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Ezekieru wrote:
Hey, head's up! Thurston Hillman on a podcast confirmed that Starfinder Enhanced will have some variant rules in there, including Free Archetype! They noted how popular it was in PF2E, and so decided to include it as a new variant rule for SF.

I ran my last Starfinder game with free archetypes. With the swingyness of SF archetypes, it didn't really turn out like I'd hoped it would. The Double Themes did add a lot.

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JiCi wrote:
The lack of an adaptation from can switch your adaptive strike from melee to ranged, or vice-versa, is annoying...

This is my dilemma with trying to build one of these

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These “Starfinder Stay” BNB-like accommodations are the homes of Starfinders who find themselves adventuring more than they stay on the station. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a home filled with mysterious Starfinder-obtained relics. Nothing could go wrong. Nothing!*

Why would Starfinder agents have "relics" from missions in their homes? Wouldn't those be in some form of lock up? A secured place with guards and cameras.

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YuriP wrote:
  • Rework the Panache to removal critical failure effects and to not allow opponents becoming immune to it
  • This all day long. Swashbucklers are so reliant on their panache mechanic, maybe just allow them the ability to turn crit fails into regular fails with panache

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    Hell, I started playing more Starfinder after PF2e release

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    Paizo Blog wrote:
    We like Pathfinder Second Edition.

    I would assume so since you made it.

    Paizo Blog wrote:
    You like Pathfinder Second Edition.

    Whoa, slow down there! I accept that Second Edition is whats being played now in PFS and that everyone loves "muh balance!", but I hope & pray for the day we get Pathfinder 2.5e.

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    I've used Warhorn for years now and I know that I'm not alone in this. If you enjoy the benefits of this website, think about supporting it.

    Seriously, with the number of us that do PFS around the globe, theres no reason to not contribute to the site that allows us to connect with and play with so many other people.

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    I have to be honest. My preference for another Paizo video game is for Starfinder. But for the love of God, don't make it SF2e(PFS2e in space). SF has only been out since 2017. And by the time they make a SF2e, hopefully they'll have something that doesn't feel so hamstringed at times.

    Sorry, not sorry. I like PF2e, but I don't love it.

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    Seems like the simple solution would be for Paizo to create a Rogue class feat or two.

    Knife Expert: Gain proficiency with one-handed martial melee weapons in the Knife weapon group. This proficiency matches your proficiency in simple weapons and you can benefit from your Weapon Tricks class feature with these weapons.

    Knife Master: Choose a single one-handed advanced melee weapon in the Knife weapon group. You become proficient with that weapon. This proficiency matches your proficiency in simple weapons and you can benefit from your Weapon Tricks class feature with this weapon.

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    JiCi wrote:
    I get the other classes, but why the Solarian? What is there to fix?

    Solarian was hella MAD when the game released. It just never seemed(to me) like Charisma did much other than raise your Resolve Points. Not as much of a problem now with revelations that use your Charisma mod and the Soulfire fusion for melee. More options for solar manifestations like lunar weapon & solar flare have helped for high Dexterity Solarians if you don't want to wield a normal operative weapon or spend a feat to take longarm proficiency.

    Solarian still has 2 dead levels.

    I'd hope they would also take the chance to clarify many things dealing with the solar weapon(and other manifestations that are basically the same thing). Can you get a solarian weapon crystal made of a special material like adamantine alloy and get the benefit of that material on your manifestation? I'd also like the know once and for all if certain things an be used with solar weapons like Weapon Orbit. I know RAW it doesn't work, but that just feels bad to me.

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    WatersLethe wrote:
    Would also love to see 3 action economy, which is superior to the PF1 and SF version, without question.

    Well I definitely question the statement, as thats your opinion.

    The unchained action economy from Pathfinder Unchained is really simple to use.

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    Maybe we'll get a version of Solarian without dead levels.

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    After seeing the sacred nagaji, I'm still waiting on Merfolk

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    Will we get double weapons back? Like the classic two-bladed sword?

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    We know you will love what we got you—a fearsome foe or two, maybe even a troop or swarm, in every encounter. Happy Holidays!

    -=face palm=-

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    Keldin wrote:
    That aside, it also means that healing clerics (not just Pharasmins) cannot use a three-action Heal within 30 feet of any Skeletal characters without running hard up against the no PVP rules or pretty much being required to take Selective Energy as early as possible. That seems like it's placing another restriction on the class; all the Skeleton player has to do is reject being willing to take the damage (though, granted, most would not do that, pretty much expecting to have to be self-sufficient) to prevent the most efficient use of that cleric ability. And yes, it's hardly the only thing that triggers that, but it may be the only one that triggers on a major class ability. On the other hand, it might give the Bad Touch cleric the novel experience of being the healer!

