This would easily lift this scenario to a great one.