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Vic Wertz wrote:
Kalaran wrote:
While I am certainly not excited for this, I do understand that Paizo needs to make money. It's less expensive for them to rewrite the old books and sell them as version 2.0 than it is to pay creators to come up with new material.

First, it wouldn't actually cost any less. Manuscripts pay by the word.

Second, we have no interest in doing that. It be a terrible business plan. And it wouldn't make anyone here happy. Paizo is full of creative people. If we told them that we want them to spend the next ten years recycling everything from the previous ten years, I think they would all quit in 5 minutes. I know I would.

If your people are so creative then why do you even need to remake Pathfinder? You ARE going to end up recycling everything. It's inevitable. Another thing. You're trying to make this streamlined. We PCs don't WANT streamlined. We want cash, XP, and death around every corner.

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It's like D&D all over again!