    Well, thats already an issue with other Negative Healing ancestries/heritages. When I made a Dhampir Rogue, I knew what to expect for healing(and possible damage from other PCs), which is why I made sure to have Oils of Unlife and now Assurance(Medicine).

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    Add the elemental damage options for the other elements.

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    YuriP wrote:
    Elemental Blast could become a Stance.

    That would be terrible as stances can only be used in combat and are a constant action tax for each encounter.

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    Martialmasters wrote:
    Someone explain con to damage to me.

    If a spellcaster's Mental score ties to the "power" of their magic(Cantrip damage & Spell DC), then why wouldn't a Kineticist's Constitution do something similar.

    Constitution determines the power of your elemental control, hence it being used for Class DC. With higher Constitution, your Fire burns hotter, your Air has a higher wind speed, your Earth is larger/denser.

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    As far as I can tell, its just Class DC, but nothing to do with damage like 1e.

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    Julien Dien wrote:

    I need to translate it to Chinese.

    for now, it's 赫舒哈,sounds like [xɤ - ʂu - xɑ]

    Use the hanyu pinyin transliterated version, 赫舒哈 = Hè shū hā

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    Well by the time this comes out, I won't have anything in the level range. Cool bro.

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    Thank God, no skittermanders

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    Is Secrets of Magic the book with the new FF Summon style spells, cuz I wanna make Yuna?

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    JiCi wrote:
    You give PCs mechs, a.k.a. new shiny toys, and you can bet your career that PCs are gonna run 99% of your campaign with them :P While there isn't a rule to forbid players to use mechs, some adjustments will be required to avoid breaking the game.

    I would imagine that cities, nations, and space stations(and possibly even entire planets) would have restrictions on mech use and operation.

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    Unicore wrote:
    Mark Seifter has made it pretty clear that the 6th Pillar Archetype from this book is going to be getting Errata'd very quickly, specifically in that it will not be allowing casters to gain expert proficiency with unarmed attacks at level 8 and master proficiency with unarmed attacks at level 16.

    Nerf Hammer incoming.

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    Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
    This is not a game where all problems are solved with “fly around and blow everything up”.

    Definitely. I think we can all agree that the correct course of action is to use "exploration" mechs.

    Xenocrat wrote:
    A lot of people who don’t seem capable of managing a mortgage...

    Cool it with the insults.

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    Ed Reppert wrote:
    I may be mistaken, but I believe "jian" means "sword" in at least one Chinese dialect.

    Mandarin word for a specific style of sword. Also known as the taijijian. Used by jiànkè in Wuxia fantasy. Popular in the martial art of taijiquan and other Chinese arts.

    xNellynelx wrote:
    The character on the cover is using a Jian. However it's mechanically just a Shortsword. The weapons section has a section for "Adapting Western Weapons", where it gives advise for making your own western weapons. The easiest method being a re-skin of a similar weapon that already exists, or use a weapon that already exists and swap a trait (I'm over simplifying). But it looks like thats what they did for the character on the cover. It's a "Jian (As shortsword)"

    Okay cool, is there a way to use a shortsword with the monk Peafowl Stance?

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    Kalaam wrote:

    Yeah, Spellstrike will likely feel like a Finisher, especially when used with a spell slot. The "this thing needs to die now" button.

    As much as I've come to dislike 2e, that actually sounds cool as ****!

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    Milo v3 wrote:

    starfinder's primary draws:

    1) probably the best designed d20 system game


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    MySmoothFace wrote:
    I'd hate to be overly pessimistic, but I'm surprised that a revolver option for the gunslinger was unpopular. I understand that we're ostensibly in a fantasy setting, but a gunslinger without a revolver sounds crazy to me.

    Same. In 1e, we had revolvers as advanced firearms.

    I figure they might end up with some revolver or revolver-like firearm as an advanced firearm. Capacity 4 to 6 with reload 2 or 3.

    Maybe at least a pepperbox or double-barreled pistol.

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    Gun mages of distant Arcadia

    Wild West Wizards. It's high noon!!!

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    The Raven Black wrote:
    Aaron Shanks wrote:
    Targeting an 11 am pst go-live plus a few minutes to buffer. Thanks for your patience and interest.

    I believe that makes it 8pm here in France. My love has a teamwork online meeting starting at this exact time. And our kid is staying at a friend's place this evening for once. None of it I pre-planned.


    Wait, it all makes sense now. The STARS!!! Pathfinder 2e Solarian confirmed!

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    QuidEst wrote:
    Hmm, I think we're all thinking too narrowly. It's eight letters, but we haven't considered numbers and special characters

    Get ready for my new Wingding.

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    PossibleCabbage wrote:
    Like if there's a Swashbuckler and a Quashbuckler, only one of those two things is going to have a Fencer option.

    Well there should only be one class. The Leshy Squashbuckler. Cabbage, as a vegetable you should know this.

