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Meteorology CAN be fun!!!


Disclaimer, I was fortunate enough to receive a free copy of this PDF as one of the first ten folks to register an interest in the supplement when it was added to the store.

Weather, weather, weather… there’s no escaping it’s influence upon your day… heat, rain, snow, ice - all seasonal occurrences which, at least here in the UK, form the basis of at least ten percent of your conversations!!! Yet, for your average adventurer, the weather is rarely more than a little bit of flavour text… ominous castle up ahead? better drop a lighting crack and a rumble of thunder… doing some hex-crawling? we’ve got the option of a really hot day or just endless rain dependent upon mood…

…but now, courtesy of this letter from the Flaming Crab, the GM has some fun new tools in their toolkit. There are ten new weather effects, not including a detailed and fun look at the effects of different phases of the moon (and the appearance of rogue moons!!!), here and I can honestly say that my poor gaming group are going to experience the majority of them… we’ve got blood storms that carry disease, strange atmospheric aurorae with hypnotic effects, ball lightning… all the way to the humble hail storm. As a toolkit, these new weather effects are just fantastic… pick one up and throw it into a combat to make it utterly memorable…

But that’s not all the GM gets to play with… this letter also presents a weather themed adversary - the Storm Elemental. As you might expect, this creature is a destructive force of nature - presented in six iterations (Small all the way through to Elder), the monster has a radius effect around that truly conveys the feeling of being battered by a storm… and, if you want to have some real fun with it, there are a further four variant Storm Elementals to help reflect the environment in which the encounter occurs (Blizzards, Dust Storms, etc)… the presentation of this monster is, as far as I can tell, spot on and, with the sizes / variants available, you’ve got a great range of options to play with.

This letter isn’t just about the GM though, there are two weather-themed archetypes here as well… one for the shaman (the stormcaller) and the barbarian (child of the sky) - again, these are very well-flavoured - the stormcaller, in particular, really living up to the name with the ability to create larger, longer lasting and more types of storms as their shaman level increases… I could definitely see me playing a stormcaller some time soon (or throwing one as a memorable adversary at my players).

Whilst the stormcaller brings the weather with them wherever they go, the child of the sky could be slightly more problematic at the table as their powers tend to riff on the prevailing weather conditions - which, as you might imagine, is fine for outdoor adventuring… although maybe a little less so on level three of a mega-dungeon. So, it’s probably a case of choosing this archetype knowing what kind of adventure you are in for - because in weather, be it rain, snow, fog, wind, etc, the child of the sky really shines with some cool rage-based tricks…

In summary then, this letter from the Flaming Crab is a great little digest to pick up and add some well written, weather-based fun into your game. Recommended.

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Let's go to the faire!!!


Disclaimer, I was fortunate enough to receive a free copy of this PDF as one of the first ten folks to register an interest in the supplement when it was added to the store.

The fair, the festival, the carnival… all fantastic ways of bringing a town or village to life within your game - it could be the backdrop for an event that will set your adventurers on the road to greater glories, the main event itself if the adventurers are seeking to immerse themselves in local culture or even just an amusing break from delving the depths of your fantasy world… however once the GM gets past describing the local colour, the glittering flags, the music, the smells, etc it comes down to the question, ’So GM... what is there for us to do at the fair?’

…and now, in a neatly compiled ‘Letter from the Flaming Crab’, we have the answer!!! There are games (six different ones with appropriate PFRPG rules for running them), there are events (well over ten) ranging from a 1d6 table for types of fortune tellers, through to a livestock contest, and all the way to shooting / strength competitions; my favourite of the many events is the Lantern Release… it’s dealt with in no more than a paragraph but it’s a lovely inclusion into the bustling excitement of the Faire… and then we arrive at the food, three and a half pages of different stalls (with ‘read-aloud’ text for the GM to set the scene) - the menus are wonderful with both 'mundane' and, surely no surprise from the publishers of ‘Culinary Magic’, magical foods on offer…

So far, all good… there are ideas aplenty for the GM to play around with and the Country Faire will certainly be seeing a lot of use in my games when I want to make a ‘stop off at town for supplies’ into something a lot more fun…

…but that’s not all; there’s also a small adventure (for levels 1-2) presented here - the players are tasked by one of the Faire’s proprietors to guard a tent and, over the course of the day, there are a number of events - a mix of RP and combat - that will have the players really earning their money… the final combat has, with a table of ‘mishaps’ that could occur during the fight, the potential to become very exciting… it’s a well structured ‘adventure’ that can be easily run alongside various other events / games presented in this supplement…

For your money, this PDF (18 pages long of which 13 are content) is densely packed with ideas, rules and fun… the hallmark of any good RPG publication must surely be, ‘do I want to use this?’ and I can quite happily say that my players will get to enjoy the delights of the ‘Country Faire’ at some point soon.