    A quick search on for Gunslinger gave some interesting 8-letter results.


    Some 8-letter word guessers gave some good ones too.


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    So Tech Revolution offers robots of every size?

    Microscopic robots? Check.

    Building sized robots? Also Check.

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    The Drunken Dragon wrote:
    Tian-Min would be kanji, or something similar, as would the other Tien languages (more eastern script, not specifically kanji)


    If its like Earth, it would be close to Kanji (Japanese for Chinese or Han writing/characters), but only because of the origins of that writing system, Hànzì (Mandarin Chinese for Han writing/characters).

    For Tian-Shu, the language of Tien would just use "Hànzì"(probably called Shuzì on Golarian).

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    Wow, you guys are really big mad over this?

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    In the definition of the Parry weapon trait, change "spend an Interact action" to "spend a single action" to make it so setting up a parry doesn't trigger Attacks of Opportunity or similar reactions.

    Very nice! Now if we can just fix Quick Draw...

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    Me: Sees picture of a firearm.

    Me: "Don't Do That. Don't Give Me Hope."

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    Jared Thaler wrote:

    Multilingual from your background
    Multi lingual from a first level skill feet (Rogues get this, not sure who else)

    Dude, I'm not trying to waste feats on being able to speak a few languages.

    Jared Thaler wrote:

    The world of Golarion is not a well connected world. Most people do not move far from their home. Language is meant to be a meaningful barrier.

    Any given human from (for example) Varisia probably has way more access to elves, gnomes and dwarves than they have to Osirioni.

    It already is a meaningful barrier. I can only have so many languages that I can speak. Also there are uncommon languages, which Human regional languages shouldn't be part of.

    The world of Golarian isn't well connected for normal people. We're PATHFINDERS. We have Lodges all over the world and we're constantly setting up new ones. We have Pathfinders from nearly every continent. All we do is travel. Our headquarters is in Absalom. Where the Foreign Quarter is. Wouldn't Pathfinders be able to learn other languages as part of their training?

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    Got another feature for ya...

    [ ◇◇ Spell Recall ]
    [ Magus ][ Flourish ]
    Requirements You used the Spell Strike action with a non-cantrip Spell and missed the initial attack roll for the Strike during your last turn.
    Either perform another Spell Strike action or cast the Spell normally. Use the Spell that you used for the first Spell Strike action, but without spending or requiring an appropriate spell slot for it. You can not gain the benefits of the Bespell Weapon feat on the same round that you use Spell Recall.

    I've seen a lot of people mention the "holding the charge" function of the current Striking Spell. Situations where you miss on the first turn, but then spend all 3 actions next turn Striking to hit with that Spell. So this keeps it from being just full spell flailing on a single round. You can choose to use this or Bespell Weapon after you miss.

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    Ressy wrote:

    1) You don't need to use it every turn.

    -Yeah, because realistically you can't use it every turn. Everyone else can do their thing every turn, why does the Magus have to be built so that it's either bad or impossible?

    This! I keep seeing people saying that maybe the Magus isn't designed to Spellstrike nearly every turn, but Spellstriking is what makes the Magus what they are, isn't it?

    Monks only need one action to Flurry, Rangers have two different feats available at Level 1 to Strike twice with one action versus Hunted Prey, Fighters can Double Slice for 2 actions. Fighters and Barbs can Sudden Charge(God I love that feat). Rogues just get Sneak Attack when someone is flat-footed and they get Twin Feint. For the current Magus to have options on its turn, it either has to Strike once/twice OR cast a spell. If you find yourself doing that most of the time, then why on Golarian are you a Magus?

    The Spellstrike needs to be no more than 2 actions. That one action left is so important for so many reasons. You could normal Strike one more time and hope for a high roll, you can Stride to your target or away, you can Step, you can Raise a Shield, you can cast Shield. No one wants to have an entire turns worth of actions reliant on a single roll.

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    I'm all about this. I'm a huge fan of video games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta so I try to give some of my characters a "move list" like you'd see in a game.

    My swashbuckler Anna Khonda's move list(for context, she fights like this in combat)

    Hidden Serpent Techniques:

    Venom Charm: Regained by defeating targets and from Gungnir attacks. (Panache)
    --- Abilities ---
    Snake Charmer: Perform incredible feats of agility. (Derring-do)
    Dragon Roll: Expertly dodge incoming attacks. (Dodging Panache)
    Lillend's Charm: Use grace and charm to resist the effects of opponents' attacks. (Charmed Life)
    Coiling Viper: Instantly spring back up onto your feet after being knocked down. (Kip Up)
    Diamondback: Attacks inspire fear in opponents. (Menacing Swordplay)
    Dance of the Marilith: Focused training grants an increased chance of successful Gungnir attacks. (Swashbuckler Weapon Training)
    Pirouette: Ballet inspired grace allows for acrobatics skills to be used at full speed. (Swashbuckler's Grace)
    --- Attacks ---
    Stiletto: A brutal kick with a stiletto heel.
    ◇-◆ Main-Gauche: Deflect incoming attacks with Stiletto kicks by spending Venom Charm. (Opportune Parry)
    ◇-◇-◆ Cobra Counter: Rapid counterattack with a Stiletto after a successful Main-Gauche attack. (Riposte)
    Sidewinder: After charging towards a foe, deliver a viscious Stiletto attack.
    ◇-◆ Orochimaru: Quick series of Stiletto kicks. (Flurry of Blows)
    Estoc: Stiletto attack empowered with Venom Charm. (Precise Strike)
    ◇-◆ Claymore: Use Estoc after charging towards a foe.
    Coatl: Throw a devastating piercing attack at a foe.
    ◇-◆ Quetzalcoatl: Quick series of Coatl attacks.
    Gungnir: Perfectly timed attacks deliver substantially more damage to their targets. Gungnir can restore Venom Charm. (Critical Hit)
    ◇-◆ Ragnarok: Perform a Gungnir attack during Orochimaru, Quetzalcoutl, or Jörmungandr.
    Ouroborus: Sacrifice accuracy to deliver more powerful Stiletto attacks. (Piranha Strike)
    ◇-◆ Jörmungandr: Rapid series of Ouroborus attacks empowered with Venom Charm.
    Red on Black: Feinting attack that confuses opponents. (Superior Feint)
    Black Mamba: Use precise attacks to target specific body parts. (Targeted Strike)
    ◆→ Numbing Agent: Deals damage and confuses the target. (Head)
    ◆→ Heartbreaker: Deals damage and staggers the target. (Torso/Wings)
    ◆→ Cold Hearted: Target drops a handheld item.(Arms)
    ◆→ Anklebiter: Deals damage and knocks target to the ground(Note: Opponents with four or more legs aren't effected). (Legs)

    If one of my characters has a weapon that is at least of masterwork quality(if not magical), I give it a name. I see masterwork weapons as being painstakingly crafted works of art, so it seems appropriate to me for their crafters to name them.

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    Ok, here we go.

    So far my 1st Edition characters...
    Loh'gann, Betsy Braddock, Steven Rogers, T'Chara, Monkey D. Luffy, Clark Kent, D.
    So these are my straight rip off characters.

    Red Hawke the Robbing Hood is inspired by Robin Hood.
    Hanako-hime was inspired by Hisako from Killer Instinct.
    Adewale Okonjo is one of my Paizo lore inspired characters. I thought the Red Mantis Assassins were really cool and I wanted to make one in PFS, so Sanctified Slayer of Achaekek was perfect for this character.
    Amir Ibn-La'Ahad is just the prince from Prince of Persia.
    Marilythe the Gorgon was inspired by the Medusa.
    Nyxine Duskstalker, my Elf raised by Dark Folk(flavor of the character's class choice, she supposed to be part-Dark Folk). I saw a picture of a female Dark Stalker and thought "Hey I like to make bizarre characters, what if there was a Dark Folk that joined the Pathfinder Society."
    Khet-amun is Bayek from Assassin's Creed: Origins.

    ...and then...
    Anna Khonda, this is a long one. So I like to challenge myself(as many of us here like to) to see if I can build an entire character around a seemingly worthless mechanic or theme. So one day I saw someone mention Stilettos. I went to AoN to see what the hell they were talking about and found these beauties, with this wonderful line: "You can use the heel of a stiletto boot as an improvised weapon, dealing damage as a punching dagger". I laughed. Then a few minutes later I realized I was screwed. I HAVE to make at least the bare bones of a character that fights with their stiletto heels! Later that week, the Vishkanya Nornkith Monk of the Empty Hand/Swashbuckler Annalise Viperina Khonda was born. She now has a collection of the finest heels worn by the many enemies of the Pathfinders.

    ...And my 2nd Edition ones...
    Caleldir of the Woodland Realm is my Pathfinder version of Legolas.
    Aisling Ní Ceallacháin is basically Senua from Hell Blade.
    Alex Belmont is inspired by Castlevania mostly, but partly from the description of the Gnome flickmace. It sounded like the Combat Cross to me.

    ...and finally my Starfinder characters.
    Reploid Model 001X
    Reploid Model 001Z
    These are just X and Zero from the Megaman X games.

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    LordeAlvenaharr wrote:
    (Do you have popcorn in Golarion?)

    Well according to wikipedia, I'd say it'd be pretty safe to assume that popcorn exists.

    Now to make a popcorn vendor pyrokineticist, Mr. Redenbacher.

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    “Gentlemen, you had my curiosity… but now you have my attention.”

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